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Heebie - Jeebies

Heebie - Jeebies

It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities, it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose. Tony Blair (1953-)


The word procrastination is in every government's policy and procedure playbook. It's very similar to a sports team's playbook that have their game plans and strategies for all sorts of situations. However, these so-called administrators take their time to investigate certain issues that may be crucial and urgent. For some strange and unexpected reason, they don't consider some serious conditions or situations the same way their constituents see things. In their own judgment the analysis and interpretation of the problem is far different than what the taxpayer is thinking. There is a good chance the dispute will be a long drawn-out disagreement and therefore many folks will label the government's rationale as truly irresponsible.

I live in Hamilton, Ontario and have heard, read and personally experienced more than enough times how the city drags their feet on certain affairs. One episode that I can reflect on is the constant flooding problem of homeowners' basements in the east end of the city after a rainstorm. We can only hope the "caring councilors" finally fixed the dilemma because it took them a lengthy time to tackle the homeowners' misfortune. In my opinion absolutely disgraceful and disgusting on the politician's behalf.

As stated, I have been subject to the wheels of government that move extremely slow. Not too long ago I was sitting at my writing table in front of the living room window modifying another book I'm in the midst of doing. Every so often I will look out the window and enjoy the landscape of the neighborhood or just daydream for a few moments and watch the world go by. Be that as it may, I gandered out the window and saw something on my neighbor's asphalt driveway. Within a split second I said out loud, "Is that what I think it is?" Without hesitation, I immediately stood up and yelled to my E.A. (Executive Assistant), "I see a fucking rat." I dashed outside and grabbed a long, wooden-handled, round mouth, metal shovel for my killing implement and rushed over to my neighbor's home but by the time I arrived the rat was gone.

The following is the chronological events that took place after I saw the eerie creature.

Thursday, Aug. 1/19 - After the rat had disappeared I phoned Ward 7 Councillor Ester Pauls' office to lodge a complaint and left a message.

Friday, Aug. 2/19 - Councillor Pauls' assistant replied to my call and stated she would contact the appropriate "powers to be" regarding my gripe.

Tuesday, Aug. 6/19 - Councillor Pauls' assistant phoned me and asked if anyone had contacted me regarding my problem. I told her no.

Friday, Aug.9/19 - A representative from the Health Department phoned and asked me a few questions. The official also stated they will have someone to inspect the area for any rat nests.

Thursday, Aug. 15/19 - Received a letter in the mail from The City of Hamilton about information with respect to rats.

Since part of the municipality's network consists of public safety such as health, I deem the time frame for my unease extremely unacceptable. In my opinion, this case should've been considered as major importance. I had to laugh (in disgust) when I noticed the City's return mailing address, it read Health Protection Division, Attention: Health Hazards Program. WOW! Sounds really serious and caring. "They" come across as if they're no-nonsense and have great intentions...if only they did. As far as I'm concerned the professional titles demonstrate a completely wrong impression. After I read the letter I said to my E.A., "Five will get you ten that's all these phony bolognies are going to do. Another group that reminds me of the U.N. (United Nations), plenty of talk but little action. I received a chuckle from Ms. Pauls' assistant when she suggested I talk to my neighbours and have them invest in rat traps. She then added the area will be rat-free. Later on, I analyzed her statement and thought very interesting. It almost seems like the city doesn't want to deal with the problem and let the homeowners cope with it.

Rats have been spotted at various times throughout my neighbourhood. My neighbour across the street mentioned he's caught six in his trap. Another neighbour stated she saw a rat and decided to place rat poison in her backyard. An additional neighbour told me there was a dead rat on the street in front of his house.

The City of Hamilton web site states the risk of rats spreading disease is low. Here we go again. Government trying to disguise a potentially critical health and safety matter into nothing more than seeing a squirrel on your front lawn. I would really like to hear the city's definition of low. More bureaucratic smoke and mirrors from our "illustrious" big top performers. From what I researched, rats can be very dangerous. Their bite or scratch can cause Leptospirosis (bleeding from the lungs), meningitis, Lassa fever, and bubonic plague. However, there is an ongoing debate if rats are actually related to the Black Death. Despite that, their droppings and urine can be dangerous and harmful.

An article in CBC news on July 15/15 that was titled, "Rat infestation will only get worse warns Hamilton Public Health" was without a doubt truly upsetting and frightening. The write-up also mentioned The City of Hamilton included in their budget a new part-time health inspector to deal with rat complaints. WAIT A MINUTE, JUST HOLD ON A MINUTE. PART-TIME. What the hell does that mean? Once again, I shake my head in disgust. These "circus stars" spend millions of dollars on bike lanes and two-way conversions but create a part-time position for a serious health concern. It's so typical of these architects of pandemonium.

CH news stated in an article on Nov. 14/18 that Okin Canada (a pest control company) named Hamilton the fifth rattiest city in the country for the second year in a row. I knew this city would achieve top ten status for something sooner or later. Wouldn't it be logical to hire a couple of full-time rat busters? Golly gee, that's probably too difficult of a decision for our Big Top players to determine. So I think it's safe to say the invasion of rats in Hamilton is a major health and safety problem. But the city hall gang take on this obstacle in their own subtle way or better said, the lack of complete concern and dedication. However, when budget time appears to increase our taxes their behaviours are repressed eagerness.


Our "city leaders" have developed this system. Why they perform this inappropriate conduct is beyond me. It's just another example of how the government succeeds in frustrating, disappointing and angering taxpayers. Without a doubt, it generates a bad reputation of their actions. But we must remember they don't believe or promote competition for any of their services. So we must ask ourselves, do they really care. They say they do but then again these blunderers are accomplished wizards of deception and organized confusion. Recently a long-time good friend of mine told me, "Between rodents and politicians rats are everywhere."

The End

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Editor's Notes:

Maybe Bad Orange Man was on to something?


Health Canada advises human consumption of rat poison.

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Heebie - Jeebies

Heebie - Jeebies It is not an arrogant government that chooses priorities, it's an irresponsible government that fails to choose. To...