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The Colourful Plague

The Colourful Plague

Disease is the biggest moneymaker in our economy. John H. Tobe (1906-1979)

As long as greed is stronger than compassion, there will always be suffering. Rusty Eric (birthdate unknown)

Why give the cure when disease makes money. Tabil Kweli (1975-)

Language is a virus, money is a nasty disease. Jonathon Barnbrook (1966-)


Sadly some people have very little conscience when it comes to certain commodities. They probably have an inner feeling towards their behaviour in a conceited, arrogant and selfish manner. Yes, once again I'm talking about money. We all know money makes the world go round, always has and always will. Everyone loves money but certain individuals are obsessed. They are so fixated with moolah they may place human life at risk.

Numerous epidemics have occurred throughout the history of the world. They were tragic and millions of people died, such as The Black Death aka Bubonic Plague from 1347-1351. Sources estimate 75-200 million people perished. The Cocoitzli Epidemic in 1576 of New Spain (present-day Mexico) where millions of people passed away. It was similar to the Spanish Flu from 1918-1920 where 50-100 million folks passed on. The Asian Flu in 1957 took 1-2 million lives and the Hong Kong Flu of 1968 was responsible for 1-4 million human beings loss of life. We can't forget about H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) aka A.I.D.S. which made it's debut in the 1960s (so "they" say) and has been responsible for 25 million deaths.

Out of all the above epidemics/diseases (call them whatever you want) they only one that is still alive and kicking is A.I.D.S. The other outbreaks were finally conquered and terminated by medical ingenuity. I think it's safe to say pharmaceutical companies played a principal part in some of the final outcomes. Speaking of drug companies or shall I say thriving enterprises, an article in The Motley Fool on July 31, 2016 stated the total revenue of the global pharmaceutical market was $1.05 trillion. The write up also included, of the $1.05 trillion roughly $515 billion comes from Canada and the United States.

We all know someone, whether it was a loved one or a friend that have had their life cut short due to cancer. Being the year 2019 I find it extremely strange and can't understand that cancer hasn't been cured for once and for all. According to an article in Forbes in 2015 the global market for cancer drugs could be $147 billion by 2018, any guesses what it would be now. However, the story did specify in 1990 half of the cancer patients survived after five years of diagnosis. The write up went on to say now two-thirds do. Nevertheless, the question is for how long? It's always lovely and wonderful to hear women who have beaten breast cancer. Maybe it's similar to prostate cancer, if it's diagnosed early enough it can be treated and wiped out.

Get a load of these staggering and upsetting facts from the National Cancer Institute. Most cancer drugs that commenced between 2009-2014 were priced at more than $100,000 per patient for one year of treatment. More recently the cost is $400,000 a year for medication. Isn't that a happy thought. Now really, are "they" for real? Who can afford that kind of expense? I find it fucking crooked and outrageous. The organization also said one drug can cost $120,000 a year. Isn't it frightening enough someone is identified with cancer and now has to exhaust their life savings or apply for a second mortgage to combat their disease? What is really heartbreaking a lot of the times those drugs have no effect on a patient's future. Sadly I use my E.A.'s (Executive Assistant) niece as an example who passed away in 2001 at the age of thirteen. However, drug companies are happy because their revenue is always escalating.

I haven't forgotten about Kevin Trudeau. In case you aren't aware he's no relation to Justin (I never worked a day in my life) Trudeau. Kevin was the author of a book titled "Natural Cures "They" Don't Want YOU TO KNOW" which was published in 2007. As I stated in a previous rant, I watched him on T.V. when he disclosed The University of Calgary in Alberta had found the cure to cancer. In spite of that the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) found out about the remedy and very quickly put a kibosh on the entire matter. Whether the story is true or just a tall tale you make the call. Personally, I believed it occurred.

We all know there are numerous caring, thoughtful and good-hearted people in the world especially in Canada and the U.S. Many folks volunteer their time and participate in cancer fundraisers such as walkathons, skate-a-thons, and bowl-a-thons. Other individuals will donate some of their cash to help annihilate the ghastly disease. I tip my hat to those hard-working and generous mortals. Nevertheless, it continues to puzzle and mystify me why cancer hasn't been eliminated.

Now for some alarming and hair-raising facts. John Selfrin was C.E.O. (Chief Executive Officer) for the American Cancer Society for twenty-three years. In one year he earned $856,442 as well as an extra $77,859 as President for the ACS (Cancer Action Network). So much for donating money to a worthwhile cause. An article in Slate on Feb. 7/13 stated the National Cancer Institute spent $90 billion on research and treatment forty years after a "war" was declared on cancer. I don't recall any war lasting that long. Sooner or later all wars come to an end but this campaign doesn't want to cease. In the same report, the National Cancer Institute stated funding has averaged $9 billion a year in the past six years. Why shouldn't it? As long as the donors give away their money the management running this racket are absolutely ecstatic. Last, but certainly not least, an article in CBC News on July 6/11 said the Canadian Cancer Society had proportionally shifted finances away from research and "spending more of its dollars" on fundraising and administrative costs. Sounds like a typical government, priorities are upside down. Who cares about the patients anyway? Very, very sinister.


It would be so satisfying to say this whole cancer phenomenon is a myth but unfortunately, this horrible walk with the devil has devastated numerous human lives. Drug companies are like banks. Their sole purpose is to make money, lot's of money. Cancer and A.I.D.S. patients may spend thousands of dollars a month on prescription drugs with no guarantee of a cure. This episode has been creating misery for people too long. Once again, why is cancer still lingering? We certainly can't leave the government out of this deadly and fatal scam.

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