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Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself. Potter Stewart (1915-1985)
Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak because a baby can't chew. Mark Twain (1835-1910)
Censorship feeds the dirty mind more than the four-letter word itself. Dick Cavett (1936-)
Censorship is advertising paid by the government. Federico Fellini (1920-1993)


The Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English defines censorship as the practice of officially examining books, movies, etc. and suppressing unacceptable parts. The government in all it's forceful operations and actions designate themselves as overseer and decide what the population can watch or listen to. The watchful eyes and ears of the regime are unyielding to allow the people to eyeball and hear certain words and scenes on television. Ruling and controlling the citizens the way they feel is fit for all of us.

According to Wikipedia censorship started in 399 B.C. when Socrates refused attempts by the Greek state to censor his teachings and was sentenced to death by drinking poison. Although censorship covers a wide range of topics, I will sound off about editing out in the media, specifically television.

Our big brother lookout in Canada is called the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission or better known as the C.R.T.C. It's a public organization and was created in 1976 which took over responsibility for regulating telecommunications carriers. The agency is operated by thirteen people who are appointed by the Canadian Cabinet and has their headquarters located in Gatineau, Quebec.

I despise T.V. censorship and it infuriates me to no end when I see it happen right before my eyes or ears. I pay $115 a month for my satellite dish and it makes my blood boil when suddenly a word or part of a scene is deleted. For example, I was watching the 2004 movie "Sex and the City" on Slice T.V. who are based out of Toronto, Ontario. My E.A. (Executive Assistant) and I were huge fans of the series and we both agreed the film was excellent.

Just prior to the movie starting the content warning was displayed. It stated the movie contained adult situations, sex, nudity, and coarse language. It also declared viewer discretion was advised. I thought this is typical and so the viewing audience has been warned. It's such a simple decision, watch or doesn't watch, it's the individual's choice. But for some sickening and disgusting reason, the warning was just not good enough.

Ten minutes into the movie the "F" word had been removed twice compliments of the C.R.T.C. so my satellite provider told me. So the C.R.T.C. was starting to "cleanse" the movie. In all honesty, I couldn't believe it. These rulers with unrestricted authority just aren't satisfied with the visible warning but also want to weaken or maybe even ruin the movie for the viewers. Think about it. What gives them the right to spoil our leisure and relaxation time? Downright shameful. The "F" word usage in this movie (like most other films) is very appropriate. I will describe one scene.

Mr. Big and Carrie are moments away from getting married when suddenly Big has pre-wedding anxiety and reneges on the marriage. As he drives away in his limo Big realizes he has made a huge mistake and says, "Fuck, what am I doing?" and immediately orders his driver to turn around and head back to the gala occasion. Big knew he screwed up. The "F" word emphasizes his emotion of the situation and stresses his blunder is entirely wrong. It sounds a lot better than just saying, "What am I doing?"

I would also like to use the 1986 Academy Award for Best Picture, "Platoon" as another case in point. It's the Vietnam war and the film focuses on a platoon of soldiers, many of them, some fresh out of high school, fighting a war halfway around the world. Of course, the "F" word will be plentiful, it's obvious, it's a no-brainer. Once again the "F" word will enhance the realism of the movie. But sadly enough the C.R.T.C. screenplay police will hide from our virgin ears that horrendous and dreadful "F" word.

I ask myself what is the C.R.T.C. trying to accomplish (besides annoying individuals) with this utter nonsense. I would really enjoy hearing their "reasoning." Maybe their "logic" is in the same "thinking" as the ridiculous philosophy of the Liquor Control Board of Ontario when they proclaim the purpose for high alcohol prices is social responsibility. What a bunch of bullshit that is.

Maybe the auditory enforcers are trying to keep our young people from hearing those hideous words. However, five will get you ten if you walk by a group of teenagers it will be noticed that their dialogue is very well lubricated with the "F" word.


Sometimes I wonder how free we really are. Sure, we have more autonomy and democracy than North Korea, Iran or China but either way you look at it, people are under government control. We can watch or listen to our favourite shows but be aware you might hear that beep noise. Government doesn't like it so we're forced not to hear it. They treat us like children but we must remember the C.R.T.C. knows what is good and moral for all us grown-ups. They're like the rest of government, they truly care about us. With a beep beep here and a beep beep there, here a beep, there a beep, everywhere a beep beep. They have the expertise to know what is acceptable for adults. I'm a big kid now.

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