Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas Erosion

Hello folks, Puritan here. I hope everyone is doing well. It's hard to believe another year has elapsed and again I ask myself where has 2018 vanished to. It casually glided in and felt like it zoomed out like a cat running away from a dog. Anyway, it's that time of year again for all of us to take our glasses off and let our hair hang down. Hopefully, each one of us will obtain the festive mood of Christmas to hang loose and chill out.

As usual, the year had many disturbing events from all levels of government. Our juvenile and please take my picture Prime Minister gave a handsome reward to an ex I.S.I.S. savage...only in Canada, you say? Absolutely disgraceful and totally disgusting.

Finally a lot of once brain-dead Liberal voters finally came to their senses and decided they had enough of the shameful and deceitful Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, they ousted her. However her reign, misconduct and dishonesty, she managed to waste billions and billions of taxpayers dollars according to Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk. As far as I'm concerned Wynne is an embezzler and should serve a lengthy prison sentence...I think life without parole would be appropriate. The authorities should also incarcerate her predecessor Daulton McGuilty and serve a prolonged prison stint. Life without parole sounds good to me.

And of course, I can't forget about the circus returning to Hamilton, Ontario council chambers on Dec. 3/18. The big top "performers" didn't waste any time raising our water tax even though the tricksters had an $18 million surplus from last year's budget...routinely screwing the taxpayer again. It seems each year these jokers have a set figure tattooed into their brains of 4.5 or 4.6 percent for a water increase. Let's not forget about the L.R.T. (Light Rail Transit). If that ridiculous and foolish nonsense flies all I can say is God help us. Maybe in the future the bozo's who continuously elect these councilors will finally wake up from their comatose state and choose individuals who know what they're doing.

In the past decade, I can truly say things are becoming coo-coo. I'm not referring to politics but how moronic busy bodies thrive to attempt and change our thinking and traditions. My long-time good friend Uncle Block sent me a very annoying e-mail. It was about a Cleveland, Ohio radio station banning the 1944 Christmas song, "Baby It's Cold Outside". Supposedly some unsound people phoned the station to complain...they insisted the song resembled date rape.

Another good friend sent me an additional e-mail. A meddler by the name of Dan Joseph had students at a Virginia University sign a petition to ban the all-time classic 1942 Christmas song, "White Christmas" because it was racist. I suggest Mr. Joseph return to the institution and have his medication increased.

Then we have a twit by the name of Kyna Hamill who is a Boston University professor. In 2017 the dipstick maintained the 1850 first-rate Christmas song, "Jingle Bells" is racist.

Last, but not least, there is control freak Jennifer Sinclair, an elementary school principal in Elkhorn, Nebraska. She demanded candy canes be disallowed in her school because the shape had a look of a J for Jesus, the red is the blood for Christ and the white is a symbol of resurrection. Other objects prohibited by this autocratic lunatic were Christmas trees, a Santa, reindeer as well as green and red items. Thank goodness the school board placed this power hungry bone head on administrative leave. She's another tyrant who should be committed.

I shake my head in disgust and anger thinking what makes these pinheads' brains tick. Are they bored with their lives? Do they have too much time on their hands? What right do these morons have to have the audacity to censor and control our lives. These shitheads are like dictators...if they don't like it then no one will like it...censorship for everyone. It makes me wonder what happened to these people when they were "growing up." Did they have an uneasy childhood and this I their way of seeking attention or did they fall out of a tree and hit their head?

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be the same without hearing John Lennon's (1940-1980) tune, "So This Is Christmas" and watching the commercials related to his song. Without a doubt it is extremely sad there are all sorts of misery occurring in third world countries. Once again I become very annoyed of the U.N. (United Nations). The organization was established on Oct. 24/1945 to combat and eliminate poverty-stricken nations. The conglomerate insists countries "donate" money to fight the developing kingdom's hardships. As far as I'm concerned their track record is an utmost failure. Maybe Lennon's song should be changed to, "So This Is The U.N. and What Have You Done?"


It's very bothersome that a holiday custom is being undermined at a steady rate. So folks all I can say if you want to listen to "Baby It's Cold Outside", "Jingle Bells", and "White Christmas" as well as indulge in eating candy canes, be my guest. And for some pathetic reason if anyone wants to challenge your behaviour you know what to say...GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have a good one.

The End

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