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You are right. Socialism will ultimately prevail.

Actually, it already has prevailed. In the west, it started to gain steam in the 1960's. In Germany and Russia, it started about 50 years earlier than that. If you take academia into account, it probably started a further hundred years back. In the early 1800's, Frederic Bastiat was already debating the communists. In one form or another, it goes all the way back to the caveman, as Kubrick suggested in the opening scene of "A Space Odyssey."

Popular music and popular entertainment were the first signals that culture had fully adopted all the premises of socialism, along with a burning hatred of capitalism and everything that symbolized capitalism. (The United States, Western Civilization, cheeseburgers, central heating and the automobile.)

The protest songs of the 60's and 70's smeared capitalism for creating too much wealth. Wealth was hated because it resulted in disparities. Producers tended to get rich while everyone else tended to get richer too, but at a slower pace.

"You paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

"We got the aeroplane, we got the automobile
We got skyscraper buildings made of glass and steel
We've got synthetic food that nearly tastes real
And a little white pill that makes you feel
Hey, A whole lot better when you get out of bed
You take one in the morning for the lovelier head
We got everything everybody needs to survive
Surely the good life has arrived

I think your atmosphere is hurting my eyes
And your concrete mountains are blacking the skies
Now I don't say that you've been telling me lies
But why do I hear those children's cries "

"Sign, sign, everywhere a sign." remember that song? It was a protest against private property and negotiated exchange. I.E. - Capitalism.

"He said 'you look like a fine young man, I think you'll do.' So I took off my hat and said, 'imagine that! Me working for you!'" -- or working for anyone for that matter. It was obvious that, since this guy hated private property, didn't want to cut his hair for a job, and didn't have a penny to contribute to the collection plate when he went into the church, that he was a born liberal. (A.K.A. - socialist.) He knew that eventually, there would be a guaranteed basic income.

How much you wanna bet he was also the guy that was always in the washroom when it was his turn to pay for a round?

Archie Bunker the Republican, made out to be a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, insensitive, CO2 spewing buffoon, was contrasted with Michael Stivik - the visionary SJW Democrat who "cared" about everything and everyone, though never enough, it seemed, to actually find himself a job and contribute a drop of his own blood or sweat into solving any problems.

Stivik became a role model for aspiring presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Yep. The fix was in.

The Moody Blues,

"Men's mighty mine-machines digging in the ground,
Stealing rare minerals where they can be found.
Concrete caves with iron doors, bury it again,
While a starving frightened world fills the sea with grain.


As if the earth could give a rat's ass about capitalists penetrating its crust to find the stuff that improves the human standard of living.

Then they pull a typical socialistic bait and switch by conflating Roosevelt's socialistic farm policies with laissez-faire capitalism.

"It was a bitter pill for farmers to swallow. They had worked hard to raise those crops and livestock, and they absolutely hated to see them killed and the meat go to waste. Critics charged that the AAA was pushing a "policy of scarcity," killing little pigs simply to increase prices when many people were going hungry." -- source

Musicians should stick to music. I think there is some truth to the right hemisphere-left hemisphere thinker theory. Musicians, though creative, tend to be complete idiots when they try to pretend they are analytical thinkers.

And non-analytical thinkers tend to be attracted to socialism. The age-old idea about getting something for nothing is extremely seductive, especially for those with lower IQ's, or government jobs.

I visited the McMaster University bookstore sometime back in the 1980s. I was interested in finding materials written by free-market economists whose names I had become familiar with. I was wondering if I could save a few bucks by buying books there instead of going through the rigamarole of ordering from those few places in the U.S., like Laissez-Faire Books and The Fee Foundation, and paying the exchange rate plus postage.

I was disappointed. Most, and I mean most, of the books for sale in the political science and economics sections, were written by leftists. I don't think I bought a single book. Oh wait, I might have bought Adam Smith's "Wealth of Nations" there, though I'll admit, that was one book I never read all the way through. I found it rather tedious. I think he lost me with the part about the pin makers.

It's not important.

But whenever I hear some leftist MSM pundit smarmily mention that Democrats and Liberals tend to get more electoral support from people with "higher educations," I laugh, because what they really mean is that they've had more leftist brainwashing than the so-called, "deplorables" who voted for Trump. They tend to vote left because they have "degrees in worthlessness" as Gerald Celente might say.

Fuck me.

So when it comes down to the question, will the last bastion of hope for those who believe in capitalism, equal rights, private property, voluntary exchange, and now, even, freedom of speech, go down the historical sink-hole of socialism? The answer is inescapable.

"But Trump? If he wins the house!"

"Trump buys you time, but minutes only."

"But this ship can't sink!"

"She's made of capitalism, sir. I assure you, she can. And she will. It is a mathematical certainty."


  1. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it ! The best thing that could happen to promote and foster capitalism would be if socialism won. Ask anyone who lived in the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe what that was like. My hope is that every sungle last one of Socialism's advocates gets precisely what they are dasking for and demanding....and the rest of us don't ! Same goes for the socialism in disguise concern for the environment Global warming (oops ,climate bad )alarmist assholes !-( not an ad hominem.. assholes shit all over everything remember?) Ever notice how all those "oil is evil' people constantly denounce the use of fossil fuels by using devices and technology predominately made out of fossil fuels to do so ? Hyppocrite ! remove the plank from you're own eye ! I'll take asshole's like leo de-crappio a lot more seriously when ALL OF THEM voluntarily boycot using and form of petrochemical product whatsoever before they FORCE ME though government edict and taxation to stop using mine. Government is the problem NOT the solution. until these people discover that firsthand , things are only going to get worse. Time to walk away and let them see what it is they're asking for. They're counting on our resistance. Don't resist, dont submit, just walk away and let them destroy each other.

    1. p.s. lets watch and see how mny detractors focus on the typos rather than they content of that comment.. they love that shit!


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