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Phony "education."

Now that I am no longer "working," (Like driving a cab could ever be considered a serious form of work,) I spend most of my time learning.

Learning is something you choose to do. No one can just give it to you.

I first realized this when I was a student at Mohawk College. (1981-83) I noticed many of my classmates complaining about some of the teachers. Those teachers could not teach.

And they were right.

Some of the teachers could barely speak English. Of course, they couldn't teach. I knew even then that their presence, and their salaries, depended more upon politics than economics.

But I decided I would not let that stop me. So I stopped attending the classes of the politically selected teachers, and instead, started reading the textbooks and doing the exercises.

It worked!

Instead of being confused by faltering attempts, in broken Engish, to explain subjects like physics and organic chemistry, I decided I would learn the shit on my own. (Diversity ISN'T our strength.)

It wasn't easy. Some of the texts were almost as fucked up as the teachers. But by using my own brain, I managed to figure things out and did quite well on the exams.

There is an old western saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink."

And that is one reason why I am not impressed with the anti-Ford commie zealots who are currently freaking out over his cutbacks to the public indoctrination system.

Especially today, with cheap computers and internet connections, people don't need commie politicians funneling their money through phony government programs to get an education.

That old, anti-libertarian argument, that without "government-run schools," poor people could not get an education, has been revealed to be complete bullshit, on a par with the notion that Justin Trudeau can control the climate.

Ford should initiate MORE CUTS to the phony "Higher Education" cartel.

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