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As the world rotates and society wanders into irresponsible and neglectful deterioration we haven't any idea what the future will ensue. Personally, I think we will continue to experience additional doom and gloom. We've all heard the saying everyone has a star in the sky that looks after them and at times I think it's true. A lot of us probably know at least one person who has "fallen in a deep well of shit" but somehow miraculously returns, "smelling like a freshly picked bunch of roses." For some peculiar and suspicious reason (no matter what type of trouble they have gotten themselves into) the little tweety bird will always be chirping on their shoulder and the sunshine will always shine in their world.

Throughout time individuals have dodged the bullet and avoided penalties for their inappropriate commitments...they always seem to be prepared for the worst. Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth while others have that exceptional talent known as the gift of gab. Numerous politicians fall into those categories. They are "special" human beings with some trickery and hidden skill. It's amazing how they will conduct their behaviour with the populace. One day they are kissing babies and shaking hands with the electorate and the next day they are dishonest and shameful. It illustrates an excellent example of the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde disorder. It constantly mesmerizes me to the limit how these legislators can look at themselves in the mirror and encounter no guilt or disgrace.

I wasn't surprised or startled when David Livingston was sentenced to four months in jail. You may ask who is David Livingston? Well, he was Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's chief of staff from 2012-2013. He was also the bureaucrat and "naughty boy" who supposedly deleted the gas plant e-mails. Remember those infamous gas plants that were cancelled in 2011 by our "trustworthy, responsible and honest" provincial Liberal government?

The "righteous and upstanding" liberal gang said it would cost (tax payers' money of course) $230 million but some how their calculation was "slightly" sinfully incorrect. The true cost was $1.1 billion. Sounds like just a simple arithmetic error. Their "fun with numbers" was certainly untruthful, but this is what politicians bring about, dishonesty, deceitfulness and untrustworthiness. Five will get you ten if these fiberals owned their own private business they wouldn't make a blunder like that. Why you ask? They'd be using their own cash and not tax payers' money.

Besides four months in jail, Livingston received twelve months probation and is required to perform one hundred hours of community service. Hmm, rather a stiff penalty given to an individual who I believe was the fall guy in the gas plant scandal. Obviously we all know politicians never take responsibility for their mistakes. Wait a minute, politicians don't make mistakes.

McGuinty and his successor "Mommy Wynne" (remember she cares about everyone) were completely blameless and totally innocent of their wrongdoings. Of course they are, politicians never fuck up because they care too much about the public. Meanwhile I recall "Mommy Wynne" saying in a defensive voice, "it was a political decision, it was a political decision" when she was challenged by the opposition about the gas plants in a segment at Queens Park.

I find it extremely odd and moreover quite baffling that McGuinty resigned on Feb.10/13 after three consecutive terms as Premier of was a very surprising and sudden move for him to vacate his position. Nevertheless his reason was the Ontario Liberal Party needed a renewal. Really, a renewal? Sounds to me the Fiberals didn't need a revival, instead McGuinty decided to "jump ship" because he was receiving too much "heat" from the gas plant fiasco. In fact, he was so determined to depart from politics he didn't "run" in the next provincial election in his own riding of Ottawa South. Two years after he quit he took a part-time job with a business consulting firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers Canada.

Some analyst gave different reasons for McGuinty's departure such as labour relations with the spoiled babies we refer to as teachers, continuing his political career at the federal level, spending more time with his family and other controversies like the mismanagement of Ornge Ambulance. Although I find those intentions quite logical, I'm still strongly convinced the gas plant farce was the icing on the cake for McGuinty.

I always wondered why Livingston would destroy any confidential information especially e-mails from the gas plants on his own free will without McGuinty's authorization and knowledge. Livingston's deputy, Laura Miller, was also charged but later on was found not guilty. Getting back to Livingston, for him to make that decision and carry out the offence I find truly confusing and unbelievable...why would he jeopardize himself? However, five will get you ten that question and many other queries were asked at his trial.

I believe Livingston knew all the particularities of the gas plant crime, he was McGuinty's number one guy. The court obviously thought he was guilty but I still believe he took the blame and punishment for a situation he was only aware of. On the flip side, if he actually did what "they" said he did he might have been forced to "play" that game or else the consequences would've been more severe.

When an individual accepts a high caliber position, namely the Premier's Chief of Staff, they will familiarize themselves with numerous things they may or may not want to have the knowledge of. Welcome to the political theater, full of gimmicks, schemes, fun and games, fun for the whole family.


Politicians are like actors...they can portray and imitate many emotions. They also know how to cover their ass and pass the buck. It wouldn't surprise me at all if required they would sell out their own mothers. This incident enhances my belief politicians can get away with anything...even murder. I wonder if this gas plant mess would be a good Hollywood movie. With a good cast, director and screenplay it possibly could be a successful film, if nothing, more educational to tax payers. And now we all know as Livingston realizes what happens when people play and hang around with politicians, especially Fiberals.

The End

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