Saturday, June 2, 2018

Truth vs Fiction


The Canadian Oxford Dictionary of Current English defines the word promise as an assurance, especially regarding future actions and also specifies the sign of future achievements. In our lifetime we have made more than a handful of promises, one specific commitment is the vow we absorbed on our wedding day. People make promises to other persons. sometimes they're honored and from time to time they don't materialize. Promises in the workplace can also be unpredictable and changing as the title song in the 1968 Broadway musical, "Promises, Promises" expresses.

Besides being the last day of school before their summer vacation, I think it's safe to say children (both past and present) have two other favorite times in their lives, Christmas morning and Halloween night because of many presents, treats, and goodies. Every three or four years prior to election adults also receive a "gift bag." These gift-givers are "caring" and "responsible" politicians who will do just about anything to solidify your vote, hell, they may even help you paint your house. Their treat and goodie bag is concentrated towards grown-ups, promising the taxpayer many benefits. This year's players, especially Horwath and Wynne, are busting at the seams with their pledges. Well, boys and girls let's take a look at what type of treats and goodies our three "crusaders" are enticing or shall I say smooth talking us with their campaign objectives.

Doug (I'm the new kid on the block) Ford, (guy on the right) Progressive Conservative Party:

Doug Ford right

- opposes the carbon tax

- wants to freeze minimum wage to $14 an hour

- cut corporate tax rates to 10.5%

- pledges 20% tax cut for middle class

- reduce gas prices by 10 cents a litre by cutting cap-and-trade, fuel tax

- decrease hydro charges by 22%

- hopes to reduce hospital wait times and provide health care with a fresh look

- wants an outside audit performed on Wynne's spending

- no provincial income tax for minimum wage earners

- claims minors should receive permission from their parents before an abortion is executed

- maintains Hamilton, Ontario can use the province's "handout" of $1 billion for other ventures and won't be limited to the L.R.T. (Light Transit Rail)

- will fire the C.A.O. (Chief Administrative Officer) of Hydro One

- reduce size and cost of government with no layoffs

I do tip my hat to him since he "appears" to be focused on the average taxpayer. However, on the flip side with all of his cuts, I do have some concern where he is going to make up the lost revenue. I also wonder if publicly announcing he will freeze the minimum wage at $14 an hour was a harmful will probably cost him a lot of votes.

Andrea (make the rich pay) Horwath, N.D.P. (New Democratic Party)"

- free childcare for families earning under $40,000 a year

- $12 a day child care for most other families

- increase hospital funding by 5%

- smaller school class sizes by hiring more teachers and E.A.'s (Educational Assistants)

- increase taxes by 1% on people earning more than $220,000 a year and 2% on folks earning $300,000 a year

- cut hydro rates by 30%

- create Hydro One as public ownership

- 15,000 more long-term beds

- new 3% tax on vehicles that cost over $90,000

- spend billions in Ontario Works a.k.a. welfare and Ontario disability payments

- cut auto insurance rates by 15%

- increase the corporate tax rate from 11.5% to 13%

- give everyone full dental coverage

- give everyone free prescriptions

- transform student loans to grants

In summary, it never ceases to amaze me that the N.D.P. truly despises people that have more money than the common man. For some bizarre reason inside their twisted minds, they have the god given right to financially punish these individuals. It should also be noted Horwath is a high roller with no limits. She is extremely generous with taxpayers' money and our debt will continue to increase at a fast-moving rate.

Kathleen (I'm honorable, honest and admirable) Wynne, Liberal Party:

- plans to hire 3,500 more registered nurses

- give $822 million to hospitals

- $575 million for free drug care to seniors

- 1.8 million people will pay $200 or more personal income tax

- cannabis duty will collect $115 million

- $800 million for drug and dental coverage

- $2.1 billion for mental health care

- 20,000 businesses will pay an average of $2,400 a year for employer health tax

- $2.2 billion for free childcare for some parents

- $680 million for home health care

- $1.8 billion for developmentally disabled

- $2.3 billion for welfare, 3% annual raises for 3 years

- $935 million for colleges and universities and more apprenticeships

In summary, Wynne is a big spender like her contender Horwath. She is desperate to accomplish re-election once again. In my opinion, she may be the best political con artist I have ever seen. If she is acclaimed the doom of this province will continue and our hole will be so deep it will be absolutely impossible to climb out of.

Before the last election in 2014, I held a certain belief and confidence in political polls. L.O.L., that was then. Now my conviction on those surveys is very simple...they mean diddly-squat. I think they're unreliable and definitely open to doubt. A typical and perfect example was the 2014 Ontario Provincial election. Conservative leader Tim Hudak was predicted to win by a landslide. The final results of the election completely astounded me...Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne had won with a majority government.


It will be ever so interesting to see which party will win the election on June 7/18 and moreover quite amusing to see if the Premier will keep his/her promises. Don't you find it puzzling and truly suspicious that these politicians never say the word guarantee or the phrase word of honor when they are babbling on about their treats and goodies? I will vote for Ford not because the Conservatives have the magic wand to fix things but I believe they are the lesser of the three evils. I strongly dislike Horwath and Wynne and distrust both women. I consider those two leftists females as extremely dangerous women and place them in the same category as someone who is drunk and driving on the highway at a blistering speed.

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