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The Wrong Direction: About Face


Many men and women partake in different pastimes throughout their lives while other folks engage in activities when they retire. Relaxation, amusement, entertainment, rest, piece of mind or simply something to do are reasons for the change in routine. Some interests may include hobbies such as macramé, paper tole and model ship building. Sports such as golf, slo-pitch, co-ed baseball and bowling are popular leisure interests. Most of the time the cost is very reasonable to receive some fun and joy. It's also extremely wholesome to get involved in extra-curricular ventures...truly healthy for the mind, bod and soul.

It's tough enough trying to figure out politicians but I'm finding it more frequent I'm questioning what is the motivating force behind people's ideas and what are they really trying to accomplish, if anything at all. What inspired me to write this rant was an article I read in the Toronto Sun on Jan. 20/18 titled, "Canadians march for women's rights to protest Trump"...the title completely bewilders me. Thousands of women (and some men) from all over Canada marched in protest for women's rights, equality and empowerment. The hurdle I just can't seem to jump is what the hell has Trump got to do with the rights of Canadian women? Did he somehow move to Canada without any of us knowing about it?

Of course our teenage Canadian "ruler" put his "two cents" into the "marvellous" and "spectacular" protest. He offered assurances that equality and women's rights will remain priorities for his administration. He also stated "it's incredibly inspiring and motivating to see so many people come out and support women's rights." I wonder what Trudeau means when he says, inspiring and motivating? Perhaps he is thrilled that his Canuks are slamming Trump and not himself for his disgraceful and dishonourable goings-on. I still can't help to ask myself the question over and over, why Trump? He has nothing to do with Canada's political system.

I'm willing to bet five will get you ten Trump doesn't give a flying fuck about the Canadian protesters and in fact doesn't care about American protesters. Here's a thought, why don't these Canadian demonstrators protest women's rights in countries such as China, Iran, North Korea and that would be something to bitch about.

Meanwhile back at the ranch there's plenty of major issues and serious problems that reside in Trudeau's want to be fantasy land that the Canadian Trump haters could protest about. Here is a simple quiz that I created. It's a simple yes or no answer to each question, here we go.

  • Do we have poverty?
  • Do we have unemployment?
  • Do we have homelessness?
  • Do we need more women's shelters?
  • Is our judicial system a fucking joke?
  • Are a lot of Indigenous people under hardship?
  • Is our government dishonest and corrupt?
  • Is our health care system in critical trouble and grave danger?
  • Is there too much violence in our cities?
  • Will our children and their children be severely burdened with government debt?

I answered yes to every question, and would hope the Canadian Trump bashers would do the same. However, if politicians were to take this quiz they would reply to each question with a five or ten minute answer manipulating the question in their favour. I recommend the Canadian Trump protesters regroup and start a witch hunt on the disapproval of Canadian politicians, specifically Justin (please take my picture) Trudeau...I find it difficult to call him Prime Minister.

Some folks may ask what's my problem with Justin (I never worked a day in my life) Trudeau. Well for starters I think he lives in an enchanted fantasy fairy tale land where all inhabitants, including newcomers are beautiful, wonderful and magnificent people and develop into upstanding Canadian citizens and evil has been abolished. The sun constantly shines and the birds are always tweeting their soft melodies and everyone understands each other, sharing their thoughts, feelings and's one big happy family.

Trudeau has raised our taxes (no surprise there, Liberals love the word tax), "donated" our money to other countries, welcomes terrorists into the country and opens the borders so anyone and everyone can just walk in and say, "Hi, I'm here, cheque please." I honestly think "picture boy" would welcome Klingons and Romulins.

An article in the Toronto Sun on Jan. 11/18 stated 92% of all families in Canada will encounter a tax increase of over $2,200 beginning in 2019 according to the Fraser Institute...isn't that fucking lovely. The following makes my blood boil. The Toronto Sun (Dec. 31/17) wrote in an article "Trudeau calls on Canadians to work together in 2018 in such categories as openness, compassion, equality and inclusion." Can you believe the audacity of this guy. He's asking us to be upstanding and morally correct citizens, meanwhile, he was found guilty of ethics violations for his previous extravagant Christmas shameless. He is the supreme hypocrite.

What's really frightening about our pretender (who's never met a camera he didn't like) he is a direct bleeding heart whenever I.S.I.S. is mentioned. He strikes me as an outright soft-hearted idealist and it truly sickens me. He has said many times I.S.I.S. fighters can be a benefit to Canada. Do we have to remind "snapshot boy" that these I.S.I.S. fuckers have killed many people specifically Canadian soldiers. And by the way, these fuck-heads enjoy killing women, Hmm...I wonder if that falls under the heading of women's rights.

The left hemisphere of my brain finds it absolutely hilarious while the right hemisphere thinks it's completely disgusting and appalling when "our leader" states these shit-head I.S.I.S. fighters can be rehabilitated. An article in the Global News Nov. 30/17 had Trudeau say, "we have methods of de-emphasizing or de-programming people who try to harm our society." Golly gee Justin why haven't you tried your secret laboratory mind alterations on the psychopathic fuckers like Paul Bernardo or Robert Picton.

I know how our crafty Liberals will rehabilitate I.S.I.S. fighters.

House of Commons

Prime Ministers Office

Ottawa, Ontario

Justin - Hello Junaid. Welcome back to Canada.

Junaid - Glad to be back Prime Minister

Justin - You were gone for a long time fighting for I.S.I.S.

Junaid - I believe in Allah. I will sacrifice my life for him.

Justin - You are one of many jihadists returning to Canada.

Junaid - Canada is a great and magnificent country not like that evil hell Trump world. You welcome us back with open arms.

Justin - You will always be welcomed here Junaid.

Junaid - Thank you Prime Minister. May your star always shine.

Justin - I hate to bring this up but I'm getting a lot of pressure from the Canadian people about I.S.I.S. fighters returning to Canada.

Junaid - Believe me Prime Minister, we're harmless.

Justin - I know that. However would you be interested in a rehabilitation program?

Junaid - You don't have to worry about me Justin, I'm a true Canadian.

Justin - I just heard you say you would sacrifice your life for Allah.

Junaid - I was just kidding, now about this program.

Justin - Is six million dollars sufficient?

In an article in the Mountain News on Jan.18/18 Trudeau stated to an audience at McMaster University on Jan. 17/18 there are about sixty former I.S.I.S. fighters that have returned to Canada and our intelligence agencies are continuing to monitor their progress. "I assure you, we are very safe here." Dick Mac would say, "something fishy going on here." After reading an article in the Toronto sun Jan. 22/18 I'm getting the impression that Trudeau and counterpart Public Safety Minister, Ralph Goodale, are watching a completely different movie than the C.S.I.S. (Canadian Security Intelligence Agency) are viewing. There appears to be some disagreement but read the next paragraph and you be the judge.

The C.S.I.S. states the terrorism threat in Canada posed by jihadists is ever-changing, hard to pin down and requires continual monitoring. The C.S.I.S. has never before faced a terrorist threat of the scope, scale and complexity of Sunni Islamist-inspired terrorism. In summary an article in the Toronto Sun Jan. 24/18 said Canada's top spies say terror attacks in Canada are likely to continue and our country is on the I.S.I.S. hit list. But we must remember those comforting and uplifting words from our "big cheese", "I assure you, we are very safe here."

This is the guy who travels to China and discusses trade and human rights. I really wonder how interested and attentive the Chinese are when "photo boy" starts proclaiming human rights. He comes across as an advocate for evil and sinister individuals. A prime example of this was refusing to increase prison life sentence from 25 to 35 years. Using Paul Bernardo as an example our "crusader" said, we all know Bernardo will never be released from prison...hey Justin, don't hold your breath, you dam well know our judicial system is absolutely fucking ludicrous.

Here's an example on how he and his counterpart "Mommy Wynne" of Ontario steal from the poor and give to the rich. An article in the Toronto Sun on March 30/17 stated the Feds and Ontario Liberals "invested" (or shall I say gave away) $200 million dollars of our money into Ford's Canadian Operations. Ford earned a global pre-tax profit of more than U.S. $10 billion in 2015. More outrageous and shameful Liberal on goings.


I suggest to the Canadian citizens who are voicing their concerns against Trump take an look in your own back yard. Arrange and execute a plan and protest the mismanagement of this country and stop wasting your time bitching about Trump and the United States. I just wonder how many females, particularly government employees, have experienced some sort of sexual harassment in their work place. Some incidents are starting to be made public. It wouldn't surprise me if the amount of occurrences are very staggering.

The End

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