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Throughout our lives we make many decisions...even as young kids we made choices. Some decisions are critical and essential, others are minor or less important. Either way they can alter our lifestyle in some sort of degree or manner. People may be hesitant or instantaneous on their preference and continuously analyse their situation. People will also ask themselves, family or friends, should I or shouldn't I in determining their decision. Choices may end up being correct or wrong but the only way to find out if you made the proper choice, is to make the decision.

June 2, 1954

Toronto, Ontario

Another child is brought into the world by an unwed mother...she is 31 years old. The baby's name is Wayne. The mother holds the newborn to her chest only to have the nursing staff whisk the infant away seconds later. The highly emotional mom starts to wail and cry knowing she and her baby are separated...never to see each other again.

Ten days later a 37 year old woman and her 51 year old husband sign the necessary documents and adopt the baby boy. They rename him Jim and another family is created. The adoptive couple are ecstatic with their new family member and welcome him into their home with open arms.

It will change the couple's lives food, changing diapers and many sleepless nights are just a small section of the blueprint. Their once ordinary and every day routine was now just a past activity. The new mom and dad do their best to produce a comfortable environment for their son.

Jim was no different from any other earthling...he wasn't exempt from human daily emotions. He would experience many ups and downs throughout his existence...happiness, elation, disappointment and heartache would be in the recipe of his life cycle.

Some couples are prevented from having children due to medical reasons. According to a study in Helen A. Cacio Management of Infertile Women, women ages 20-24 have an 86% chance on conceiving within a year. Women ages 30-34 have 63% chance. The chances of women of all ages becoming pregnant after trying for two years jumps to 90-94%.

As I stated, some couples are denied children due to medical complications. Nevertheless a great deal of folks adopt kids from foreign countries such as China, Ethiopia, India, South Korea, Ukraine and Vietnam. The U.S. (United States) is ranked number one for adopting children from outside of their country and Canada stands at number five.

My E.A. (Executive Assistant) gave birth to a baby boy in 1968 and immediately put the child up for adoption. At the time she and her boyfriend agreed it would be a wise decision...they were 17 years old and still attending high school. But as fate lingers in people's lives my E.A. and her ex-husband who was the father of the child (they were married in 1971 and divorced in 1979) reconnected with their son in 2007 and have had an ongoing solid kinship.

Most couples want to start a's a worldwide institution. A very high majority of women aspire to have a's almost a necessity females are born with...a need and want in their genetic makeup. Possible proof is when we see little girls playing "mommy" with their dolls. Be that as it may, if I was a young newlywed, I would be skeptical of having children. You may ask why I'm being a selfish jerk? I just have to look at the misery of the world, this burdensome country we call Canada, the declining and degenerate Wynne World of Ontario and the city I reside in called Hamilton, full of wasteful, useless and unnecessary spending of tax payers money...need I say more?

I just want to clarify I'm not, I repeat, I'm not a gay basher. My attitude is if people desire to choose a same sex partner, so be it. Advocates state same sex couples can provide just as much a loving relationship with children as a heterosexual couple can...I'm inclined to agree, that same sex couples can give and maintain a warm and loving association with children.

However, I'm willing to bet five will get you ten the L.B.G.T.Q. (Gay Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer or Questioning) movement will be extremely livid and thoroughly opposed to my following perspective. Without a doubt in my mind I believe every child needs a female mother and male father. Females have a natural instinct of nurturing...they're warm-hearted, gentle, passionate and always display constant endearment...there is no one better suited for the job. Mothers are the best moms and fathers are the best dads.

Abortion has been occurring since ancient times. It's always been a quarrelling dispute and never ending debate. According to Wikipedia 47,000 deaths and 5 million hospital admissions result due to unsafe abortions every year. Women have abortions for miscellaneous reasons: they're too young, they can't afford the baby, the father has split the scene, rape and incest.

Abortion in Canada is legal in all stages of pregnancy and governed by the Canadian Health Act. Abortion is just not a medical problem but also a scorching political issue. People who oppose abortion are called Pro-Life. Their nemesis who believe a woman should have the legal right to an abortion are called Pro-Choice. Regular Gallup polls proclaim it's a fifty-fifty split the populace supports Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.

An article in the National Post on April 26/12 stated the number of abortions declared each year in Canada is untruthful...there are a lot more than what is actually announced. Private clinics are exempt from reporting and the provinces are quiet. Quebec usually accounts for 30,000 abortions annually but reported none in 2010. It was also alleged there were 15,232 missing abortion reports in Ontario, 30,000 missing in Quebec plus another hugely unreported amount in British Columbia and other provinces. The write-up finalized Canada having well over 100,000 abortions yearly.

I believe there is a "fun with numbers" scheme (just like in any government survey or statement) with abortions performed. In the late 1980's I worked at a community hospital in a psychiatric ward. A female R.N. (Registered Nurse) told myself and a couple of other co-workers a very interesting abortion story. Before working with us she was employed at a hospital in Quebec City.

Late one evening a vehicle drove to the rear of the building at a loading door. Hospital staff (who were waiting) quickly wheeled a teenage girl into the medical centre. Using the freight elevator they took the adolescent to the surgery floor for an abortion. The intention and strategy of the event was purposely unannounced and kept in utmost secrecy. The reason for the "hush, hush" attitude was the girl's father was a Quebec Member of Parliament. The nurse never mentioned the reason for the ordeal. All I can ask, did the politician do this for his daughter or himself? My gut feeling tells me he did it for himself, because he was panicky and worried if his little girl's pregnancy was publicized his political reputation and career would be tarnished and disgraced.

I'm "sitting on the fence" if someone asks me, who do you support, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? I bend a bit towards Pro-Choice...I like the Libertarian motto, "keep your hands of my body." But then I observe the other side of the coin and ponder about the fellow whose birth name was Wayne and changed to Jim and my E.A.'s son. If both mothers had decided to obtain abortions neither individual would be alive today.


People will continue to have pre-marital's human nature and has been happening for centuries on end. Sadly, there will also be unwed mothers. Keep the baby and possibly "tie the knot", put the child up for adoption or conduct an abortion are three options that are available to unwed mothers. However, none are easy and can be extremely complicated and challenging for any single woman with an accidental pregnancy, especially for teenage girls.

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