Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Endless Maze


There isn't a month that passes by we don't read or hear about some ludicrous happening in our busybody liberal environment. If it isn't political correctness being rammed down our throats it's some group of meddling imbeciles trying to intrude into our lives. I become very aggravated with these morons trying to engineer our conduct into their way of thinking. The following are four stories I decided to rant or shall I say bitch about.

Story #1

I read this article in the Hamilton Spectator on Jan. 24/17 about a fish and chip restaurant's name was considered offensive. The owner had a first restaurant in a suburb of white Rocks, B.C. (British Columbia). It was family owned for 40 years and the owner decided to open another restaurant near a harbour in downtown Vancouver, B.C but the name for the new fish and chip location was considered offensive...the new name was "Moby Dick."

A private entity in Canada known as strata corporation refused to issue a permit because they found the word "Dick" offensive. Strata corporation consists of property owners elected to oversee residential and non-residential properties. What is happening here, who is this organization? Do you feel a bit of your freedom of speech being flushed down the toilet? I don't know what this brainless group is thinking. There is absolutely nothing uncivil or ill-mannered with the owner's name choice for his restaurant. On the contrary I find strata corporation insulting, rude, offensive and disrespectful condemning the word Dick.

We're all familiar with the classic 1851 novel Moby Dick written by Herman Melville. Some men's names are Dick...short for Richard and Dick Tracy is a famous comic book figure. What the fuck is strata corporation thinking. They obviously don't understand the connection of the owner's theme: the ocean, the whale, fish and chips and a restaurant. Give people a little power and it penetrates into their brains. Maybe my long time good friend (Uncle Block) will have to change a fictional character he created "Dick Mack" (something fishy going on here) to a more "inoffensive" name.

Story #2

On April 10/17 the Hamilton Spectator reported a Markham, Ontario woman faces $10,800 in fines or has to plant eighteen trees, why you ask, because she cut down three mature trees on her own property, yes, you read it correctly...on her own property. The incident triggered opposition from neighbours and some of the tree huggers actually found time to attend her court case.

Of course, here we go again, these "caring" greenie's show more passion, affection and love towards trees than human beings. Their warmth, devotion and fondness for trees will always be superior and overwhelming. I can't say it enough times, these green guardians are annoying, irritating and dangerous.

The actual article was written by Tim Kelly of the Markham Economist and Sun. I question Mr. Kelly's investigative reporting skills, specifically, acquiring all the facts. There was nada in his story about why the lady decided to cut down the trees. I would like to know, was she having problems with them i.e. killing her lawn, tree roots cracking and/or splitting her foundation, too much maintenance or did she contact the city and they refused to do anything about it...some vital elements of information unaccounted for. Or did Mr. Kelly purposely decide to exclude those components to attract attention of liberal green panthers about the wicked and evil lady who cut down trees on her own property...such a heinous crime.

Story #3

A very good and long time friend who lives in Calgary, Alberta send me an e-mail from the Calgary Sun newspaper on April 11/17. The headline read, "Banana bread snack shaming in Calgary school criticized." So in this event a six year old autistic boy was ostracized from his friends while he was eating his lunch because he was consuming banana bread...a teacher took the banana bread. First of all who the fuck is this teacher and secondly he or she had no business whatsoever removing the banana bread from the boy and thirdly, this so called "educator" has no business being a teacher.

According to the boy's mother this wasn't the first time a so called teacher has taken away snacks she has packed in his lunch box. In the past she has found apples and oranges in his lunch box when he returned home...she never packed the fruit for him in the morning.

The Calgary Board of Education nutritional policy is confusing to me...they say one thing but mean completely the opposite. It states only healthy food and beverages will be sold or provided by schools but lunches and snacks sent from home are up to the parents but then they say the school insists only on fresh fruits and vegetables which are appropriate for snacks.

It becomes more difficult to understand. Althea Adams who is a member of the Calgary Association of Parents and School Councils said, "at our school kids are no longer able (forbidden would be a more commanding word) to bring any kind of treat like cupcakes for their birthdays and we all just kind of obey it." What is she talking about...obey what? Is the education system a dictatorial (oh, oh, I used a word that started with dic) institution telling parents what and what they can't feed their dare they. Execute what our tax money pays you to do, supposedly, teach our kids the curriculum the Ministry of Education and/or School Boards set in place and cease trying to rule and control people's lives...we have more than enough liberal ideology in society.

My high school was Westmount in Hamilton, Ontario. While I was there a couple of years ago (I was waiting to talk to the Vice Principal about a rant I was writing) I walked the, did it ever bring back memories...45 years ago. When I approached the cafeteria nothing had changed except the vending machines and the shelves that stored different types of food and snacks were gone...they only thing present besides the tables and chairs was a microwave.

I also asked a secretary if the school store (called The Summit) still existed and she said no because of the new socialist nutrition craze. I was very saddened by her answer. My grade 12 Marketing class and teacher Mr. Murray Barnes were the creators of the small enterprise. A very good male friend of mine (we're still friends today), two female student friends and myself would spend a good deal of our lunch hour "working" as sales clerks at the store. The outlet sold such items as chocolate bars, potato chips, gum, candy and tee shirts. All proceeds would go directly to the school. It was truly a good "hands on" business experience directly related to our subject we were studying. However, after some years of socialist thinking, in other words idiots who want to control our eating habits, "The Summit" was axed forever.

Story #4

An article in the Toronto star, Oct. 10/17 (the same article was in the Hamilton Spectator two days later and they wonder why no one buys the pathetic and inadequate rag) titled "Toronto District School Board to remove chief from job titles" had me bewildered. First of all let's look at the word chief. The definition is very plain and simple: a leader or ruler of a people or clan, or a person with the highest rank in an organization.

I've always thought to refer to someone as chief it demonstrated great respect, admiration, politeness and courtesy to an individual. In spite of all that the T.D.S.B. (Toronto District School Board) says the word is a slur in some cases or a negative way to describe Indigenous people. I wonder if Chief Dan George (1899-1981) is rolling over in his grave. The article also stated the T.D.S.B. will show respect replacing chief with manager or executive officer although no Indigenous people asked for the word to be terminated.

Now this is where I really become exceedingly dazed and confused. Dr. Duke Redbird, curator of Indigenous art and culture at the T.D.S.B. said (and get this) "we do not have a problem with the word, it belongs to the English language. It belongs to the settlers." So is this just the tip of the iceberg, yet, more fucking nonsense from people who have nothing better to do? Do we start renaming all job titles that have the word chief attached to them such as chief executive officer, chief executive, chief justice, chief of staff and Police or Fire chief? Or why don't we just destroy and burn the dictionary and rewrite a new book that caters to these fucking busybodies.


I hope these stories will disturb and infuriate folks like they have done to me. These troublemakers (maybe we should call them shit disturbers) are just as rotten as the government. They are trying to control what we can say and can't say, what we can do and can't do on our own property and telling us what our children can and can't eat. They want to manipulate our behaviour so everyone is on THEIR level of thinking and you know what, they're achieving their goals and objectives. This bullshit and rubbish will continue to grow like a cancer and the government is a major component in the formula. I hope you can see where we are going.

The End

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