Monday, August 14, 2017

Monkey Business


Government isn't difficult to recognize. They develop hare-brained and foolish ideas and their decisions, actions and final results, most of the time are absolutely preposterous and costly to you and I. It's truly unacceptable and offensive how they waste our tax money (at all three levels) and increase and/or create new "charges", conning and deceiving us. When we talk about public safety, government should be 100% legitimate, valid and genuine and utilize sound judgment and basic common sense...they say they do, but it is quite obvious they don't.

I read an article in the Toronto Sun on July 8/17 about the payout terrorist Omar Khadr received ($10.5 million) from the federal government. Our teenage P.M. (Prime Minister) and his Liberal gang are an outright disgrace to Canada and humanity as a whole. Our heedless leader (who never worked a day in his life) is rewarding terrorists for their violent and barbaric behaviour.

It's his congenial way of showing hospitality towards religious fanatics who want to destroy our customs and traditions. Did I mention they're also devoted murderers and take absolute pleasure in killing innocent people. Our P.M. youngster (anyone want to take my picture) appears to have a real weakness and affection for these fuckers. Remember he reinstated convicted terrorist Zakaria Amara's Canadian citizenship in the spring of 2017. One of his 2015 election campaign promises was terrorists should keep their Canadian citizenship. To reinforce his statement an article in on Oct. 28/15 stated the lefty said terrorists should keep their Canadian citizenship even if they attack Canada. Can you believe this ludicrously and shameful attitude? But does it surprise me, not really because this is the ruler who said in 2013 he admires China's dictatorship and was very remorseful when President Fidel Castro I sensing Trudeau would love to regulate Canada under a dictatorship?

Before you Trudeau lovers start screaming at me, I am fully aware the Conservative government under P.M. Stephan Harper participated in a previous payout in 2007 to a Syrian-Canadian terrorist named Maher Arar...he was suing for $37 million and settled for $10.5 million.

Again, our so called Charter of Rights and Freedoms and legal system operates in many mysterious ways. The Toronto Sun also stated in a column by Candice Malcolm the Supreme Court decision about Khadr said it was up to the government to decide how best to respond to the the bleeding heart Liberals show warmth and love towards homicidal insurgents. It's extremely sad but increasingly sickening that Canadian soldiers who died and were injured in Afghanistan never came close to receiving a compensation package these fucking terrorists acquired.

Khadr sued the Canadian government for $20 million for violating his civil rights...unfavorably he was born in Toronto, Ontario so he is a Canadian citizen. My belief is elementary...a terrorist has no rights, everything is stripped, even their citizenship. You would think our "caring" Liberal boys and girls in Ottawa could legislate some sort of terrorist bill that would override these brutal fanatics rights. Yeah right, try telling that to Trudeau...he lives in a continuing fantasy world.

The rest of the world must really wonder about our justice system, especially when we deal with's very evident, it's a fucking joke. The payouts of Maher Arar in 2007, Omar Khadr in 2017 and reinstating convicted terrorist Zakaria Amara's Canadian citizenship in 2017 is downright disgraceful and disgusting. But the gang at the House of Commons thinks sickens me they're such forgiving advocates. They display shameful behaviour by rewarding these demons for their vicious behaviour. The entire terrorist regime must have a lengthy laugh at Canada. They probably admire this nation because they can always proceed with their violent beliefs...if caught they might be compensated, Canada cares for everyone.

Sadly though, not everyone. I read an article in the Toronto Sun on July 14/17 titled, "Canadian war vets fight for disability benefits while Omar Khadr counts his millions." The New Veteran Charter (N.V.C.) came into effect in 2006. It ended a practice of disabled soldiers receiving life long pensions which was replaced with a single settlement plan that resulted in many veterans receiving a fraction of what others received in the past. One of Trudeau's campaign promises was to change the N.V.C. for the betterment of disabled veterans but as usual he's done diddly-squat...doesn't surprise me. The Equitas Society (a watchdog group fighting for disabled veterans) says the government is haggling over compensation for disabled veterans.

The government says they have no social contract with veterans...make up and change the rules whenever it's suitable for the controllers. A social contract is an agreement between the people of the state and the government of the state. The first social contracts were written by philosophers John Locke (1632-1704) and Jean Jacques Rosseau (1712-1778). They saw good government coming from social contracts. I think it's quite apparent they only time government enjoys any social contract is when they benefit.

Some people may ask, do Canadian veterans deserve any compensation? There was no conscription (like the Vietnam War), our soldiers was their choice. True enough, BUT, first of all they placed their lives on the line trying to fight terrorism and keep us safe. Secondly they're employed by the federal government. Let's use a firefighter for an example. They volunteered for the job, no one forced them into that type of employment but if they are injured (doesn't matter the extent) he or she will be fully compensated. Again, dirty little tricks by the government.

As frightening and sadly it is, it's sage to say terrorism is alive and well in this country. Let's take a look at Rehab Dughmosh. This psychotic radical was charged by the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) with 21 terrorist related offenses while uttering death threats to customers at a Canadian Tire store in Scarborough (a borough of Toronto, Ontario) on June 3/16...she was equipped with a golf club, knife and bow. She has pledged allegiance to I.S.I.S. more than once and constantly says, "I don't believe in your laws."

She also stated in her latest court appearance "I meant to harm those people", regarding the Canadian Tire incident. On April 24/16 she left Canada for Syria to fight for I.S.I.S. but was detained in Turkey and was returned to Trudeau land...she was also charged with that journey. This deranged woman is extremely dangerous to society. The R.C.M.P. were investigating this lunatic and provided the citizenry with a "comforting" statement, "she is no outstanding risk to public safety"...are they sure they have the correct individual...what does it take to be classified as dangerous? It should be interesting to see what type of sentence she receives, or maybe she'll be awarded with some form of compensation.

The Trudeau crowd are terrorist sympathizers. They show compassion, tender-heartedness and kindness to these bloodthirsty extremists who CRAVE to destroy Canada. Sometimes I wonder if Justin actually jumped down the rabbit hole so he and Alice could take selfies together and he was hypnotized with the fantasy land and never came out of the trance.


It won't surprise me if this inappropriateness with terrorism continues. Trudeau and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale should resign immediately and never again enter the political theatre. I will put this quite simple, very clear and extremely straightforward, I'm absolutely ashamed to be a Canadian.

The End

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  1. Excellent rant. One of your best.

  2. I agree, excellent and should be published but the media
    in this country is also controlled by the system.
    every newspaper and channel should be called "Pravda"

  3. In war people get killed. To say that Omar is a terrorist for throwing a hand grenade and killing an American soldier is stupidity. Why this turned into a "civil issue" because his so called "Canadian rights" were violated by some Cdn burecrats while visiting him in a war prison is stupidity. Quite frankly the 15 year old new what he was doing when he threw the grenade. He should have been left to rot in his cell. Other questions left unanswered is what were American soldiers or for that matter Canadian soldiers doing in Afghanistan? Promoting democracy....more stupidity. As you have stated well Mr. Puritan government constantly fucks things up and this is a lot deeper than we all think.


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