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Anger, Depression, and Despair Sinks in thanks to Government/Uber Collaboration
Health Canada says Arsenic in Cigarettes, Bad - Arsenic in

[Note: Just a little thing I wrote a few years ago in an attempt to expose the mendacity employed by busybody activists and opportunistic governments along with all of their rent seeking allies.

When I first posted this I realized that I was not 100% sure of my calculations since i was rather rusty on the chemistry so I invited readers to challenge my calculations. So far, no one has. 1 - (I know, I know.... i have no "readers," therefore, no one has read it.... therefore, of course, he he, no one has "refuted," me.) 2 - (I am quite certain that errors are present, however, even to the extent they are, the orders of magnitude involved, I believe, still render my argument sound.)]

January 25, 2011.

"Food contains arsenic. A rat poison."
Are Canadians Really as Stupid as their Government Thinks They Are

How long are they going to let their governments insult their intelligence?

Line-Up Phobia There is a new form of mental disorder that seems to be spreading rapidly. Have you noticed it? Go to a nearby Tim Horton's or MacDonald's, or similar venue and you have a good chance of seeing this disorder in practice. The other day, when I went to pay for a couple of items at a local Dollarama, I observed another example of this phenomenon. A lady was standing at the checkout having her goods tallied. I was third in line. The second person in the line was standing about 16 feet away from the first person. If not for the fact that we were standing in a narrow aisle stocked with last-minute items, it would have been impossible to determine whether this person was actually in line, or just loitering. In a saner time, I would have politely asked the woman in front of me if she was in line, and if not, would she kindly excuse me for walking around her. But these are not sane times. I have to admit, I was annoyed by this behavior. Maybe it's a sign of age. …
Do Bike Lanes Save the Planet? Cannon St. Bike Lanes Analysis Purpose: To examine whether the theory that reducing the efficiency of traffic flow can be reasonably expected to have an impact upon the Earth's changing climate. Basis: These are estimates derived from quick Google searches. They are designed to generate some ball-park numbers to determine whether the vehicle exclusion lanes along Cannon St. E., from Sherman Ave to Hess St., are actually saving the planet, (Assuming the AGW hypothesis is not a hoax.) Traffic volume on Cannon St. East: minimum 9,000 vehicles per day
Excessive vehicular idling as a result of bike lanes: 1 minute per vehicle per trip (derived from experience)
Amount of CO2 emitted during politically induced idling: 69 g/min
Length of bike lanes (Sherman to Hess): 3 Km
Number of crack-head bicycle trips per day: 550
Total number of bicycle trips per day: 600
Average CO2 emitted by cyclist: 21 g/Km
Average CO2 emitted by moving vehicle: 185 g/Km
It Ain't Always what you Say I know this isn't supposed to be funny, but Gerald had me giggling all through it. Perhaps my jocular interpretation of much of this presentation reveals a certain crudity on my part, but I can't deny that his expressions closely mirror my own in response to much of what I see, or read, from "respectable" news sources, and the crud most politicians usually spew. Besides, if I want to laugh, my last resort these days, is to watch so-called comedians. I tried that about a year, or so ago. I tried to watch five or six stand-up comedy shows on Netfix. They were all puke, especially Amy Schumer (gag.) They weren't funny. And in the case of Amy Schumer, they weren't even remotely funny. The best kind of laugh is one that happens unexpectedly because someone says something, or does something that just makes you blurt out a chuckle or a guffaw. Lionel is good at that. Most will probably not see the humor I see, any more than I s…
My Encounter with an Uber Cab Driver I had an encounter with an Uber cabbie this morning. When I pulled into the parking lot at the front of my townhouse complex, I noticed this guy sitting in a small, Uber-like car, staring at this dash-mounted smart-phone, and looking confused. He was sitting in front of unit #1. I got out of my car and started walking toward my own unit which is also numbered. It's not a gigantic complex, so in my simple, low-tech, cab driver's mind, I figure that if you are looking for a unit number at an address, the first thing you should do is look at the number on the unit. If that number is "1" the next thing you do is look at the number on the next unit. Often, though not always, that number is either a "2" or a "3" depending upon the numbering format. In my complex, the next number is "2" and so on. For a taxi driver that information can be critical. So this guy looks up at me as I am walking by, and ask…