Saturday, June 24, 2017

It's Difficult To Wave The Flag


I must admit we do have some conditions to be thankful for in our liberal state of Canada. We're not a war torn nation. We don't have terrorists targeting our cities...yet. A high majority of citizens live a seemingly decent lifestyle and the country is basically free from disease, famine and natural disasters.

However, I believe a lot of people have the same opinion as I do. Most of the time, all three levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) are thieving bandits. They are very dishonest, irresponsible and certainly enjoy dipping into our pockets...I call it government behaving disgracefully.

This spurious carbon tax (the actual tax isn't fake, it's real) in my opinion is a deceiving scam and nothing more than an enormous tax grab (more like a theft grab) from who else but our Liberal government...but we must remember they care so much about us, especially our children.

Our adolescent Prime Minister adores, and is "devoted" to his fellow Canadians but also to everyone as he said in a Toronto Sun article on April 21/17, "to those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canada will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength." I haven't any idea how diversity is our strength. The country's strength comes from people who own businesses and companies and from the folks who work hard for a living but Trudeau wouldn't know about that...he never worked a day in his life, and let's not forget guys and gals, he's never met a camera he didn't like..."won't you smile for the camera."

Our teenage big cheese undeniably advertised the country's open door policy on immigration with his diversity statement, and he doesn't care about the safety of Canadians and the security of the is proof. An article in the Toronto Sun May 25/17 titled "Canada has dozens of jihadists walking free, yet authorities won't charge them." The story stated there could be over one hundred jihadis because the heads of our security agencies say so. They have compiled lists, they have the names and have a sense where the radicals are but won't do anything about it.

Which brings me to another point. I was totally appalled when I read our proprietor awarded a terrorist with a Canadian citizenship. I believe it was in all the newspapers but my reference was written in The fanatic's name is Zakaria Amara and he is serving a life sentence (yea, right a life sentence)...he was convicted of terrorism. He came to Canada as a teenager and became a Canadian citizen. This is what the fucker had planned for innocent Canuks: detonate bombs downtown Toronto, co-ordinate shooting sprees at the C.B.C. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and the T.S.E. (Toronto Stock Exchange), planned to siege Parliament Hill in Ottawa, carry out executions and beheadings of politicians including PM (Prime Minister) Stephen Harper.

Under PM Harper this blood thirsty inhuman madman Amara's Canadian citizenship was terminated forever and after he had served his sentence he would be deported. But along came our bleeding heart Liberal crusader (you know him, the guy who's never worked a day in his life and is the ruler of Canada) and he reinstated the psychopath's citizenship. This mother fucker maniac wanted to kill a multitude of innocent our golden boy PM (who lived the life of Riley all of his life) exhibiting delusional behaviour?..I find his decision completely outrageous and disgusting.

Then we have the problem with the illegal border crossings that Trudeau and his gang don't have a clue on how to deal with, or maybe they do but they don't care. An article in the Toronto Sun March 17/17 stated Trudeau lifted the visa requirement for Mexican travelers in Dec. 2016 against the wishes of some immigration and border security experts. Since the new year, hundreds of Mexicans have been taking advantage of Canada's generous asylum program...of course they are, why wouldn't they? Remember, diversity is what makes Canada strong, not hard working Canadians.

The penalties for violent crimes in Canada is, putting it mildly, a fucking may recall my rant on Nov. 8/15 titled "Meet the Devil." Some vicious criminals don't serve their entire sentence because of an absolutely ridiculous title called Statutory Release Law. As soon as these criminals set foot inside prison, one-third of their sentence is automatically reduced.

How many time have we heard pedophiles, savage sex offenders and violent criminals are released from prison and living in half way houses...shadowing their prey very easily. Again Liberal thinking ass backwards...more caring about the offender than actual public safety, SHAMEFUL!!

We have read about our military over the years and I think we all agree it's inadequate...unquestionably no disrespectfulness whatsoever to the men and women who serve, or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Years ago I read a very agreeable book titled "The Trouble With Canada" by William D. Gairdner Ph.D. Many of his points I found interesting, one in particular he stated, "beginning in the 1970's Canada abandoned it's historical foundations and fell under the spell of socialism." Looking at that comment forty plus years later, I think it's safe to say we are our brothers keeper.

Getting back to our military, Mr. Gairdner stated one of the real functions of government is to provide an armed forces for the protection of the country's citizens against foreign invaders...undoubtedly I concur. But for some mystifying reason our "commander" ignores our essential safety.

An article in the C.B.C. news on March 22/17 was about the 2017 Federal Liberal Budget, specifically the defence budget. It stated billions in defence equipment purchases were postponed until the 2030's...a fair chunk of change, $8.4 billion. These Liberals are promising to put the money back and spend it somehow over the next twenty years...are we really suppose to believe that tale?

So they want to save the money...SAVE IT FOR WHAT? Do these outrageous keepers of the state realize evil lurks and there are fucking lunatic such as North Korea's Kim Jung Un and I.S.I.S. who have a thirst for annihilating western civilization. Maybe Trudeau wants to welcome these people (who, by the way, want to kill us) with open arms into their Liberal fairy tale...L.O.L., we must remember "diversity is our strength."

I was extremely annoyed and angered (like many other Canadians) when our "loving, passionate" and "devoted" Justin expressed his sorrow and mournfulness towards the death of Cuban President Fidel Castro. He stated Castro was a larger than life figure and a legendary orator. Here we go again, Trudeau living in his own little fantasy world.

I couldn't believe our naïve PM refers to this tyrant like a popular and likable saint. Castro was an evil dictator ruling a communist state. He was a mass murderer and created brutal oppression, persecution, despotism, subjugation, and maltreatment among the Cuban people...supremely disgraceful on Junior's behalf.

We always hear about politicians saying Canada is a caring nation, but do we ever see THEM provide their own money or homes for refugees. Don't you find it strange Trudeau and Wynne preaching the Syrian refugee crisis like a Mississippi Baptist minister spreading the work of God, but neither of our two "thoughtful" and "considerate" Liberals offered their personal assistance or help (money and/or shelter) to the refugees. We may be a caring nation but the reason for that is the politicians manipulate our way of thinking and THEY receive all the glory and credit.

Remember all those years we were ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN to watch the American Super Bowl commercials during the game. Some how that has changed now and we've been given the honour and privilege to see the American commercials, however the Canadian way of competing still occurs. I always pondered when I'm watching a U.S. (United States) program on an American television station, I see Canadian commercials. This is a form of Canadian competition provided by the C.R.T.C. (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) and is called simultaneous substitution.

It's an American signal replaced with a Canadian signal. According to our supposedly impartial (I see them as a dictatorship) C.R.T.C. the reasons are to protect the rights of broadcasters, to promote local broadcasting and creation and to keep advertising dollars in Canada. As far as I'm concerned this is, as usual, extremely underhanded and devious trickery from the government. Think about it, it's total control by the government, telling us what we can and cannot watch, forcing us to view what the state thinks is good for our minds and wallets.

I will use this prime example. "The Price Is Right" is broadcast on C.B.S. Detroit and City-TV Toronto each week day at 11:00 AM. I select to watch the show on C.B.S. Detroit but I have to view Canadian commercials...the reason, simultaneous substitution, the product of the C.R.T.C. Here's my objection and gripe. If I want to watch Canadian commercials I'll tune into City-TV and if I decide to watch American commercials I should have the choice to do so...but I don't have any say in the matter. Again, government regulation and restriction...the vomitous undertaking of the C.R.T.C. has always infuriated me and it certainly seems it hasn't changed.

It always amazes me why it's so expensive to eat out at restaurants. Earlier this year my E.A. (Executive Assistant) and myself treated her parents for was her mother's birthday. We ate at the Symposium Restaurant located on Rymal Road East, Stoney Creek mountain. Her folks had omelettes and we had hamburgers, hers with fries and mine with soup. Beverages included ice tea, coffee, water and get this, a four ounce glass of orange juice that cost $4.25. The final bill for our simple and straight forward chow was seventy dollars. Why is it when we see American family restaurants advertising their "grub" they cater to the consumer at a much cheaper price and the same of more quantity such as establishments like Applebee's, Bob Evans, Denney's, Longhorn Steakhouse and Perkins?

As usual our governments enjoy controlling us and in this case it's the federal supply management policies, better known as marketing boards. The Supply Management controls (there's that word again) the price of milk, cheese, butter, eggs, chicken and turkey and are a shared jurisdiction between the Federal and Provincial governments. That's the reason why my E.A. paid thirty-six dollars for an Easter Butterball turkey of just under fifteen pounds...fucking absurd.

I read an article in Dec.23/14 titled "The Real Reason Canadians Pay Higher Prices Than Americans For The Same Products." Besides explaining Supply Management the article also mentioned another interesting point why we get defrauded. Economist Ross Mikitrick found for large industrial users, electricity rates in Chicago, Illinois were 6.12 cents per kilowatt hour. Rates in Toronto, Ontario were double that figure and blames Ontario's rising electricity costs due to ill advised and expense feed-in tariffs for wind power and other expensive types of electricity...that was three years ago and the Liberals are "still putting it to us."

I read a very thought provoking and informative story in the Toronto Sun on June 9/17 titled, "Think June 9 is too late for tax freedom day? Just wait." The article was written by Charles Lamman, Director of Fiscal Studies and Miloagros Palacios, Senior Economist at the Fraser Institute. The feature was about the extortion, oh, I meant to say taxation in Canada.

Tax Freedom Day was developed by the Fraser Institute and is the day you start working for yourself. Prior to that day all the money you earned was taken by all three levels of government. The average Canadian family with two or more people will pay $47,135 in total taxes, 43% of their $108,674 annual income...this is highway robbery. Governments are spending $41 billion more than the taxes we currently, tax, tax, these crafty so called managers enjoy the wonder it's hard to get ahead.

McGuilty and Mommy Wynne's track records are far from mediocre, in fact they're disgusting: putting people's lives at risk during the winter on highways, giving OUR MONEY to teacher's unions, increasing and creating new taxes and we can't forget about the Ontario debt that continues to escalate and the scandals they produced were underhanded, corrupt and scheming...a couple of Liberal soundrels.

The rant wouldn't be complete without telling you how my City of Hamilton, Ontario Councilors mismanage our tax money. Senseless spending on bike lanes, two-way conversions and pedestrian crossovers and other idiotic projects but avoiding paying strict attention to public safety and infrastructure.

Some folks may be saying, well Puritan you're so negative on this country why don't you pack up your bags and move to your perfect kingdom. At 63 years of age it's not that easy to relocate especially when most countries are melting in to a Liberal cesspool.


There are plenty state of affairs at all three levels of government that are ill-advised, improper, undesirable or plainly said, WRONG. If these ludicrous "leaders" don't start making adjustments and reorganize their asinine spending this nation will proceed to decay...we might be on our way now. Canada is preparing to celebrate it's 150th birthday and numerous individuals will be partying and paying tribute to their homeland. In spite of all the hoopla, it's no big deal to's just another day.

The End

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  1. Great blog posting. I thoroughly enjoyed how you summed up the problems we are facing in this disarray of a country we are in and how ignorant and arrogant our government officials are both provincially and federally. Not only do our leaders need to stop this lunacy now but the fellow citizens of Canada ought to stand up and say enough is enough and take action if you know what I mean. I'm with you,I used to be proud of the country we live in, don't get me wrong I like being surrounded by people who desire the same thing I want, to live in a civil society where the rule of law is respected and the bodies of government are not the master of all. They ought to be for the people, their actions only cause tremendous harm. Their function needs to be the bare minimal, certainly working in the best interests in protecting from foreigner invaders. I agree with you that there is nothing that gets me excited at this time in regards to Canada's 150th. It's being so pushed everywhere I go and it saddens me that the authentic look of many marketable items is gone. I remember wearing a centennial maple leaf shirt when I was a little girl and for awhile I was proud to call myself a Canadian. It's undecided for me whether to celebrate that day. I will probably only be reflecting on the days gone past and that will somewhat make everything okay.

    Have a Happy Dominion Day!


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