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The Green Bubble Will Never Burst


Once upon a time there were Conservatives and Liberals. They would constantly quarrel and argue and oppose each other's ideologies. Then one day a new movement was born...crusaders called environmentalists. They hail from various backgrounds including welfare, unemployment, blue and white collar positions and even actors. Their primary principle is to save the planet from (so called) human destruction...for some, it is a supreme obsession. They object to technology that creates advantage and comfort to the populace. These reformers are extremely annoying and can be dangerous to people's every day lives.

Everyone has the right to form their own beliefs and voice their opinions. However, the sickening thought of environmentalists is how they persuade and convince politicians with their "green" convictions. What is even more putrid, is how most politicians jump on the band wagon and wave the Green Panther Flag.

One ruler that enters my mind is Ontario Premiere Mommy Wynne. I say Mommy because we all know how deeply she cares about Ontarians, just like her predecessor, Dalton "McGuilty"...they remind me of a loving father and mother couple. Mommy is so passionately concerned about the environment, she and her Liberal regime decided to fabricate, unleash and enforce a brand spanking new tax on Ontario tax officially commenced Jan. 1/17...Happy New Year.

Mommy and her flock call it a cap and trade or better known as a carbon tax. She slapped an additional 4.3 cents a litre on gasoline and folks who use natural gas to heat their homes will have $6.70 added to their monthly bill...we all know the latter is will be a much higher cost...but Mommy loves us.

Meanwhile this hypocritical thief (most politicians are) is chauffeured to numerous locations throughout Ontario in a S.U.V. (Sport Utility Vehicle) Chevrolet Suburban which is equipped with a gas guzzling V-8 about deceiving, but let's not forget she is a politician, a Liberal...Mommy knows best.

I continually ask myself what did we do (as tax payers) to deserve this repulsive thievery? We didn't commit any heinous crime...we've been good little boys and girls for why are we punished?

We shouldn't forget how this scam will affect the economy of Ontario. I wonder if it will be feasible for new companies to invest in "Mommy's World"? One thing is certain, existing businesses will pass on their tax increase to the consumer...more money out of our pockets.

Despite all that, there are some enterprises that don't have to play by Mommy's rules. According to the Hamilton Spectator, Dec. 29/16, Essar Steel Algoma Inc. in Sault Ste. Marie, Vales Canada nickel refinery in Sudbury, Petro Canada Lubricants in Mississauga and the Imperial Oil chemical plant in Sarnia have allocations.

Glen Murray, the Environment and Climate Change Minister, said these companies have made significant reductions already and need time to invest in new technology. Another reason was to protect Ontario jobs...why don't I believe this Liberal?

Murray also stated, Ontario "hopes to raise" $1.9 billion a year and $8 billion by the end of 2020 from this rip-off. Don't you "love" the phrase "hopes to raise" should be reworded with the real meaning, hopes to steal.

This is the section of the article which I found hilarious. They (Liberals) promise to spend all of their tax theft on programs that reduce emissions and help businesses and consumers adapt to a low carbon economy. Now this following statement wins the cigar...Murray also said the $8 billion will be going back into the lives and pockets of Ontarians. The Mountain News, Dec. 28/16, proclaimed the proceeds from the cap and trade program will be deposited into a new Greenhouse Gas Reduction Account.

If anyone believes this typical Liberal deception (remember when McGuinty introduced his Harmonized Sales Tax in 2010 and stated the tax would create hundreds of thousands of jobs?) where OUR money is headed towards? I know a lovely piece of land in Lake Okenfenokee, Florida and the Louisiana Bayou selling at a very cheap price.

Did you notice Murray's portfolio title has something added to it. It use to be plain and simple, Environment Minister but now it's Environment and Climate Change Minister...the rubbish never stops with these Liberals.

I'm not a physicist or scientist. In fact any form of science was an extremely complicated and a weak subject of mine while I was attending elementary and secondary school. My Grade 8 science teacher also knew my lack of knowledge of the discipline when I wrote a perfect score on a ten question quiz. He placed it in a nut shell and said, "when a guy like Harvenut Puritan gets ten out of ten on a science test, something is wrong somewhere"...I just happened to have the answers prior to the test.

I've never been a supporter of this so called Global Warming, or new age name Climate Change. To be truthful, I have been very ignorant on this phenomenon but after researching the subject I have a firm belief this Climate Change nonsense is nothing more than a con ingenious method for our governments to bleed MORE money from tax payers.

Elmer Beauregard who writes for wrote an open letter to U.S (United States) President Elect Donald Trump on Dec. 12/16 about the climate scam. Mr. Beauregard stated the U.S. spends billions of dollars annually on Global Warming but researchers only receive money if their study supports Climate Change.

He also said 99% of all scientists don't believe in Global Warming. His figures show that 31,487 scientists disagree with climate change and 375 agree. The names of scientists that oppose have their names on a petition. An article in on Sept. 2/16 also stated more than 31,000 American scientists (to date) challenge climate change. Mr. Beauregard also wrote an interesting fact, Aug. 6/15, that all of mankind is only responsible for 3% of CO2 emissions annually...mother nature produces 97%.

On May 31/16 Larry Bell, a professor of Space Architecture at the University of Houston, wrote a column for, and stated the polar bear populations are at a record high and the Antarctic ice mass has been steadily growing.

He also mentioned a fact I found truly fascinating. The U.N. (United Nations) Climate Chief Christina Figueres candidly remarked the true aim of the Paris Climate Conference (Nov. 30 - Dec. 12/15) was to change the capitalist economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years...I'm detecting a sense of communism from Figueres' statement.

An article in, titled "Providing Insight Into Climate Change" - myths and facts, stated there has been no warming in the Arctic region since 2015 and current temperatures are the same as they were in 1943. The report also said ice cap thickness in Greenland and Antarctic are increasing.

A feature in, June 9/15 wrote John Coleman (co-founder of the Weather Channel) had stated Global Warming is the greatest scam in history and he continued to say the theory of man made Climate Change was no longer scientifically credible.

Mark Hendrickson, a contributor of had his article featured on Sept. 16/12 stating most of the carbon emissions are due to water vapor and factors outweigh CO2 in the global temperature including variations in solar systems and changes in the earth's orbit and axis.

He also stated during the cap and trade debates of 2009, America's CO2 emission reductions would shave a few hundredths of a degree off future temperatures. His article continued to say the U.N. published an estimated total planetary cost that could reach $552 trillion.

A story in on Oct. 7/16 said N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics Space Administration) declared 2014 to be the hottest year on record, despite they were only 38% sure about it...the latter was left out of their press release...I wonder why they did that?

A piece in wrote about Mr. Environment himself, Al Gore, on Nov. 2/16. Their article expressed, since he embarked on his crusade his wealth has grown from $2 million in 2001 to $100 million in 2016 - largely due to investments into fake green tech companies and the effective embezzlement of numerous grants and loans. Very crafty but we all know individuals make millions of dollars from war, so why not do the same from this dishonest trickery.

You have just read some facts that Climate Change is a myth. I ask you, what would these websites and writers have to benefit and gain if their information, simply speaking, was a bunch of lies...I think they're stating the truth...the real truth. People will still believe Global Warming is a serious problem because the government has brainwashed countless citizens that Climate Change is a massive and crucial issue.

I was always under the assumption dinosaurs perished in the ice age. Regardless, I unearthed some theories on the death of dinosaurs, one in particular. The following is from, "Why Did Dinosaurs Die Out".

Father and son scientists Luis (an inventor and pioneer in the field of radiation and nuclear research and a 1968 Nobel Prize winning physicist, 1911-1988) and Walter Alvarez (1940) discovered a very rare metal called iridium (commonly found in meteorites) in the 1980's. They claimed it was deposited after a large meteor, comet or asteroid collided with the earth's surface that destroyed the dinosaurs population...initially their theory didn't fly.

However, in 1991 iridium was found by scientists in a massive meteor crater, 110 miles in diameter, on the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula extending into the Gulf of Mexico. It was given the name the Chicxulob crater.

Scientists believe it was 6 miles in diameter, struck earth at 40,000 miles an hour and released 2 million times more energy than the most powerful nuclear bomb detonated. The heat would have broiled the earth's surface, ignited wildfires world wide, and plunged the planet into darkness. Miles high tsunamis would have washed over the continents, drowning many forms of life. Shock waves would have initiated earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. On March 4/10 a panel of 41 scientists agreed the Chicxulob asteroid impact triggered the mass extinction.

You may be asking yourself, why is Puritan talking about dinosaurs? I find that theory very feasible and it genuinely intrigues me. There are many unanswered questions and unexplained happenings that occur in the solar system. If this so called climate change is transpiring at all, maybe it isn't man made's resulting from space and it's beyond human control. Five will get you ten N.A.S.A. and our governments know a lot more than they'll ever reveal to the regular population.

The Industrial Revolution had outstanding economic growth characterized by the introduction of power driven machinery...machines replaced human labour, and over the years technology progressed and thrived. However, some people aren't fond of progression and advancement...they completely disapprove of technological development...these people are called environmentalists.

The automobile is a classic example. The way I see it, Ontario cities, specifically Hamilton where I live, frown on the automobile...I constantly see the wasteful spending by bureaucrats producing gridlock and enormous stress for drivers.

I recall a high school acquaintance who became an environmentalist a few years after his graduation. He was in disagreement with the automobile. He passed away at a young age. His death was ironic...he died in a car accident...R.I.P. and God rest your soul.

I remember listening to Toronto, Ontario radio station CHUM.FM (104.5) in the 1990's. The D.J. (disc jockey) was dwelling about how bad automatic garage door openers were for the environment. During his earthy pep talk he said, if someone has a bad back it's quite appropriate (for him or her) to use the device. On the flip side, he stated a healthy person should open their door manually.

Here's a busy-body telling people what they should and shouldn't sickens me. It's called easy and effortless way of life, but environmentalists find that almost intolerable. Hopefully he received numerous phone calls from his listeners and was told to stop preaching his foolish green nonsense.

Then we have meddlers who condemn gas powered snow blowers. If they want to shovel snow after and accumulation of 6,8,10 inches or more, all the power to you, so be it, but don't whine and cry because you've injured your back or even more serious, suffered a heart attack.

Some of these "save the earth people" will argue that electric snow blowers work just as well as gas operated units...putting it bluntly, electric snow blowers are a pain in the ass. The cord is extremely bothersome, limited snow can be cleared, the engine can short out and we all know water and electricity don't mix.

Battery operated blowers are just as inadequate. The battery time is limited, batteries are expensive and once again, snow removal is restricted.

I enjoy helping out my neighbours after a snow storm. I usually clean six sidewalks and three driveways. It would be impossible for me to complete my obliging tasks using and electric or battery operated appliance. I wonder why contractors use gas powered machines. Overall, it is very straight forward, the gas powered units are more sensible and functional.

My neighbour travels 35 km (one way) to work everyday. During winter months he activates his electric car starter (he doesn't have a garage) so when it's time for him to journey and earn a living his vehicle is warm and comfortable. I'm sure the green people would object to the idling, meanwhile the bureaucrats who attempt to manage Hamilton, Ontario have created unnecessary and escalating amounts of vehicle idling because of their installations of foolish and pointless bike lanes and 2-way conversions...political hypocrisy at it's best.

Many actors have attached themselves to the environmental parade. One in particular is Jane Fonda. On Jan. 11/17 the Toronto Star reported she arrived in Canada to bitch and complain about our teenage Prime Minister's decision on approval of two oil and sand pipeline projects.

Let's rewind this spoiled brat's outlandish behavior for a moment. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and has made millions of dollars from acting and her various enterprises. She was also married to billionaire Ted Turner (1938- ) for 20 years.

In 1972 she visited Hanoi North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. She was given the nickname "Hanoi Jane". There are numerous pictures of this bleeding heart Liberal fraternizing with North Vietnamese military and government officials. One photo that received utmost publicity was when she was sitting on an anti-aircraft gun. She was also very direct stating that American P.O.W.'s (prisoners of war) were being treated fairly and humane.

Throughout her life she has spread her views on socialism and communism, but undoubtedly loved her capitalistic lifestyle...sounds like a politician. I have a suggestion for "Hanoi Jane"...criticize on what happens in your own backyard and never, never, ever set foot on Canadian soil again...NEVER...we have enough idiots in Canada.


According to China and the U.S. are leaders in producing all CO2 emissions, 28% and 16% respectively...Canada is a mere 1.6, so why are our teenage Prime Minister and Mommy Wynne ramming their carbon tax down Ontarians throats? It's plain and clear another Liberal tax's what they do best, a very clever scheme to rob tax payers of their earnings. I will never be persuaded this climate change ordeal is real and more importantly factual. Nevertheless, as long as there are Liberals and environmentalists they will always be dipping into our pockets and attempting to control our lives into their 18th century thinking...there is no escaping these bandits and trouble makers. What's next, a new tax every time we cough or blow our nose?

The End

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Puritan will return with The Stars Above

Editor's Note

I, Uncle Block, was also in Mr. Puritan's science class at the time that the cheating on the test occurred, and I can testify to the accuracy of Mr. Puritan's report. I still chuckle when I recall that episode.

It reminds me of the time I inadvertently exposed some students in my organic chemistry class who had falsified their lab reports. (Mohawk College - Chemical Engineering Technician Program - 1981-1983)

It started when I noticed a flaw in the theory, or the math, that our teacher, Mrs. Aktar, had presented as the basis of the experiment. (I can't remember the details, this was almost 35 years ago. Mrs. Aktar was a decent, intellectually honest person.) I realized that something was off, and that the actual expected result from the lab experiment, as written, would be out by one or more orders of magnitude.

I recall debating the issue with her for most of the lab period, instead of working on the experiment. Back and forth we went. She would present her case, I would present mine. In the end, it turned out to be one of those rare occasions where I happened to be correct. All of a sudden, as if a switch had been flicked, she understood the error.

The next part was the funny part. All of a sudden, a look of anger came across her face. Then she marched over to her desk, where the completed lab reports had been piled, and fished out the reports that had already been submitted, and which she had given a high mark to, crossed out the previously assigned mark, and wrote a large "Zero" on them.

Once she understood the error, she also realized that these students could not possibly have obtained their results if they had actually performed the experiment as prescribed. It became clear to her, that they had not even bothered to perform the experiment, opting instead, to simply invent some numerical results that conformed to the erroneous theory.

At first I felt bad that my badgering had resulted in the exposure of these fake scientists. But then, I thought, fuck 'em, they got what they deserved. And the whole comedy of errors gave me a good laugh.

After reading Mr. Puritan's rant, I recalled this experience with a new perspective.

What if this kind of scientific cheating is not limited to the shenanigans of a couple of pot-heads in Mrs. Aktar's 1983 Organic Chemistry class?

Their motive was to attain a high mark. Their method was to steal it, rather than earn it.

What about all of the government money that has been sloshing around over the last three decades in pursuit of an answer to the question of man made global warming, subsequently recycled into the bet-hedging "climate change" meme? How much of that slush fund was made available to the skeptics, (nil?), vs. the fear-mongers?

If there were any incentive to cheat, would it have come from the skeptics? Or from those who knew that the grant money would abundantly flow into the pockets of those students who would plug the right numbers into the reports, thus assuring more government money, and more justification for criminals like Al Gore and Kathleen Wynne (and so on, and so on, ... ) to expand their power and influence over people's lives?

(Not to mention their own financial, and career security.)

I've been a "climate denier" since day one of this malicious hoax. I knew it was bullshit, not because I was up to date on the "science," but because I understood only too well what happens when crypto-communist politicians are given leeway to decide what kind of "science" shall receive the most enthusiastic support from conniving politicians whose true motives are not the truth, but their own base ambitions.

If politics were not so corrupt, the majority of the population would be able to enjoy the innocent pleasures of life without having to look over their shoulders to dodge the unwanted advances of the politicians who only want to fuck them.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Change Up


As usual, like millions of other people I watched the 2017 Red Carpet Pre-Game Show of the Academy Awards. It's the event before the actual awards are presented. I enjoy seeing the actors looking debonair and especially the actresses wearing their luxurious wardrobes, glittering jewellery and lavish hairstyles. I didn't stay awake for the entire awards show so I missed a large segment of some of the presentations including the Best Picture. When I did find out what movie had prevailed, I was very confused.

We are creatures of habit. If you're like me you have a regular routine when you awaken in the morning...mine and yours are probably like clockwork. I sit in front of the television with a black cup of coffee and a plastic bottle of tap water and view the sports highlights from the previous day and/or night. A while later I will proceed to our computer. Because I was very curious and eager about the Best Picture winner I googled the Academy Awards before reading my regular websites.

Considering "La, La Land" was nominated for 14 awards (the most ever) I thought the film would've had an excellent possibility of winning Best Picture. When I did read the winner I was surprised and truly puzzled..."Moonlight" had won Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

My E.A. (Executive Assistant) and I had a dry spell last year watching movies at the theatre. In fact we didn't see any of the films that were nominated for Best Picture. Five will get you ten "Moonlight" is a superb and outstanding motion picture but the reason I'm perplexed is I've always been under the assumption when a movie wins Best Picture it should also be victorious in other categories such as Cinematography, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Original Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Film Editing and especially Director.

I'm certainly not a Hollywood expert but wouldn't you conclude if a movie wins Best Picture it should also win Best Director. I find it extremely difficult to understand how a film can win Best Picture but not Best Director. It bewilders me even more when a director will win for his/her achievement for directing but not triumph for their movie as "La, La Land" director Damien Chazelle experienced. It's happened before but very, very's extremely uncommon. Take a look at a high majority of Best Picture winners over the years and you will see the director and other technical categories as award winners for that film.

During the Red Carpet Pre-Game Show one of the hosts mentioned the Academy (the full name is the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences) changed the rules this year because they wanted more diversity within the categories, specifically Best Picture and acting. The way I decode that is, not necessarily the best will win.

You may remember the controversial 2016 Academy Awards. The Afro-Americans were vastly upset and angry because they felt their achievements were misrepresented and had a lack of nominations. So, in 2017, the Academy Awards had a switch over. Three movies about Afro-American lives were nominated for Best Picture, two Afro-American males were nominated for Best Actor and three Afro-American females were nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

I'm by no means a racist. I've always been a firm believer, hire the best and if the product or service is good people will come...maybe I still live in that perfect world of mine.

Personally, I think the diversity idea and concern is unnecessary. There's plenty of gifted, talented and accomplished Afro-American male and female actors...Denzel Washington is one of the best. Spike Lee is supreme in his field of directing...two of my favourite movies of his are "Inside Man" 2006 and "Oldboy" 2013.

The movie "Hidden Figures" was nominated for Best Picture in 2017. It's based on a true story about three Afro-American female mathematicians working for N.A.S.A. (National Aeronautics Space Administration) in 1961. Octavio Spencer (who portrayed one of the women and was also a nominee for Best Supporting Actress) stated in a Red Carpet Pre-Game Show interview the movie is a true story and should be known.

I agree, 100% whole heartedly with Ms. Spencer. It's an important part of history...just not Afro-American history but American history as a whole. The movie illustrates a genuine and factual account how these ladies contributed to the United States space program during a time of racial discrimination and tension. A fantastic spectacle of patriotism and loyalty but is the movie worthy of a Best Picture nomination?


Don't you find it odd we don't see diversity in professional sports. It sounds to me Hollywood is spinning into a portion of a whirlwind. They have certainly succeeded with their mandate of more diversity, at least for these Academy Awards. I just wonder if the movie "Titanic" 1997 would have won Best Picture if it was released in 2016.

The End

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Puritan will return with "The Green Bubble Will Never Burst"

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