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I have a loved who has been targeted by one of the ACTION teams the Spec article talks about. The table below contains a rundown of the fines he got over a period of time. In 2010 he was 17 years old. In 2010 he became the victim of a serious illness. Notices of Fines and Offence Dates from the Ontario Court of Justice

DateOffenceAmt. Due.Total

March 31, 2010LIQUOR ILLEGAL PLACE$130.00$130.00March 31, 2010UNDER 19 YEARS HAVE LIQUOR$130.00$260.00March 31, 2010SOLICIT NEAR TRANSIT STOP$70.00$330.00April 6, 2010ENTER PREM WHEN PROH$70.00$400.00April 10, 2010ENTER PREM WHEN PROH$70.00$470.00October 4, 2010ENGAGE IN PROHIBITED ACTIVITY$70.00$540.00November 8, 2010SOLICIT NEAR PUB. TRANSIT STOP$70.00$610.00July 22, 2012SOLICIT NEAR VEH/IN PARKING LOT$70.00$680.00November 15, 2012ENGAGE IN PROHIBITED ACTIVITY$70.00