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During a thunderstorm, lightning struck a 100-year-old oak tree. The tree snapped in half onto a citizen's home. Damage to the house was extensive, the tree collapsed the residence into a bomb had exploded. Fortunately, no one was inside a the time. When the homeowner finally arrived and saw his home ruined he was absolutely devastated and traumatized. His neighbour proceeded to console him.

Homeowner (horrified, shocked) - "Oh my God, look at my house, it's fucking destroyed." Neighbour (sad) - "Take it easy, your home can be rebuilt but look at the unfortunate tree".

We all have our favourite colour...I cherish navy blue. However, it appears all three levels of Government and these meddlesome environmentalists want to manipulate everyone to become attached to their beloved

Over the years I have noticed a considerable amount of businesses in and around Hamilton, Ontario that incorporate the word green on their companies name, logo or motto. The outfit who picks up our garbage is called Green For Life.

A lot of gardening and landscaping establishments fancy the word green on their firm's names such as Green Collar, Green Home, Green Lawn, Greentario, Greenview and Heritage Green. Maybe the logic for that marketing strategy is it will attract and captivate the public because of the propelling force of the environment faction and if society observes the word green on their vehicles or advertising, the company will perform a superior, top quality green job compared to an operation called Block and Puritan Landscaping.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I read articles in City News - Breakfast TV, Toronto Metro and the Toronto Star on July 28/16. The write ups were about a contractor who cut trees down in Toronto, Ontario to make way for a townhouse complex. What forced me to laugh was Toronto Mayor John Tory stating he was "HORRIFIED" about the whole occurrence.

Goodness gracious, what a diabolical crime. Has Mr. Tory ever been "HORRIFIED" about the terrifying and frightening copious amounts of violent crime (murders, shootings, stabbings) in his Kingdom. Are trees more important than human life or is Mr. Tory just playing 'the game?'

Politicians are far from stupid but rarely are they genuine and straight forward. A lot of times they have the capability and aptitude to fool the people all of the time. They have to present a 'front' and have an extremely convincing demeanor...they must have their A-game ready at all times, especially at debates, here is an example.

A long time very good friend of mine was a contender in the 1990 Ontario Provincial Election. He was representing the Libertarian Party in the riding of Hamilton (Ontario) West. The candidates held a debate on a local cable T.V. station. The incumbent, Dr. Richard Allen, who represented the N.D.P. (New Democratic Party) and my chum were discussing an issue. They traded their comments with each other and Dr. Allen's final remark left my buddy speechless. Some time later my pal told me this guy (Dr. Allen) is good and said I have never heard of that program he mentioned in his final statement. It wasn't so much my friend didn't bring his A-game but Dr. Allen's experience definitely acted on his behalf but he was also thoroughly prepared and ready for any discussions...he's a pro.

Getting back to Mr. Tory, I don't recall reading he was "HORRIFIED" about the terrorist attack in Paris and Nice, France Nov. 13-14/15 and July 14/16 respectively. They could very easily happen in Hogtown...let's hope that never transpires anywhere in Canada...NEVER! In fact anywhere, anymore!!

Mayor Tory is looking to impose a $1 million fine on the contractor for that dreadful tree cutting "illegal act" because he is so "HORRIFIED".

Tory claims to be a conservative, supposedly a Tory (no pun intended) he may say he's conventional but he has a lot of liberal characteristics. This is the guy who is craving and yearning $3.9 billion in new fees/taxes as reported by CTV News on June 22/16. He has a real thirst and appetite for these latest dues to be enforced on Torontonians, visitors, and tourists.

His intention and scheme includes an alcohol tax, parking tax, entertainment and amusement tax, vehicle ownership registration tax and tobacco tax. I understand those taxes can be implemented under the authority of the City of Toronto Act. He is also showing keen and eager interest in a hotel tax, parking sales tax, municipal income tax, municipal sales tax, and development levy, however, those would require provincial approval.

I found the description and information about the parking tax very inappropriate and controlling, turning to the Government's favour and advantage. It stated the tax has the potential of increasing the number of Toronto residents to use the T.T.C. (Toronto Transit Commission). Ya, force and financially bully people to take the bus...shameful. Overall the whole idea of these new taxes is absolutely disgraceful.

These futuristic and outrageous expenses were researched on a 185-page report by K.P.M.G. a professional service company having it's head office located in Amsterdam. It is one of the big four auditors and provides three lines of service: audit, tax, and advisory. I can only imagine the cost of their's quite evident these folks aren't working for minimum wage.

Mr. Tory makes himself known as a true, loyal and faithful tree lover but he also glorifies and worships taxes. Enough about Mayor John Tory. I had to write a segment on him because he was so "HORRIFIED" about a crucial and severe misdeed that took place in his city.

The tree movement has existed for many years. Politicians WON'T ignore the green campaign. The tree-loving lobby groups and even the green loving taxpayers are numerous votes for bureaucrats. These elected representatives know exactly which issues to fully support if necessary sell their souls and trees are a prime example.

I recall Hamilton Ontario Ward 1 Councillor Mary Kiss (1982-1997) was outright livid or maybe I should say HORRIFIED when she found out from one of her constituents trees were being cut down on the Queen St. hill. The Queen St. hill is one of five accesses connecting downtown Hamilton to the mountain residential and commercial area. Ms. Kiss phoned City Hall to complain.

Dispatcher - "Good morning City Hall". Complainant - (commanding, irate) "THIS IS ALDERMAN MARY KISS!!!" Dispatcher - (unfriendly, cold) "Ya." Mary Kiss - (commanding, irate) "THEY ARE CUTTING TREES DOWN ON THE QUEEN ST. HILL!!!" Dispatcher - (not really caring) "Who's cutting the trees down?" Mary Kiss - (irate, commanding, infuriated) "THEY CITY IS, HAVE A FOREMAN PHONE ME IMMEDIATELY!!!"

As it turned out the tree cutting 'felony' was entirely legitimate...why the fuck wouldn't it be. The Forestry Dept. had work orders for the work orders to perform their task. When Ms. Kiss finally re-entered the real world from her oblivious stupor and trance all she could say was, "I hate trees being but down."

This ex-politician should have shown more awareness and familiarity to work programs and activities occurring in her own Ward. Furthermore, she should have been more focused and attentive at City Council meetings.

Then there is Hamilton Ontario Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie (2003-2014) who totally opposed the construction and even the thought of the R.H.V.P. (Red Hill Valley Parkway). A huge opposition and disapproval of his was, ya, you got it...destroying trees.

The R.H.V.P. opened in 2007. It is 4.3 miles of expressway with a maximum speed of 90 km/Hr. and is located in the east end of the city and is an extremely significant and important transportation artery for Hamilton. Studies proclaim 70,000 vehicles drive on the Parkway every day. An article in the Hamilton Spectator Jan. 27/14 stated the R.H.V.P. is credited with being an economic magnet for commercial and industrial use.

The Parkway has various advantages and benefits such alleviating major traffic congestion on other thoroughfares, convenience and economic values for drivers and the creation of businesses and jobs. There has also been a massive residential build up at the south end of the Parkway (Stoney Creek Mountain). The frugal and personal impact for people is an absolutely fantastic's beneficial to all.

Let's not forget about the environmental bonus. Prior to the R.H.V.P. being built traffic on Lower Centennial Parkway from Barton St. southerly to Queenston Rd. on any given day was bumper to bumper, we all know what that means...vehicles idling and producing unnecessary emissions into the air.

To give you an example, my Executive Assistant (E.A.) was a nine to five gal and worked at the corner of Barton St. and Lower Centennial. For her to drive to Queenston Rd., her journey would take five, sometimes ten minutes to travel 1.5 kilometers. Since the Parkway was built the gridlock on Lower Centennial has decreased enormously.

It appears these bird brain tree lovers despise progress and will do anything within their capabilities to disrupt, impede, interfere, hamper, obstruct, derail, ANYTHING for the improvement and/or advancement of infrastructure and technology just to save "their" trees.

In 2014 McHattie threw his hat into the ring for the mayor's title for the City of Hamilton. This guy is something else. An article in the Hamilton Spectator on Aug. 27/14 stated he finally drove on the R.H.V.P...after all those years, REFUSING to drive on the Parkway and now travels on it for the first time...I wonder why he reversed his morals...Hmm, could it be the election?

I think it's quite obvious why he adjusted his belief...votes. He reneged on his principles and standards, all for political reasons. He's another one you have to ask the question...can you trust him? Isn't it mind blowing what politicians will do to win an election, Anyway, McHattie lost the mayor's race to Fred Eisenberger. Maybe voters saw directly through his transparent thinking when he switched his attitude and drove on the R.H.V.P...again, can you trust this individual?

There is a multitude of average "Joe Public" citizens what are completely infatuated with any damage to trees whatsoever. The green propaganda is overwhelming.

I recall a few years ago the City of Hamilton's Forestry Dept. were cutting eighty plus year old trees down in the section of the city called Westdale. The trees were diseased and/or dead. That wasn't relevant to the residents perspective who lived in the area...they were enraged and fuming, calling the Forestry employees TREE KILLERS!!!

Back in the 1990's an infuriated and furious senior citizen from Stoney Creek (a suburb of Hamilton) complained to City Hall his neighbour was cutting a tree down. When asked where his neighbour's tree was located he replied "his backyard". He was then told his neighbour had every right to do whatever he desires with his own tree since it was rooted in his backyard and not on city property. This busybody became more agitated and outraged but after a few moments, he dismissed himself.

The City of Hamilton Traffic Operations Dept. has a yearly late spring, summer and fall program of trimming foliage from stop and yield signs that obstruct drivers 100% visibility of the signs. Quite often homeowners would become incensed seeing the city employees pruning limbs from the signs to make sure they were fully visible from 200 feet's crystal clear this is a safety priority, but some of Joe Public just doesn't get it.

Some time in 2016 there was a report that a woman lodged a formal complaint about children hammering nails into a tree to build a tree fort. She was bothered and upset that the nails were hurting the tree.

Before the R.H.V.P. was opened the authorities had a few obstacles to contend with that involved the Green Panthers. In the beginning, there were many ground protestors but it wasn't long before they were arrested.

Since there were acres of trees to be removed, the tree lovers hatched an ingenious plan. Individually they would pack some provisions and climb the trees (some a 100' tall) and declared the tree their new home. Some of then endured up to two months before finally setting foot on the ground again. My question has always been, how did they get that amount of time off from their jobs?

The green folks reside on all four corners of the globe...young, old, male, female, different types of races and religions and economic status. It gives me the impression they are Mother Nature's Warriors.

Maybe more people will support and cheer professional North American sports teams like Boston Celtics, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Eskimos, Green Bay Packers, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Seattle Sounders (just to name a few) and our future generations will choose those squads because their uniforms are green.


It has always shocked me why these tree huggers appear to have more adoration, devotion and affection for trees than they do for human life and suffering. There is an abundance of dreadful, frightful and horrendous issues happening throughout the world every day but trees are momentous for these so called guardians and saviours...sadly the green crusade is a mania.

The End

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