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'Upside Down: The Ignorance on Violent Crime'

'Upside Down: The Ignorance on Violent Crime'

"Attention Canada. I am Barney from America and I'm here to fix your backwards ass country," from 'How I Met Your Mother' Season 5, Episode 5, 2009.

Backwards ass or ass backwards no matter how you evaluate our criminal code, it's a disgrace...almost like a haven for murderers. The politicians and bureaucrats (that includes the Supreme Court of Canada) need an abundance of awareness and understanding on how to manage our justice system. They really need to get a grip, in other words, common sense and level headed sound judgement. Regrettably,  they convey to me the impression that our laws are very first rate, acceptable and fair...fair?...maybe for the violent criminals...the punishment doesn't fit the crime. It's too lenient, too feeble and too inadequate...numerous times it's nothing more than a pathetic travesty.

Let's travel in a time machine for a moment...the year is 1976. The United States is celebrating it's bicentennial. The price of gasoline in Ontario is $.75 a gallon and the minimum wage is $2.65 an hour. The Summer Olympics was happening in Montreal. The Mississauga, Ontario train derailment occurred where thousands of residents had to be evacuated from their homes due to a chemical leak. Charlie's Angels premieres on television and some other prime time shows are Barney Miller, Columbo, Happy Days, Kojak, Little House on the Prairie, Police Story and Rockford Files. Number one and two songs on the hit parade were 'Silly Love Songs' by Paul McCartney and   Wings and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart' by Elton John and Kiki Dee respectively.

Pierre Trudeau was Canada's Prime Minister, commanding a Liberal majority government. On July 14 Bill C-84 was passed meaning Canada abolished the death penalty except for certain offences under the National Defence Act...that was terminated in 1998.

Trudeau and his pack of compassionate stooges initiated the 'Faint Hope Clause' into the Canadian Criminal Code. Prisoners who had been sentenced to life with a parole eligibility greater than 15 years could request for an early release once they have served 15 years. Offenders who committed the offence after Dec. 2/11 could no longer apply.

According to Wikipedia this so-called rationale was to lower the risk of prison guards from murderers serving life with little hope of release and nothing to lose from unleashing violence. It was also added for convicted murderers to rehabilitate themselves and give the prisoner some hope and preventing prisons from being even more dangerous than they already were. I can't believe this FUCKING LUDICROUSLY. This clause also catered to persons convicted of multiple murders but after Jan. 9/97 they were ineligible.

Sounds to me Trudeau and his illogical thinking regime were expressing their sympathy and pity towards the 'unfortunate' murderer...irrational and nauseating Liberal thinking...disgusting, just fucking disgusting.

Here are a couple of frightful and sickening examples about our justice system. In 1983 Francis Patrick Clancy murdered 29-year-old Iain Irvine in Ottawa, Ontario by smashing his face repeatedly with an axe...Mr. Irvine was an innocent young man who befriended Clancy.

Clancy was granted parole while serving a life sentence of 15 years (you read it correctly, 15 years). He has been in and out of prison many times because of his parole violations. He was moved to a low-security prison with no fences and unarmed guards only to escape twice from that 'hotel'. Hmm...I wonder why our 'clever' officials would return him to the same prison after his first escape...doesn't matter, our government knows what is best.

In 2010 he was living in a halfway house or shall I say halfway 'lodge'. In 2015 he breached his parole. This guy has had a lot of 'second chances'. It wouldn't surprise me at all if our incompetent system gives him, yet, another opportunity of freedom.

In 1988 the notorious violent sex offender and convicted pedophile Joseph Fredericks kidnapped and murdered eleven-year-old Christopher Stevenson at a mall in Brampton, Ontario. Prior to the murder Fredericks was out on mandatory supervision after serving two-thirds of a five year sentence for a sexual assault on a boy in Ottawa, Ontario...get this, the prison's head psychiatrist said when he was released "I know he's going to reoffend, I just don't know when", (Globe and Mail July 8/04).

Fredericks was a sexual predator for many years. When he was 20 years old he was released from Oak Ridge Facility, a psychiatric prison located in Penetanguishene, Ontario and raped two boys at knifepoint and fondled a six-year-old girl after only two days of freedom. In 1992 Fredericks was murdered in prison by a fellow inmate.

An article on - the Canadian justice system is so broken it's criminal by Mike Cowie Oct. 22/09 is well worth reading.

In this country, a life sentence doesn't mean life. A life sentence should be exactly what it says...a criminal enters prison and he/she dies there, case closed, not any of this idiotic nonsense these sentimental simpletons who advocate life in prison for 15 or 25 years without parole...fucking rubbish.

Benjamin Perrin, a law professor at the University of British Columbia wrote a column in the Globe and Mail, May 7/15 and stated, "our most severe penalty gives the most atrocious murderers parole eligibility after 25 years into their life sentence - and many are paroled."

An article in the Globe and Mail, March 4/15, stated killers are eligible for day parole after 22 years and full parole after 25 years. Globe News, March 4/15, wrote 658 convicted murderers were released from prison from Jan. 1975 - March 1990.

Here are some more shocking and outrageous numbers that may piss you off from Statistics Canada, Corrections Canada and the National Parole Board from Global News, March 4/15 titled 'By the Numbers: Lifers in Canada Prisons:'
1,862 number of lifers on parole in 2013
1,600 lifers on full parole in 2013
94 lifers granted full parole in 2014

Articles in Vice, C.T.V. News and the Toronto Star on March 4/15 stated that ex Prime Minister Stephen Harper was planning on introducing new legislation to keep violent criminals in jail for 35 years without possibility of parole. Some of the caucus were concerned that jailing people in perpetuity would be unconstitutional. Do these caring and loving airheads realize these people are heartless killers...they have murdered innocent children and adults and have devastated and destroyed their victim's families FOREVER and these lame brain bureaucrats are talking about constitutional rights...HOW FUCKING DARE THEY! Anyway, we all know Harper's plan didn't fly...He was defeated in the Federal election Oct. 19/15.

The United Kingdom (U.K.) has some stiff and firm penalties for certain murderers. In 2012 Dale Gregan murdered four people including two policewomen in Manchester, England. He was sentenced in 2013 to a whole life order meaning he will die in prison. Nearly fifty other inmates in the U.K. are in the same boat...oh well...maybe Canada should follow suit...we do pay allegiance to the Queen.

I didn't follow the Tim Bosma murder trial in Hamilton, Ontario in much detail. The investigation lasted more than three years. Mr. Bosma went missing May 6/13 and the court case continued for five months. On June 17/16 Dellen Millard and Mark Smich were convicted of first degree murder and sentenced (here we go again) to 'life' in prison without parole for 25 years.

Just to remind you with this upside down justice system, life means 25 years and then the prisoner is eligible for parole...their freedom can be restored.

However, there has been a few cases where killers have received more than 25 years. In 2014 Justin Bourque murdered three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers and wounded two more in Moncton, New Brunswick...he received 75 years.

Travis Baumgarter was given 40 years in prison for the murder of three armoured car guards in Edmonton, Alberta in 2012.

Also, in 2012, Christopher Husband admitted to second degree murder for killing two and injuring five bystanders at the Toronto Eatons Centre in Toronto, Ontario...he was sentenced to 30 years.
With the exception of Bourque and Baumgartner, Husband may see the light of day...hopefully not. 

What I can't understand is why other vicious and inhuman savages like Paul Bernardo and Robert Picton didn't receive much stiffer penalties, each was sentenced (here we go again) life in prison for 25 years with no chance of parole.

Bernardo was a ruthless and brutal killer who was convicted in 1995 of murdering three young women and raping thirteen others. Picton, remember him? He was the 'Pig Farm Killer' from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. In 2005 he was convicted of murdering 49 women, most of them prostitutes. He told an undercover police officer he wanted to make it an even 50 but the reason he was caught, he was sloppy.

The Boxing Day shooting on Dec. 26/05 in Toronto, Ontario on Yonge Street was nothing less than a tragedy. Fifteen-year-old Jane Creba was murdered and six other bystanders were wounded because of a mindless gang war. Obviously,, these gang members exhibited no sensitivity or respect towards human life whatsoever. In 2009 Jeremiah Valentine pleaded guilty to second degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 12 years. Jorrell Simpson-Rowe, who was seventeen years old at the time of Jane Creba's death, also pleaded guilty to second degree murder in 2009 and was given a life sentence with no chance of parole for seven years.

Back in the 1970's I remember reading an article in the 'Toronto Sun' about officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (L.A.P.D.) gang squad visiting Toronto. The purpose of their trip was to present a workshop/conference about gangs to the Toronto Police Department and other legislators. The L.A.P.D. warned our lawmakers...this is what's occurring in L.A., don't let it happen in Toronto.

Was Poland warned about Nazi Germany invading their country on Sept. 1/39...NO!
Was the United States warned about that horrific day, Sept. 11/01...NO!
Was Jennifer Neville-Lake warned that a drunk driver would kill her three children and father on Sept. 27/15 near Vaughn, Ontario...NO!

It always amazed me that the authorities were warned about the possibility of gang violence but didn't take any was like they completely ignored it. Maybe it's along the same line as the stock market crash in 1929. There were warning signs but the 'fat cats' were having too much fun spending their money and paying no attention to the soon to become an economic world disaster. Maybe our bureaucrats just simply said "there won't be a gang problem in Canada, Eh!" Well, the reality is the gang problem has been snowballing and there isn't enough heat to melt the is a major crisis in society, just not in Toronto but in the entire country.

One of the Ten Commandments in the bible states "thou shall not kill", but then Exodus 21:24, Deuteronomy19:21 and Matthew 5:38 announces "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". In plain English, the term means, when a person who has been injured by another person returns the offending action to the originator in compensation or that an authority do so on the behalf of the injured person. The authority is the justice system or government. Well in CA...NAY...DA most of the time the punishment isn't severe enough.

Placing violent crime on the back burner for a moment, politicians appear to have the ability to 'dodge the bullet' when they have been 'naughty' or dishonourable, such as ex Ontario Premier Dalton McGUILTY (no folks it's not a spelling mistake) and his associate/successor Kathleen Wynne. Their corruption and dishonesty of the gas plant fiasco is basically water under the bridge. If somehow those two (I know how to cover my ass) politicians are found guilty it will be an absolute miracle. However, five will get you ten, they would have their 'fall guys' take the full's in the cards.

Then we have Senator Mike Duffy who was charged with 31 allegations of fraud, breach of trust and bribery. On April 21/16 he was acquitted of all 31 charges. Now, wouldn't you think the authorities would make at least one charge stick. 'DickMac' would definitely be saying "something fishy is going on here."

Getting back to our broken down and defective justice system it drastically needs a massive overhaul. The lists are plentiful of offenders who are released early to halfway houses. Look at - missing people of British Columbia...numerous high-risk sex offenders released from prison and residing in halfway bed and breakfast accommodations...that's just in B.C. but we all know its happening throughout CA...NAY...DA.

Here is some more salt for the wounds for victims families from the National Post March 5/15. In 1976 Bill Nichols murdered two Calgary, Alberta police officers...he was freed 17 years later under the Faint Hope Clause. In 1980 Harold Smeltzor was convicted of murdering a 5-year-old girl in Calgary, Alberta...he started receiving day parole in 2008. Craig Munro killed a Toronto, Ontario police officer in 2010 he was granted unescorted leaves from prison. Steven Leclair shot and killed three patrons in a Vancouver, British Columbia bar in 2014 he began receiving unescorted absences from prison.

I read an article on the Weather Network June 7/16 and had to laugh but also shook my head in disgust. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency fined a greenhouse in Kingsville, Ontario and it's two executives $1.5 million for selling foreign vegetables falsely labelled from Mexico as being from Canada...what a heinous and nightmarish with their heads! There were no reports of any side effects or sickness with consumers eating their produce. Big deal, they lied, politicians don't lie? Does that monetary penalty fit the 'crime'...positively not...priorities, warped as usual.

Even though I consider myself agnostic I will use another verse from the bible, Genesis 9:16 "who so sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed." Polls published in the Toronto Star (Feb. 8/12) and Yahoo News (March 20/13) revealed two-thirds of Canadians support the death penalty...I favour it.

Correctional Service of Canada states the following: the abolition of the death penalty is a significant development of human rights. Then they to go to quote Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, "everyone has the right to life". The demons have more rights than their victims and the victim's family. We have to consider the question...who is really benefiting from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?...certainly not the families of loved ones who have been murdered.

For the evil fuckers I have talked about (and there are many more) all of them, and I mean all of them, should kiss and worship the ground they walk on every day and thank whoever they aren't living in certain States in America wasting away on death row.

I  doubt if capital punishment will ever be reinstated in Canuk Land particularly with Trudeau Jr. or, as a very good friend of mine called him, out teenage Prime Minister. Junior never met a camera he didn't like...reminds me of the 1977 song by Steely Dan titled 'Peg', "won't you smile for the camera."


Canada has always had the reputation of a caring nation. Are we really that thoughtful of a country or are the politicians forcing us to be obliging, considerate, comforting? There are a lot of bleeding heart liberal sympathizers in this country. For those compassionate fools, hopefully Bernardo and other vicious beasts aren't awarded parole and move into their neighbourhoods.

The End
Harvenut Puritan 

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