Saturday, April 9, 2016

'The Great Canadian Illusion'

This rant was written in January 2016 and was modified April 8/16.

I entered the work force at 19 years old and worked for 36 years plus 2 years part time. Little did our generation realize when we started to toil the government would change the rules (in their favour of course) and have a big SURPRISE for all of us about the Canada Pension Plan (C.P.P.).

C.P.P. was established in 1965 by Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and not until 1987 could people collect it at 60 years old at a reduced rate, yes at a reduced rate. Can you imagine the interest the government has made in the last 50 years from taxpayers C.P.P. contributions!...they take our money and earn the interest.

Speaking only for myself, if the government hadn't 'snatched' the money from my pay cheques, I probably wouldn't have been thinking about the future, investing my cash into a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (R.R.S.P.)...I wasn't thrifty or canny when it came to money. Am I glad they grabbed my money, possibly, but the 'bottom line' is just like everyone else we had no choice. What annoys and irritates me about their fucking con game is I'm not receiving the full amount I am entitled to. Prior to 2013 a 30% reduction (or should I say penalty) was initially implemented on anyone wanting to obtain their C.P.P. at age sixty. However it compounded. The Conservatives decided to diminish it even more: 32.4% in 2013, 33.6% in 2014, 34.8% in 2015 and 36% in 2015...they just can't keep their grimy paws off our money. Within their large generous hearts they give us the option of taking C.P.P. at 60 years old but with a harsh punishment. The difference of collecting it at 60 rather than 65 years old can mean anywhere from $500 - $600 less a month for some people. It is very perplexing how the government operates, especially with their C.P.P. hustle. They arrive at two figures, one for 60 years old and the other for 65...NONSENSE! The amount people would receive at 65 should be the same for 60. I can't understand it, it's OUR MONEY every cent of it...what a fucking racket.

Without failure the government always has an answer for their actions and we all know they eternally justify their conduct whether it is wrong and/or corrupt. The following is from the Government of Canada's website: C.P.P. is changing to better reflect how Canadians choose to live, work and retire. The Government of Canada is adapting the C.P.P. to ensure it remains fair and sustainable and that it responds to the evolving needs of Canada's aging population and changes to the economy and market...nice con job, they certainly have a manipulating way with words. The term "remains fair" is completely ludicrous and hilarious. If the Government wanted to be fair (they never have been fair before so why start now) give the entire amount to the workers who contributed into C.P.P. Again, the Government is declaring how kind and tender hearted they are towards the taxpayers who worked hard most of their lives. I find it deeply mocking, underhanded and devious, like a Robin Hood story but this time the Government steals from the taxpayers and awards the money to themselves. They certainly foster each other and their 'over-worked' senators with their parliamentary pensions and numerous perks they receive...down right shameful.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from a couple who are very good friends of mine (we go back a long way) which was sent to them by their friend about C.P.P. and thoroughly enjoyed it. The writer had some numbers 'crunched' explaining how the Government is scamming us from our C.P.P. contributions. He also made an excellent point, what happens when someone passes away before they collect C.P.P., in other words, where do their contributions go? It's very straight forward, it nestles inside the Government vault...I find this completely disreputable. They money of the deceased should be given to some sort of beneficiary i.e. spouse, parents, siblings, cousin, next door neighbor, co-worker, friends, who fucking cares, give it to someone just not these regulators.

A lot of folks don't like their jobs but they have to work for one survive by placing food on the table and paying the bills. These taxpayers probably strived at their jobs for thirty and forty years. Finally that 'magic day' arrives and they can retire, a lot at age 60. They've paid in C.P.P. for more than half of their life but are financially restricted if they desire to take THEIR MONEY at age 60. The Government claims they are doing us a real favour, they are so obliging...what a fucking swindle!


The C.P.P. is just another example how the Government benefits off the backs of hard-working Canadians. Sure these legislators insist they are a candid and wholehearted regime for the workers with all their bull shit 'smoke and mirrors', but are we that stupid...DUH NO! The state is more concerned about tax payers money, specifically how to deprive people of their money. I remember watching a movie years ago (for the life of me I can't remember the name of it) and the scene was on a yacht with a politician talking to his friend. The bureaucrat said "when I'm not shaking hands and kissing babies, I'm telling lies and fucking people"...hmm, sounds familiar. Let's not forget about our Ontario Premier Princess Kathy. She is another one of those 'thoughtful', 'caring' and 'wonderful' politicians who is 'deeply concerned' about the Ontario workforce especially our young children's futures. This is why she imposed the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (O.R.P.P.). Five will get you ten when our children are ready to collect their contributed earnings they will be hit hard and punished with some sort of unexpected 'bombshell'...that gyp will be launched in 2017.

The End
Harvenut Puritan

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