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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ken Leenderste's Uber Recommendations

A useful tool to be employed when trying to interpret politician/bureaucrat-speak is to listen to what is being said, and reverse the meaning.

If you hear, "Peace is assured," get ready for war.

If you hear, "The economy is healthy," get ready for a crash.

And if you hear, "We are going to level the playing field," hold onto something solid.

We've been hearing a lot over the last year about leveling the playing field in Hamilton between the three taxi brokerages now operating here.

In the old "horse and buggy" days, anyone who wanted to compete in the taxi business was required to abide by a set of rules created by the local government. If anyone tried to pull an Uber in those days he would have been fined repeatedly until he stopped.

Everything changed when Uber breezed into town.

At first, many were thrown off by the preposterous claim that Uber wasn't in the business of taxiing people around. They said they were just a technology company. M…