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Date written: January 9th, 2016
First, let me say I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year.
I am no expert but over the years I have learned a modest amount about government and those 'marvelous' individuals called politicians. I agree with Uncle Block when he says "government is a cancer." It spreads wildly, like an out of control forest fire and there is absolutely no cure for the incompetence, inappropriate behaviour, actions and total and complete mismanagement of tax money these 'hand shakers' engage in, day and night, night and day. Government gets bigger and people receive less service. Some politicians are down right compulsive liars. People should know by now that most political parties (especially Liberals and NDP) have one thing in their minds - they want taxpayers hard earned cash and they will achieve that goal - they always do, they bat 1,000.
The folks in Alberta (who voted for a majority NDP government in May 2015) are seeing a bit of the NDP they would have never dreamed. An article in the Toronto Sun Dec 2/15 stated Premiere Rachel Nutley will implement her carbon tax and the average Alberta household will pay $320 a year in 2017 and $470 a year in 2018. Doesn't surprise me, doesn't surprise me one bit, yep lets hear it for the NDP - HIP, HIP, HOORAY! Unfortunately things in Alberta are taking a turn for the worst. Their unemployment surged from 6.6% to 7.0% in Nov 2015. Sources stated 40,000 jobs were lost in the oil industry and predict that Alberta will have the highest unemployment rate in Canada for 2016. If this happens it will be interesting to see how Rachel will deal with that 'nightmare', probably her answer will be, well, we just have to raise taxes. An article in the C.B.C. news in Calgary Dec 11/15 stated some citizens of Alberta (specifically farmers) want to assassinate Rachel. COME ON Rachel, what's wrong with you? You've been in power and control for less than a year and already you have people wanting to kill you. She must have a PHd on how to anger and enrage people, because it appears she is doing a superior job of pissing people off. I am no economist but I have a gut feeling not too many investors are going to 'sink' their money into Alberta with a majority NDP government running the operation. It could be a very nasty and rough ride for Albertans.
Then we travel easterly to 'Yours to Discover', (yea right, no thanks I've discovered enough in the past years) Ontario. Our leader is the 'magnificent' Kathleen Wynne. I call her 'magnificent' because it really amazes me how good she is at dodging and eluding questions and believes everything is just 'peachy keen' and delightful. Like so many politicians she is another graduate with an honours degree from the 'Politician Academy'. She had a bit of history before becoming the 'Queen Bee'. She diverted in taking a lie detector test regarding the Orgne (Ontario air ambulance service) fiasco as stated by the Toronto Star Feb 15/13. The 'Queen' was Minister of the Ministry of Transportation from Jan 2010 to Oct 2011 when Dalton McGuinty (ex premiere) decided to cut back and reduce snow and ice clearing maintenance on provincial highways to save money. An article in the C.B.C. news (April 29/15) stated the Ontario Auditor General, Bonnie Lysyk, said the cut backs were disastrous and can probably blame some deaths and injuries on the highways. Furthermore it's been going on for the past 5 years. This absolutely sickens me to no end. Dalton and Kathleen literally jeopardized and endangered peoples lives - they are extremely dangerous individuals and should be held accountable for any deaths or injuries. Where are their simple morals of public safety, obviously they don't give a 'flying fuck', and the electorate voted for these two. In the same article on Rachel Nutley, Kathleen was asked about her 'game plan' on carbon tax and how much it would cost the average Ontario household. She was tight lipped and dismissed any questions by saying whatever the number is (she doesn't know - can you believe that?) she is doing for her granddaughter - ah, isn't that nice, how thoughtful and kind, just a sweet caring and darling grandmother. Isn't it sad that politicians at times exploit children. I guess she is going to raise the vehicle license stickers in Sept. to $120 in Southern Ontario, justifying the gas plant scandal, creating the new Ontario Pension Plan, having questionable election practices in the Sudbury bi-elections (Toronto Star Sept 28/15) and giving teachers unions secret payouts all for her granddaughter - such a dear and loving nana.
Kathleen's relationship with the Ontario teachers unions is, to say the least, always very agreeable and complacent. Sure the unions threaten strikes and perform work to rule measures but at the end of negotiations they always kiss and make up. I wonder why? Maybe the following will entice you. An article in 'Real Women In Canada' Volume XXXIV Issue #20, 2015 stated money had 'dried up' from the Ontario Liberals donating to teachers unions in 2010 but, (get this one) donations all of a sudden 'dropped from the heavens' in 2013/2014 just in time for the provincial election. I know Dic Mac would be saying "something fishy going on around here." WOW, maybe money does grow on trees - take me to that forest. In 2015 she secretly gave the teachers unions $2.5 million for their collective bargaining costs without demanding any receipts. According to the Ministry of Education website there were 115,56 full time equivalent teachers in Ontario for 2014/2015. Hmm...I wonder who they voted for.
Although Rachel and Kathleen represent different political parties both ladies are like magicians (mind you no different from any other legislator). Watch me make your money disappear and 'POOF' it's gone, gone for good, gone forever. I really wish they could make ISIS disappear.
Kathleen was quoted in the Toronto Sun May 2/15 and said "we need to learn from and avoid the mistakes of Ontario in the past." I think what she is really trying to say is we have to learn to cover our ass better. As for Rachel, well she'll be performing her magic show quite often and guess what .... tickets are free.
What is the difference between a municipal politician and a provincial or federal politician? Give up? The answer is the provincial and federal gangs have more of YOUR money to vanish before your eyes.
The End

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