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Just take a look at how slick and manipulative the Uber taxi brokerage is.... consider their promotion, "Limited-time guarantee: Earn $4,700/mo* in Toronto" So far as I can tell this is a new Uber campaign, and is timed to coincide with the proposed regulations for ride-sharing services and the taxi industry Toronto municipal licensing staff will release next week. Note the asterisk*. That refers to the fine print. Here is the fine print: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Offer is subject to change. Partner will be eligible for the guarantee amount in effect upon signup. Partner must be online in Toronto during the incentive period to qualify for the guarantee. Partners must drive a minimum of 40 hours per week to be eligible for the guarantee. Partner must take first trip within 30 days of signup to be eligible for guarantee. Once a partner takes a first trip, the guarantee will last for full four weeks (i.e.…
Islam and Uber can do no wrong. Trump and Christians can do no right. Or so a casual, non-committed observer of current events might be forgiven for believing.

It starts out with a report on the politics around the murders in Brussels, and the apparent correlation between Islam and terrorism. It seemed a bit gutsy to me that anyone today would even mention such an idea.

What really struck me was the account of how banks and corporations are increasingly immune from the law. It was a perfect fit for Uber.

It ends up defending the rights of Christians to live and act in accordance with their beliefs, no matter how "primitive" they may seem to progressives. It seemed a bit gutsy to me that anyone today would even mention such an idea. (!)

One of the first questions people ask when they learn I am a taxi driver is, "Has anyone ever puked in your cab?"

I don't know why the answer to that question seems to hold such fascination for people. How often do nurses g…
Joe-Anne Schnickenkeimskivichenzochung-SchickelGrubbeAnchovie Guest Rant

December 21, 2010

Professor Block is currently recovering from the serious hangover he thinks he is going to have on New Year’s Day.

Despite UB’s circumstances, he nevertheless felt obliged to provide his devoted readers (reader? Spell checker?) with some content, something to mull over, or something to reject, out-of-hand, as being too preposterous to consider.

Well, he knows no one reads his regular rants because they are just too boringly conventional…. not to mention his incessant Bible Thumping. So this morning UB has invited one of his old guest authors to stand in for him.

For readers of the, now defunct magazine of news, opinion, comics and humour, Crazy Mag, our guest author, Joe-Anne Schnickenkeimskivichenzochung-SchickelGrubbeAnchovie needs no introduction.

For other(s?) perhaps a little background is called for.

Joe-Anne Schnickenkeimskivichenzochung-SchickelGrubbeAnchovie is t…
Die Gedanken sind frei. December, 29th, 2010

Isn't It interesting how some sayings from the past begin to lose their effect as we grow older and our world changes?

Consider this one, "Without liberty the brain is a dungeon."

And this one, "Die Gedanken sind frei." (Your thoughts are free.)

And look into the future a little bit to where modern technology has rendered the need for external computer hardware obsolete.

The trend has been toward increasing miniaturization. Is it hard to imagine a day when we shall no longer require keyboards and monitors to access the internet … a day when all we will need is a computer chip implanted in our brain?

When that day comes there will be much applause.

The ghosts of Alvin Toffler and Gene Roddenberry will be happy because they saw it coming.

The, “Greens,” will love it because it will use so much less energy and, “stuff.”

Retailers, like Wal-Mart, will love it because, having implanted RFID chips in a…
Freedom is Slavery

March 6, 2010

I got that idea from Orwell.

But, as I look around me these days, I think the words should be reversed.... Slavery is Freedom.

Yes, that seems to more accurately predict the attitudes I see around me.

HI remember someone once trying to convince me that "free enterprise was neither."

I could never figure out what he was trying to tell me. It kinda struck me as being equivalent to saying, "football is neither."

Maybe my logic is impaired.... (where is my disability check????) so I figure what he was trying to tell me was that "free enterprise," is neither free nor enterprise.

In the movie, I noticed a sign... it said, "Regulation Meal."

Sound remotely familiar?

In another segment I noted, "Ignorance is strength."

All I could think of at the moment was the person I heard asking, "Where is my Obama money." Yes, ignorance is strength... but not to the person who as…
From your point of view, which level of government suggests to you that most politicians and their bureaucratic hirelings are either:
1 - complete idiots
2 - complete sociopaths who are only pretending they care about their constituents
3 - ordinary people who figure that going into politics is a good way to earn a decent income via salaries, perks and bribes (plus you get to rub shoulders with celebrities and influential business people.)
4 - idealists who believe that going into public service is more noble than serving the public by producing stuff and providing services
5 - doing a good job
For me, it depends upon which level of government you are talking about.
It is much more difficult, from my point of view, to really understand what is going on at the provincial or federal level.
Of course, I do have an opinion. And I am confident that my opinion is close to the truth.
For example, at a provincial level here in Ontario, we have a government which obviously knows all the righ…

'When Will They Ever Learn' Volume 2

This is an extension of my Volume 1 rant from Aug. 29/15 on Uncle Block's website: 'Blockrants'. It continues to bewilder or shall I say infuriate me that these councillors that govern Hamilton, Ontario couldn't care less about people who work hard for a living...they just crave for their money. It seems to be an incurable disease these tricksters possess and maintain, constantly demanding citizens' cash. A perfect example of this was an article in the Hamilton Spectator Feb. 16/16. Someone at city hall had the audacity and preposterous idea of raising monthly parking rates on city owned lots. The primary reason for this 'critical affair' was monthly bus passes were more expensive ($95.00/month) than the monthly parking fees...I guess it's too simple to just lower the price of a bus pass. How did they become so expensive in the first place...did council have anything to do with that? Another reason for the massive concern was supposedly Hamilton had t…