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REWIND Uncle Block presents another great guest rant from the prolific Harvenut Puritan.

I decided to draft something different for this rant instead of raving about discouraging issues mainly...ya, you got it, our governments.

I am a baby boomer. Every now and then I contemplate on the past events of my life...I think most people do. As brainless as it sounds, at times I still feel I'm in my late teens but then I look at myself in the mirror and see my 62 year old body and quickly return to reality.

I attended Westmount Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario from Sept. 1968 - June 1973. We were called the Westmount Highlanders. Back in those days the education system platform had three options a student could choose before entering high school: a 2 year program grades 9 and 10 inclusive for students with vocational interests, a 4 year program grades 9 - 12 inclusive for students aspiring to attend college or seeking a trade and a 5 year program grades 9 - 13 inclusive for stude…