Saturday, December 3, 2016

Time To Enjoy

Hi folks, Puritan here. It's almost time to set sail to 2016 and launch that year out to sea and welcome 2017 into our lives. I know for some people 2016 has been difficult and frustrating. The world's current events aren't encouraging either, full of misery...they appear as never-ending, very depressing and at times frightful.

Then we can gaze into our own backyard of Canada and Ontario and for the most part, we don't have any idea what out liberal "leaders" (Trudeau who praised and admired Fidel Castro and Wynne who is slick and conniving at the best of times) have up their sleeves for us in 2017. They do however exercise their control over the ordinary populace especially when it comes to misspending our money and creating and/or new taxes and fees.

Wynne, who is a year-round Grinch is intending to present every Ontarian a belated Christmas gift on Jan. 1/17...that will definitely make our lives more uncomfortable and awkward...typical liberal deception.

In spite of what I have just mentioned, let's try to forget how the country and specifically the province is mishandled and becoming ruined. The yuletide season is fast is time to unwind, relax and take pleasure in the holiday traditions with family and friends.

From my E.A. (Executive Assistant) and myself, I hope all of you have a happy and wonderful festive season...don't worry, I refuse to accept political correctness, maybe rubbish is a more suitable and appropriate word...MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The End
The Harvenut Puritan Project

Puritan will return in 2017

A Special Christmas wish from Uncle Block.

The soundtrack for the following joyful songfest was recorded in a townhouse somewhere in southwest Calgary, Alberta, on or about December 1980. The performers need no introduction.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Third Quarter On The Gridiron


Wikipedia states Baby Boomers are a demographic group born during the post-World War II baby boom approximately between the years 1946-1964. This includes people who are between 52 and 70 years old in 2016 according to the United States Census Bureau.

I'm a baby boomer and all of my buddies are in the same category. My E.A. (Executive Assistant) and I hosted a barbecue at our home in September of this year. I could probably designate it as the second annual reunion of some of my "old" high school friends (male and female)...most of us attended Westmount Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario. I also invited (via e-mail, got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread) two very good chums of mine who live in Calgary, Alberta, and Vernon, British Columbia. I knew the possibility of either one attending was a "slim to none"'s not like Calgary and Vernon are a "stone's throw away"...sadly they were not present. I also invited a couple of other "buds" buy they were also no-shows.

Almost all of our guests were 60 years of age and older. The dude boomers (myself included) were exhibiting at least one sort of indication of ageing such as overweight, struggling with aches and pains, requiring glasses to read, grey or white hair and baldness, ingesting prescription drugs, for instance high blood pressure pills, regrettably some of our parents were deceased, sadly a few were diabetic and our children were in their late twenties or early thirties.

However most of the crew indulged in adult beverages and some folks still smoked...hopefully everyone ha a good time. My long time very good friend Uncle Block and I sat in my backyard drinking beer until 1:00 a.m. I was hung over for two days...another sign of aging.

I've said it many times, every now and then I find it difficult to believe that I have walked this earth for beyond half a century...six decades and counting. It's certainly not like the 1964 Rolling Stones song titled "Time Is On My Side", contrary to that, it seems time is moving swiftly.

Canada is in a similar circumstance that many other countries are aging population. The issue is of major importance and a critical problem for everyone, young and old and especially our mistrustful politicians.

An article in C.B.C. News Sept. 20/15 stated Stats Canada (Statistics Canada) affirmed there are more seniors 65 years and older than there are kids under fifteen. They also said there are 5.9 million or 15.9% of the population over 65 years of age. In fact, one out of every six individuals is over 64 years of age as of July 1/15.

Whenever I read or hear statements from Stats Canada I am always suspicious. I very seldom believe anything the government announces, constantly skeptical and dubious with their "information"...whether they have padded their numbers, only Stats Canada knows. Either way, I think the alarm bells should be sounding in Canuck land. Our questionable bureaucrats have a lengthy task ahead of them to combat this problem.

An article in C.I.C. (Citizen and Immigration Canada) Oct. 11/16 stated a new report from the Conference Board of Canada found immigration levels should increase to 413,000 per year by 2030 to strengthen Canada's economic growth. The report highlights the need for increased immigration in order to respond to challenges posed by Canada's aging population.

The report also said it is projected that without significant policy changes, including a substantial increase in immigration, the cost to support retirees could undermine the strength of Canada's economy in the coming decades.

Yet another article from C.B.C. News Oct. 19/16 stated a group of external advisors expressed targets of 450,000 immigrants a year but Immigration Minister John McCallum was quoted "it may be too ambitious"...ya, right, it should be an interesting aftermath from his statement,

The panel also said it has to sell the idea of higher immigration to the public...wait a minute, are you kidding me, is this an April Fools joke, when did the government ever sell any of their FUCKING SCHEMES to the citizens of Canada.

As usual, interesting government propaganda. Do I believe it...maybe to a small degree but I believe the government can battle the subject of aging population differently...take a look in our own backyard!!

I really don't have a problem with immigration but it appears that government miscalculates their net result when they vocalize about migrants appearing on Canadian soil. In fact, it seems habitual that anything the government undertakes they either bungle or notoriously complicate matters...they do it with proficiency.

With all these newcomers the government wants to escort into Canada, I wonder if they have jobs to enter. You can't tax people (to help pay for our aging population) if they don't work. However they will utilize our social programs they haven't paid anything it really a win-win situation the government claims it to be? Maybe it is, it's inevitably more votes for these "considerate and thoughtful" liberals.

An article in the Hamilton Spectator on Oct. 24/16 titled "Young Canadians should get used to precarious employment" almost made me puke. Finance Minister Bill Moreau (another liberal who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth like our teenage Prime Minister) calls it a job churn meaning short-term employment and a number or career changes in a person's life.

He also stated we have to think about how do we train and retrain people as they move from job to job to job...oh, REALLY!! These liberals always say they will develop work training programs or better still where are all these jobs they forecasted, like Ontario's ex-Premier McGuilty pledging 400,000 plus jobs after implementing his dreadful H.S.T. (Harmonized Sales Tax) on July 1/10.

We knew this was going to transpire. The affluent Moreau also said people aren't going to have the same pension benefits as in generations past. I wonder if he is incorporating himself and his gang's pensions into that proclamation...somehow I doubt it.

Let's face it this country has a lot of unemployment. The jobless rate was 6.9% as reported by C.B.C. News Aug. 15/16 via, of course, Stats Canada. I think most of us have said this at least once in our lives, the hell with immigration and let's get our fellow out of work Canadians reintroduced to the workforce and then MAYBE, MAYBE, we will consider foreigners having access to Canada.

The bureaucrats are always saying bring in more skilled workers...I wonder how many skilled workers are sitting idle in this country...probably a lot more than we realize. If they're not skilled then train them.

The government is always preaching how concerned and sincere they are about training programs for the unemployed. But for some mysterious reason, we have a great many people who are jobless and the people who "work" in the House of Commons and mismanage this country are obsessed with immigration...I wonder why, golly gee, would it be votes?

Speaking of people sitting idle maybe our absolute ruler of Ontario should pass legislation and force welfare recipients (a.k.a. lazy fucks) into the workforce. I realize that some people require welfare and I'm O.K. with that...I suppose I have some socialist blood in my veins. However, we all know (including Wynne and her bunch) there are numerous fraudulent, dishonest and lying scammers (hmm, remind you of some huge administration) that receive this government aid and are quite capable of working. But for some inexplicable motive liberals don't want to deal with this fraudulent issue.

In addition to the negligent fiasco we have in Ontario, McGuilty and Wynne World discarded over $1 billion in the gas plant scandal. The heedless Wynne who constantly "throws" money away should reconsider furnishing Hamilton, Ontario with $1 billion for a L.R.T.  (Light Rail Transit) system...straight forwardly,  WE DON'T NEED IT!!!

The two plus billion dollars these underhanded and corrupt liberals have already wasted or going to misuse could have been applied for more important strategies...unemployment and our health care system.

An article in the Globe and Mail Sept. 14/14, "The Upside of Canada's Population" stated the C.P.A. (Chartered Professional Accountants) of Canada said Canada's aging population will bankrupt pension plans, overburden health care systems and force an ever shrinking pool of workers to pay the bills...the liberals are doing that now.

In the same article, it stated an international team of researchers looked at Germany as a case study and found five areas where countries could age like wine.
(1) Better Health - people living longer and staying opinion, they will still be collecting C.P.P. (Canada Pension Plan) and Old Age Security for a longer period.

(2) Increased Productivity - aging populations tend to have higher education levels which could help offset the decline of the labor opinion, quite simple, I don't understand this.

(3) Sharing the Wealth - people will become older when they inherit money and will be better equipped for their own opinion, an inheritance of 20, 30 or 40 thousand dollars just won't cut it. A six digit figure legacy would be sufficient...decent and respectable nursing homes are very expensive.

(4) Good for the Environment - changes in age structure and a shrinking population are associated with reduced consumption of energy and intensive goods and lower carbon dioxide opinion, seniors are prone to use more heat and air conditioning and will still be driving vehicles.

(5) Quality of Life - leisure time will opinion, some reports say free time won't expand because seniors will work longer.

According to the Huffington Post Jan. 14/16 titled "Nova Scotia Nurses Union Says Long Term Care System in A Crisis", stated the average age in long-term facilities is 88 years old and seniors account for 18.9% of the population. It is expected to grow to 30% in the next 22 years.

The union says the system is plagued by understaffing, excessive workloads, demoralized workers, unsafe work environments and workplace violence. The union also said it's happening throughout the entire country...I certainly believe that the way, did I mention Nova Scotia is controlled by a liberal authority.

In 1989 I was employed at Macassa Lodge located in Hamilton, Ontario. It was a long term seniors facility operated by the Corporation of the City of Hamilton. I worked in the Special Care Unit which was located in the rear of the building. There were over sixty bedridden occupants "living" on the ward...all had acquired Alzheimer's disease or Dementia.

My only job duty was to change residents was a tedious and degrading occupation...without a doubt, it was further demeaning and humiliating for the inhabitants.

I and an R.N.A. (Registered Nursing Assistant) would make three rounds in an eight-hour shift. Our method of changing a soiled diaper with a new one was very simple...exactly the same technique as changing a baby's diaper. Some folks demonstrated some resistance...can you blame them, life wasn't supposed to end this way for these ailing and confused individuals. There was a long waiting list for admission to the unit and that was thirty years ago.

However, there is one incident I will never forget. A woman, in her nineties, was moaning for assistance. It was after dinner and she was nude sitting up in her bed. I dashed to her aid...I was by myself. I entered her room and she was covered in feces. She had also been digging her fingers into her rectum trying to "scoop out" additional waste. I helped her out of bed and sauntered her to the closest shower.

I admit I wasn't thinking too straight (as I would find out later), the only thing on my mind was to pursue the closest shower, wash and clean her up. I didn't conceal her bare body in a blanket...I walked her to the shower naked.

Fifty feet away I noticed my female head nurse watching the entire ordeal...never offering to help me...maybe that was below her egocentric, selfish and self-important personality. I showered the woman, changed her sheets and returned her to bed...the seemingly endless trauma was finally over, for both of us.

The following day after report (a verbal account on any eventful activity on the ward during the previous shift) I was told to proceed to the Director of Nursing Office...for what reason, I had no idea. The female supervisor didn't hesitate for one second and immediately verbally ripped me to pieces...taking multiple strips off my self-esteem...she was furious.

Her condemnation was about how I handled the situation about the lady who was smeared with excrement the previous day. Essentially the administrator let me know in her irate and livid mood I did not manage the occurrence in a professional manner. She harped on how the Lodge shows respect and dignity for the residents on a continuous basis...I should have covered the lady with a blanket or sheet.

Even to this day I still have an extensive bitterness and limitless resentment for that fucking head nurse...the spineless and gutless phony was the one who registered the complaint about me. Maybe things might have been different if she would have "got off her high horse" and provided some help, so much for teamwork...fucking conceited back stabber.

I worked for a laundry company and some of my deliveries were to convey bed linen to privately owned retirement homes throughout the city of Hamilton, Ontario. At one time these properties were two and one half and three story single family residential homes and later renovated into old age facilities.

Depending on the size of the dwelling the number of residents would vary, anywhere from ten to twenty. From what I understand, it wasn't too difficult to obtain a license to operate these lodgings. All those types of homes were under the jurisdiction of the provincial government as of now the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

These "homes" appeared to have very little stimulation for the elders. A lot of them looked very frail and sat in a bit of a daze watching television. Five will get you ten their cognitive skills and perception were rapidly decreasing also. A very depressing and sad way to spend the autumn of their life years.

The Japanese culture has always intrigued me with their longevity. My oriental neighbours across the street are both 93 years old...he continues to cut his lawn. Yasutaro Koide, Jirbemon Kimura and Misau Okawa lived full lives passing away at 113, 116, 117 years old respectively.

Keiko Fukudo passed away in her 100th year. She was a master of judo, holding a tenth-degree black belt, the highest possible rank. She was still teaching the discipline, three times a week prior to her death.

It's despairing and tragic to see some of the elderly who are ill and could almost say life is over. The lyrics in the 1969, The Doors song titled "The Soft Parade" states what life is all about, "All our lives we sweat and save, building for a shallow grave."


Our clocks are ticking and the aging population will continue to soar. The cost of health care, including prescription drugs, will escalate and some boomers may experience some sort of ailment if they haven't already. Wouldn't it be marvelous and satisfying if the government rehabilitated themselves from their obsession and addiction of misusing and wasting tax payers money? (L.O.L.) Well, we can dream. The bureaucrats say they have a solution but we all know that regime is seldom correct...making suitable decisions regarding issues directly related to the innocent tax-paying citizen, just isn't in the cards. The near future may become very costly and truly frightening.

The End
The Harvenut Puritan Project

Saturday, November 5, 2016

'Candy For Everyone'

So I was in the drug store the other day, trying to get cold medication. You ever try to pick one of these out? It's not easy. It's a wall of cold medication, you stand there, you're going Alright, alright, alright, okay, what the hell--this is quick acting but this is long lasting, when do I want to fell good, now or later? Opening Monologue, Seinfeld, "The Stranded" Season 3, Episode 10, 1991.

It really spell bounds me with all the medical and scientific advances over the years there is still no cure for the common cold. All of us have frequented drug stores and it's safe to say it is overwhelming when we see the vast amounts of "remedies" for illnesses especially the common cold.

Benylin has five different cough syrups: cough and chest congestion, dry cough, mucus and phlegm, chest congestion and cold and cough control. Dimetapp has three cough syrups: runny nose and sneezing, dry cough and nasal congestion. Tylenol has various "treatments" such as cold and flu severe day/night, regular strength, extra strength, eight hour muscle aches and pains, cold max and cold and head.

According to the global market for pharmaceuticals topped $1 trillion in sales in 2014. The world's ten largest drug companies generated $429.4 billion in revenue.

Johnson and Johnson is a leading pharmaceutical enterprise. It was founded in 1886 and their headquarters is located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company employs 127,100 people and has a revenue of $79.07 billion. An article in Forbes June 4/15 stated they had $16.3 billion in profit, $131 billion in assets and $276 billion in market value.

The drug establishment Boehringer Ingelheim was founded in 1885. They are located in Ingelheim Rhein, Germany where they employ 47,000 people. In 2014 their revenue was $19,551,000,000 Canadian dollars.

In 2011 they took quite a risk spending $464 million on advertising their blood thinner Pradaxa. It turned out to be a tremendous gamble...the following year the drug passed over the $1 billion sales mark according to

You could say the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) is the overseer of all pharmaceutical companies. However they are responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, efficiency and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, the United States (U.S.) food supply and cosmetic products that emit radiation.

It was founded on June 30/06. Their headquarters is located in Silver Spring, Maryland and has 223 field offices and 13 laboratories and employs just under 15,000 people. It's 2012 budget was $4.36 billion. Some of the F.D.A. is funded by tax payers but most of their budget arrives from user fees which are paid by drug companies.

Pharmaceutical companies have a flourishing operation. According to Health Impact News the U.S. ranks 49th in the world for life expectancy but 1st in health care costs. Americans spend more than $230 billion a year on over the counter prescription drugs and drug companies cause 106,000 deaths annually.

Another article from Health Impact News started with the statement, what class of drugs:
- causes more deaths a year than heroin and cocaine combined.
- killed 16,000 Americans in 2010.
- adds $72.5 billion a year from misuse to the U.S. health care system.
- according to the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) directly contributed to a sharp rise in the U.S. suicide rate.
- all have been approved by the F.D.A.

We've all seen T.V. (television) commercials where the drug companies are advertising their prescription medication. Is it just me or does it appear that half of the ad is describing the possible side effects from these drugs they can produce.

Some of these repercussions (I'm not talking about nausea or drowsiness) are truly frightening and scary. It's difficult for me to believe that medication is suppose to ease a person's illness but may also kill them with the possible reactions such as stroke, suicidal thoughts or heart condition. At times, it's not much of a choice, take the drugs, you may die, don't take the drugs, you may also die.

Quite often we see television commercials where lawyers are taking pharmaceutical businesses to court. They are representing clients who have consumed faulty drugs that the F.D.A. has approved. Drugwatch claims the F.D.A. is required to only endorse drugs that have greater benefits than dangers.

Earlier in the rant I mentioned the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim that developed the blood thinner Pradaxa to reduce strokes in 2010. The following is from Drugwatch. In 2011, 540 patients died from using Pradaxa. Boehringer Ingelmeim agreed to pay $650 million which averaged out to $162,500 to each claimant. What I can't understand is in 2012 Pradaxa sales hit $1.5 billion...I don't get it.

The following is the dialogue from a cartoon by Michael Higgins from Cancer Treatment Watch.
Researcher #1 - I just found a cure for cancer.
Researcher #2 - Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that.
Researcher #1 - No, I said a cure for cancer, not that I have cancer.
Researcher #2 - Yes I know, now we'll both be out of a job.
Researcher #1 - Hmmm...Maybe I haven't found a cure.
Researcher #2 - Phew! You had me worried for a moment.

It also amazes me and I'm highly suspicious "they" haven't found a cure for cancer either. I found the You Tube video by Len Richmond titled "What IF Cannabis Cured Cancer," thought provoking. The clip stated in 1974-75 at the Medical College of Virginia a study led by Dr. Albert Munson discovered T.H.C. (tretahydrocannabinal) slowed down the growth of three kinds of cancers: lung, breast and virus induced leukemia induced in mice. A short time later the research was shut down as well as any other testing of anti-cancer qualities of marijuana by the Government...very strange and unusual, wouldn't you say?

My E.A.'s (Executive Assistant) niece died from cancer in 2001...she was thirteen years old. Obviously it was a trying, stressful and hellish time for the sweet innocent teenager and her loving, adoring and affectionate parents.

My E.A. and myself travelled to the G.T.A. (Greater Toronto Area) to visit her niece a couple of months prior to her passing. She was so good natured, extremely pleasant, remarkably friendly and amicable, no one would have ever known this delightful and thoughtful darling knew she wasn't going to be celebrating her fourteenth birthday.

I recall she was wearing a scarf around her head, probably from her chemotherapy treatment and watching the T.V. sitcom Fullhouse (1987-1995) starring Bob Saget and the Olsen twins. Whenever I see 'bits or pieces' of Fullhouse I immediately think of that pleasant and warm hearted little girl we would never see again.

It's dreadful and horrible that people have contracted cancer or have a loved one pass away or dying from the death dealing terminal disease. Medications for serious health issues are exceedingly expensive and cancer drugs are no different,

My E.A.'s niece's parents were spending thousands of dollars a month for the 'so called treatments'...kind of a false hope from the drug companies and Government don't you think? However any one of us who were in a heart breaking predicament like that would do the same thing...the dismal thought about that scenario is again the pharmaceutical outfits are earning millions and possibly billions of dollars.

Sadly the trumped up wish was a failure...the cancer won the battle against my E.A.'s niece. Hopefully she is in a painless, peaceful and happy world...R.I.P. and God rest your soul sweetie.

Kevin Trudeau (no relation to our vain and teenage Prime Minister) wrote a book in 2005 titled "Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About." I never did read his novel but I watched a few of his infomercials.

On one of his episodes he stated the University of Calgary in Alberta discovered the cure for cancer in 1972. He went on to say when the F.D.A. heard about the magnificent triumph they paid the institute millions and millions of dollars to keep the achievement, shall we say, hush hush. He has also stated there are twelve known cures for cancer.

Some of the authorities such as New York City Trade Commission, I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service), the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and especially the F.D.A. whole heartedly disapproved of Kevin Trudeau.

These powerful agencies did everything within their capabilities to charge him with some sort of criminal offense. Finally they had their day. On March 17/14 Kevin Trudeau was convicted of criminal contempt and sentenced to ten years in prison.

There are many articles on the internet (most of them negative) about Kevin Trudeau. Is this guy a shyster and scammer? The government certainly thought he was a swindler or were they threatened by his existence and beliefs?

Isn't it unusual and peculiar Evangelists Ernest Angley, Benny Hinn and Peter Popoff who claim to heal people appear to be bomb proof from any government harassment...strange, very strange.

Getting back to Trudeau and his statement about cancer and the University of I believe his story? I'm not saying yes and I'm not saying no. All I know from fact cancer medications are truly and supremely expensive and the drug companies and F.D.A. have a thriving, profitable and rewarding corporation...they are a cartel.

H.I.V. (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or better known as A.I.D.S. (Acquired Immune Deficiency) has intrigued me for quite a while.

I recall watching Frank Zappa (1940-1993) on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson back in the late 1980's. Johnny asked Frank, "where do you think A.I.D.S. came from?" Zappa replied with three answers, (1)A.I.D.S. was accidently let out of a government lab, (2)A.I.D.S. was purposely let out of a government lab, and (3)A.I.D.S. came from outer space. As bizarre as his answers may seem to be to some people, Frank Zappa was an exceptionally intelligent individual.

I don't find his number one and two answers far fetched at all. Drastically diminish the population but at the same time pharmaceutical companies and the F.D.A. are prospering from the medication income the A.I.D.S. patients are purchasing trying to prolong their lives.

There have been conspiracy theories about A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. I happened to read a few on M.S.N. (Canada) months ago. One claim stated A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. was actually created by none other than the United States Department of Defence in order to make the pharmaceutical industry wealthier and reduce the global population, exactly what I previously said.

Another concept was W.H.O. (World Health Organization) created the virus in 1974 and some theorists believe H.I.V./A.I.D.S. is caused by the very drugs that are meant to treat it...again, you be the judge.

About fifteen years ago a work friend mentioned to me he had a buddy who was employed in a laboratory at a Mississauga Ontario hospital. His pal said there is a cure for A.I.D.S. but "they" don't want to reveal the remedy.

Planned Parenthood H.I.V./A.I.D.S. had an article which stated the following: there is currently no cure for H.I.V./A.I.D.S. But there are treatments for people living with H.I.V./A.I.D.S.

The write up continued to say A.I.D.S. patients can take combinations of medicines called "cocktails". They are very EXPENSIVE, may have 'serious side effects' and may not be 'available' to 'everyone' They 'only work' for 'some people' and 'only work' for 'limited periods of time'.

Notice I capitalized the word expensive. Just like cancer medication A.I.D.S. medicine is extremely costly. When folks find out the horrible news that they or a loved one has contracted a fatal disease, they become's human nature.

If there is any hope, even the slightest chance the medication may work, they may go to extremes to pay for the's literally a do or die situation and the drug companies, well, they continue to grow with fortune.

The pharmaceutical operation pays doctors who prescribe drugs to their patients. An article in Consumer Reports Sept. 30/14 stated new government data showed more than 500,000 U.S. physicians have industry ties to drug companies.

The National Post stated in their article on March 28/16 that ten Canadian based drug companies have agreed to divulge how much cash they hand over to physicians and health organizations each year.

A very good friend of mine swallows at least twenty different prescription drugs every day. He said to me one day, "I don't even know why I'm taking half of these pills", and his ankles are swollen like mini tree trunks.

We all know there are some powerful and mind altering and controlling drugs on the market. My friend (I just indicated) and neighbour (R.I.P. and God rest your soul) experienced unspeakable and horrifying nightmares, literally screaming and yelling in maximum fear and terror while they were prescribed certain medication.

Less than ten years ago I had knee A.C.L. (acute cruciate ligament) was completely snapped. I was given a mild tranquilizer before my operation. It took about five minutes to "kick in" and then "PRESTO"...I was in seventh heaven, entirely relaxed and calm. The world was a lovely, splendid and wonderful place...I didn't have a worry in the world. To this day, I could very easily become addicted to those "magic pills".


As we become older, doctors will be "feeding" us more's a world wide reality. I believe there is a cure for cancer, A.I.D.S. and even the common cold. There is vast amounts of scientific technology, enormous quantities of resources and knowledge for there not to be cures for some illnesses. I am also convinced there are natural cures for some ailments but the government, as usual, is playing games with us and the drug companies are enjoying an exceedingly lucrative enterprise on behalf of the population,

The End
The Harvenut Puritan Project

Saturday, October 15, 2016



On March 21/16 the City of Hamilton Ontario had a municipal by-election in Ward 7. There were twenty-two contenders who were tremendously eager to be crowned councillor. The title became vacant by predecessor Scott Duvall who won the riding of Hamilton Mountain representing the N.D.P. (New Democratic Party) in the Federal election on Oct. 19/15.

Long time personality of CHCH-TV Donna Skelly won the councillors position by an extremely slim margin...89 votes. Voter turnout was exceedingly deplorable and pathetic...24.35% eligible voters cast their ballots.

I forwarded Donna an e-mail on July 4/16 because I wanted some insight on a concern of mine. The title was 'We Pay Enough Taxes'...this is my story.

Hi Donna, congratulations on your political victory in Ward 7. I am a tax payer in your ward. On July 2/16 at approximately 7:20 a.m. I opened my bedroom drapes and noticed what looked to be a dead rabbit in my backyard. At times a rabbit may look dead but in reality it's just having a nap. I went outside to take a closer peek and my analysis was simple and immediate...the poor thing was dead. It's neck appeared to be broken and there was (I would estimate) a two inch open flesh wound on the left side of it's body and some of it's intestines were visible and dangling.

I phoned 546-C.I.T.Y. and asked for Animal Control (A.C.). The representative who answered said she could help me. I told her my situation and she asked me "can you bag the animal and place it at curbside." I replied, "I am hesitant to bag the critter." She then said, "there is a $50 fee for the removal of dead animals from private property." When I heard that I'm thinking...Hmm, strange scenes inside the gold mine with our tax money.

I did dispose of the rabbit in an appropriate manner. However, I do have three questions for you. (1) What if the animal was a raccoon (we have been warned about the rabies scare by Public Health) or any other creature that may be rabid? (2) What if it was a sizeable form of wildlife such as coyote, deer or wolf? (3) Last but not least what would happen if the tax paying citizen is an elderly individual who is physically incapable of bagging the animal?

Thank you, hope to hear from you.

Respectfully yours,

Harvenut Puritan

On July 6/16 I received an e-mail from Brad Potts, Supervisor of Animal Control...this is what he had to say to my three questions.

(1) For any rabies vector, including raccoon, skunk, fox Animal Control (A.C.) will pick up at this time due to Public Safety.

(2) Even for deer impaled in fences we ask the home owner have it accessible and close to the front of the residence for pick up.

(3) We always take into consideration (age, health, etc.) and make arrangements accordingly.

He also went on to say the following. In 2015 the City of Hamilton implemented a $50 an hour officer assistance fee. This fee is for picking up deceased animals on private property, releasing animals from traps, garages, sheds, basements and the removal of impaled deer on fences from private property.

In 2014 A.C. received and responded to approximately 1300 calls from the above mentioned services from private property home owners. The other option is for the home owner to bag the cadaver and place it at curbside for pick up at no charge when time permits or to contact a private wildlife removal company.

The implementation of asking home owners to bag cadavers allows A.C. Officers to attend calls of high priority (dog bites, dogs at large, etc. etc.) in a sufficient manner ensuring public safety. This was also found to be normal practices by many other Municipalities that offer this type of service.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me.

I did have one more question after I read his reply. I wrote "what happens if I have a deer impaled in my fence, do I contact my 92 year old neighbour to assist me?" He never replied back.

I dilly dallied for a while whether to write Ms. Skelly again after Mr. Potts replied to me. My Executive Assistant (E.A.) suggested to me let it go...nothing will change. I agreed with her in regards nothing will change but I decided to send my councillor another e-mail July 24/16 to let her know how I feel...this is what I had to say.

Thank you for following up on my concerns. Brad Potts, Supervisor of Animal Control replied to me on July 6/16 explaining the City of Hamilton protocol with reference to my questions.

In my opinion it's endless...less service and higher taxes. My view point of a fee is just another fancy word for's everlasting. We all know that $50 an hour officer assistance 'fee' is just another tax grab.

Mr. Potts stated his department responded to over 1300 calls in 2014 from the above mentioned services (my questions). Government thrives on statistics so it we do the math, it is under four calls a day (my questions). I believe Animal Control is a 24-7 operations so I did a simple calculation and it turns out to be one call per shift, two per shift if they work a 12 hour system. Mr. Potts didn't indicate the number of other calls Animal Control receives. Either way, just like any other job people work hard for a living and employees have busy days and not so busy days.

I'm truly bewildered that an officer will respond and pick up the cadaver at curbside but for some strange and unusual reason can't make that extra effort to bag the dead it a long lasting and extensive procedure. I don't think so...nevertheless the officer is at the location anyway...very mystifying.

I really irks me when I hear bureaucrats say (as Mr. Potts did) other municipalities do the same thing. So if Toronto decides to go through with all sorts of new taxes (maybe they are fees) with their authority of the City of Toronto Act, will Hamilton follow suit?...I hope not.

I recall the councillors (you weren't recruited by your voters yet) raised monthly parking fees as reported by the Hamilton Spectator Feb. 23/ didn't surprise was predictable and typical. What annoyed me even more was Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr applauded the increase because supposedly one of the concerns was Hamilton had the cheapest costs in the what if we have low rates...yep taking more money out of tax payers' pockets. An article written in the Hamilton Spectator on April 19/16 by Scott Gardner stated some parking lots lost money but overall the city still came out ahead...$1.4 million.

What's next, impose a new fee on fire and police service requests? Once again, we pay enough taxes!

Respectfully yours,

Harvenut Puritan

Time had drifted by but Councillor Skelly did reply to my second e-mail on Aug. 19/16. This is what she had to say.

Hi Harvennut, Thank you for your e-mail. I understand your frustration. However, A.C., like most city departments is struggling with funding pressures while addressing services such as picking up animal carcasses, noise violations, animals off leashes, bites etc. Concerning the $50 Officer assistance fee I will take your complaint into considerations and discuss it with A.C. I appreciate hearing from my constituents. Please don't hesitate to contact my office if you have any other questions or concerns.



To tell you the truth, I had abandoned the idea that Ms. Skelly would reply to me again...obviously I was wrong. She appears to be understanding and practical...although she is the new kid on the block...a rookie councillor. However why do I receive the impression she is quickly submitting into the political pattern (when she stated departments are struggling with funding pressure) they need more of OUR money.

Let's fact it, councillors as well as senior city staff have orchestrated some inadequate and unsatisfactory decisions resulting in numerous amounts of pointless and wasteful spending of OUR money.

A few examples are: Bike lanes, traffic calming, two-way conversions, King St. West bus only lane, (put it in, now let's take it out), bike share program, planting 16,000 plus trees, (Hamilton Spectator April 20/16) the so called revitalization of Downtown, including Gore Park's makeover, expensive overhead street lighting on Bay St. North, "trying" to rejuvenate Barton St., the pedestrian bridge crossing the Q.E.W. Highway in the east end of the city, the Art Gallery and awarding lobby groups (hundreds of thousands of dollars) such as the Hamilton Philharmonic and many other single and special interest groups who yearly attempt to persuade councillors to hand over OUR money to their faction.

There are also an abundance of management and senior administrative positions. The hierarchy in each department is a top heavy organizational structure. It consists of Directors, General Managers, Managers, Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, Senior Directors and Superintendents...a lot of fancy dancy titles.

The Hamilton Spectator published their annual "Sunshine Club" on March 25/16. The article showed the 100 City employees earning $100,000 and more a year in salaries. Unfortunately the list finished at $150,000, so you could say it was the top 100 City employees earning more than $150,000. My E.A. added up the salaries (omitting Fire, Police and Paramedics). The tally was just under $7 million. There is also a considerable number of managerial staff that receive $100,000-$150,000 a year.

In my opinion that is a tremendous amount of money for overpriced "bosses" who enthusiastically suggest how to spend OUR money for illogical, senseless and meaningless projects.

In the past years the "city" has increased in population mainly due to amalgamation which occurred on Jan. 1/01. It was a mixture and blending process of integrating the smaller suburbs of Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek into one megacity, Hamilton. Talk to a lot of folks who live in those outlying areas, they declare and insist they are paying higher taxes but receiving less service.

Once upon a time a citizen could journey to City Hall and take care of all their "city" business with one stop...not anymore. The city has more than one dozen departments scattered throughout the 'new Hamilton'.

Here are some disturbing facts about the future of the once called "Ambitious City". The Hamilton Spectator stated in an article on May 21/15 "our" debt will increase to $885 million by 2019, $3.3 billion on needed repairs and a $195 million infrastructure spending deficit. Another article on Aug. 20/16 in the Hamilton Spectator reported they city has an estimation of $3.6 billion infrastructure deficit. Throughout the years the bureaucrats didn't adhere with the fundamentals and essential services...primarily public safety and infrastructure.

Getting back to the unfortunate bunny, maybe I should have bagged the unlucky critter and placed it at my curbside, hoping A.C. would respond in a short span.

They city's refusal to assist home owners (without a fee) with dead animals on their property is absolutely ridiculous. They are always devising and generating new policies and in most cases they don't benefit the tax payer one dam bit...they are remarkably crafty.


It will always puzzle and baffle me how a home owner is responsible for a deer who is impaled in their fence. What bewilders me even more, we are obligated to take it to the curbside, F.Y.I. a male deer will weigh 150 lbs. and a female 100 lbs. I wonder what the reply would be if a tax payer phoned and stated they have a 20' python trapped in their backyard...maybe that "fee" would be $50 a foot.

The End

The Harvenut Puritan Project

Saturday, September 17, 2016

'Fooled Again'

I strongly suggest never bet on a weather might be safer gambling on the Cleveland Browns winning the 2017 Super Bowl. Weather forecasters are a lot like just can't trust them.

On the weekend of May 27-29/16 inclusive my Executive Assistant (E.A.) and I decided to plant marigolds, coleus (they curb the north side of our driveway) and tomatoes. This has been a yearly spring time custom for us. We both agreed it was a desirable time and the Weather Network (WN) was forecasting a thunderstorm for Hamilton, Ontario. I also chose to spray my backyard for chinch bugs.

Chinch Bugs are extremely annoying and bothersome insects putting it mildly...they are fucking infuriating. They are one-eighth of an inch long and literally suck out the nutrients from the grass stems, instantly killing the turf. The chemical I use is illegal now thanks to that 'caring and wonderful' bird brain ex premier Dalton McGuinty banning many lawn care products in Ontario.

I figured I would "kill two birds with one our planting and spray. Professionals have told me I must water after spraying or the chemical won't take effect. Well, the WN was wrong AGAIN...I had to water my backyard, compliments of the City of Hamilton's H2O adding to our water bill...thanks Weather Network for your flawed info as usual.

You may be asking, if I get so irritated about paying for water, why do I plant tomatoes and flowers every year. Like most homeowners we take pride (no, not the parade) in our property and in my opinion if you like tomatoes home grown garden are the best. As far as chinch bugs let me put it this way...YOU DON'T WANT THEM!! Within a very little time frame they will destroy and wipe out your lawn...your lovely green turf will be completely eliminated.

What I'm trying to say is when someone makes a statement, you want to believe and trust the views or facts that person is claiming, not like politicians preaching their falsehood. If I can save a few bucks by not watering my lawn, so be it, and let 'Mother Nature' go to work. But on the flip side our hypocritical municipal politicians always raise our water bill, no matter how much aqua we use. They ask us to conserve water and we do and they still increase our rates...we just can't fucking win!

I don't know the difference between cirrus, nimbostratus or cumulonimbus clouds and don't know the contrast between low and high pressure systems. Unlike politicians, weather forecasters are presumed to be highly skilled and trained in their professions.

However, an article written by Lee Falin PhD in Scientific America on Jan. 9/13 is a bit confusing. He states meteorologists use numerical forecasting (mathematical model) which is a set of equations that can predict an outcome on a set of inputs. I don't know if I have any assurance in "fun with numbers".

Weather forecasters have many other resources, some are very high tech, such as weather satellites. An article in stated, to design, construct, launch and monitor a weather satellite costs $290 million. The Economist (June 19/16) stated there are 11,000 weather observations throughout the world, aircraft, merchant ships and weather balloons that all contribute to weather how can they be "so off target," more than half the time with all this supreme calibre assistance?

An article in 'How Stuff Works-Science' stated three day forecasts are better than one day forecasts were twenty years ago. From 'Time and' stated that five day weather forecasts of today are as reliable as two day forecasts were twenty years ago and from '' stated a seven day forecast now is as accurate as a five day forecast was in 1988...I wonder about those statements...are they having "fun with numbers" again like our governments do with statistics.

Here are a few weather predictions and the end results: on May 29/16 at 4:45 p.m. the WN lifted their term risk of thunderstorm, meanwhile later on that evening there was a significant thunderstorm. Remember the heat wave we experienced the week of July 5-8 inclusive, there was a severe thunderstorm watch also listed. Day to day accumulations and probability changed but the sever thunderstorm watch was still a priority. It altered from 70% risk and 5-10 mm of rain to 40% chance and 1-3 mm of rain...on Saturday July 9/16 the severe thunderstorm watch was cancelled and on July 19/16 there was a 60% chance of a outcome not a drop of rain...what the hell do they do, roll the dice on those foretells?

I don't know how the WN can predict only a 10% chance of rain with an amount of 2-4 mm as they did on June 26/16...that is a sufficient downpour. Even though it didn't rain, (only having 10% chance) with that kind of quantity 2-4 mm, it puzzles me only a 10% chance. Maybe we should have confidence in the old tall tale, when we see cows laying down it's going to rain.]

The United States Weather Service are seldom wrong on predicting hurricanes from the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The majority of times they are "right on the money". Although some hurricanes will diminish to tropical storms people still know they are going to receive a heavy cloud burst.

I read an interesting article in the Toronto Sun on June 22/16. Montreal businessman Jacques Guertain, who owns a race track in southeast Montreal is suing independent meteorologist Michel Morissette. Guertin had to cancel an event because Morissette forecasted rain for two days and as usual it was dry as a bone...could this be history in the making?

On June 5/16 very good friends of ours invited us for a barbecue at their home June 11/16. They emphasized they wanted to sit outside for the get together...I can't blame them, it's summer and it's never long enough plus they have a pool. Here are some facts on the weather predictions for that week:
Wed. June 8 - 80% chance of thunderstorms
Thurs. June 9 - 60% chance of thunderstorms
Fri. June 10 - 80% chance of thunderstorms
Sat. June 11 - 40% chance of thunderstorms

On Saturday morning June 11 our friends cancelled their cookout (to a later date) because of the thunderstorm threat was still lingering...I don't fault them, 40% is something to seriously think about...why take a chance...guess what though, you know what I'm going to didn't rain at all, not even a drop. This is just another example why we can't place any faith in weather synopsis. Again, doesn't it remind you of some big organization that operates at three levels.

I have always been curious about some of the forecasters terminology, such as risk, chance and possibility...all three words basically have the same meaning. I recommend they use terms like notion, guess, hunch, I feel it in my bones, my arthritis is acting up, it's going to rain or gut feeling.

Do you ever ponder about the percentages the WN uses for the prospect of rain and snow...the scale is 10-100%. There isn't much difference between 10% and 20% or 80% and 90%. Instead of saying there is a 60% chance of snow maybe they should state  there is a 40% chance it won't snow.

In defense of the WN their prognosis for high and low temperatures, for the most part are correct, especially when it's going to be frigid cold or scorching hot. So why can't they be "on the mark" for snow and thunderstorms specifically probability and accumulation. For what it is worth I do enjoy the smooth jazz song by Jason Carroll titled "Weather Channel".

I realize science, particularly physics is associated with weather. However, it amazes me the tax money spent on all of the technology for weather predictions. You would like to conclude their accuracy would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 80%. Maybe Reno and Las Vegas should be involved in the weather business...five will get you ten their predictions would be a lot more authentic.


So here is your forecast for tomorrow: risk of thunderstorm with a chance of 10-15 mm of rain. A snow watch is in effect with 70% chance of snow and accumulations of 10-20 cm and a 50% chance of freezing rain. The low will be 10 F. There is also a heat advisory...possible highs will be 100 F. It might be a good idea to pack your winter attire as well as summer apparel. Remember our predictions are a lot more accurate than hey were twenty years ago.

The End
The Harvenut Puritan Project

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Elapse of Time

Numerous times I find it difficult to believe I'm 62 years old. I graduated from Westmount Secondary School in Hamilton, Ontario 43 years ago...that is over four decades. Where has the time vanished?

I think most of us would agree when we were young boys and girls we didn't have too many worries or concerns...our parents would nurture us and life was grand. We definitely had no idea or interest about government. All we knew, they were a group of individuals who looked after the country and 'cared' about the citizens.

We would trek to the family operated candy store...twenty-five cents could buy an ample amount of penny candy. My favourite outlets were Nicholls store located on Garth St. just north of Sanatorium Rd. and Rudy's Groceteria at the north-east corner of Mohawk Rd. West and Garth St. I recall some of the candy that was available in those days: candy necklaces, mojos, wax flavoured lips, candy cigarettes, black balls, licorice pipes and cigars and black babies. Unfortunately like a lot of other businesses, they locked their doors forever, many years ago.

Remember a lot of homes had milk delivery...two dairy companies I recall were Bordens and Royal Oak. The milkman would leave the beverage in a milk box that was built into the house brick beside the side door.

I also recall the home delivery by Jackson's Bakery. Both of my parents worked (R.I.P. and God Rest Your Souls) so quite often I was home alone. The bread man would be standing at my front door holding a large tray of breads, cookies, donuts and tarts...I would be salivating.

Then we had the Good Humor man. He would drive around in his cube like ice cream vehicle ringing his favourite item was 'Buried Treasure', orange sherbet ice cream covering a plastic character stick.

A lot of us boys would collect sports trading cards. I recollect the C.F.L. (Canadian Football League) players' cards on the back of Post cereal products. or about the Wacky Packages cards such as 'Choka Cola' or 'Ratz Crackers'.

A long time friend (my fighting pal) and I enjoyed and bought American Civil War cards, they were realistic but extremely graphic and vivid and expressive both of our fathers instructed us to stop buying them. I always wondered why but a few years ago I finally understood their logic. Both men served in WW2. Five will get you ten the pair encountered horrifying and grisly experiences that we as children and now as adults could never imagine.

We even had certain games with our cards such as flipsies (something similar to heads and tails), knockdowns, and closies. Occasionally someone would have a scramble where a card owner would throw scores of cards up in the air and the rest of the pupils would scurry and try to gather as many cards for themselves.

I think boys were more outgoing and troublesome than girls. Guys would play sports but somehow discover some way to engage in mischief. I participated in both of those activities. I did have a couple of skirmishes with the law, nothing serious just minor shenanigans.

How peculiar was it when we use to consider folks who were thirty or forty years of age were old and our parents, well, they were really aged. I wonder if that belief has changed or is it a natural instinct of all children.

My grade 12 geography teacher once said "the older you get, faster time goes by". I didn't give much thought to her statement at the time, thinking what does she know, she's just my geography teacher...I'm 18 years old and I know everything...was I ever wrong.

I was born in Toronto, Ontario and my parents adopted me on June 12/54...I was ten days old. My mother was 37 years old and my father was 51. My father served in WW2 and experienced extensive action in Europe. Maybe that was one of the reasons he was very strict with me at times. My mother was a typical loving and caring woman. Don't get me wrong my father demonstrated love and affection also.

Both my parents tried their best to raise me. It's been stated many times, the hardest job in the world is being a parent and I thoroughly believe that. Our parents tried to lead and guide us in the appropriate manner and the right direction. If you were like me, quite often their advice would travel in one ear and out the other ear, thinking what do they know, they're jut my parents...I'm a teenager, I know it all. I think one of the popular lines parents said to their kids was "wait till you have children". We couldn't even fathom that scenario...what me with kids! One of the classic lines I heard from my parents more than once was "there are only two things for sure in life...death and taxes". Maybe they weren't so naïve as we thought they were.

Our parents tried to prepare, counsel and influence us in our future life adventure. No matter how bad we were they still thought the world of us, with all of their hearts. Sure there were 'ups and downs' (every family has issues) but at the end of the day they still cherished us.

Unfortunately that dreadful and horrible day arrives and our parents can't love us ever again...they have passed away or don't recognize us anymore because their mind had deteriorated. Sadly enough parents perish when their children are in their childhood, preteen or teenage years and the same can be said about losing siblings.

We have seen a lot of changes since we were kids. Who would ever have thought professional athletes would receive massive salaries or file for arbitration or free agency. We very seldom saw players bounce around to various teams for more money. The game of North American football has greatly changed especially with the schemes and strategies that have been developed in to multiple offensive formations and 'high octane units'.

I look at Hollywood as a prime example of innovation with the old farces and comedies such as The Munsters, Gilligans Island, Green Acres, The Adams Family, F Troop, Hazel and Batman. They were basically no brainers but still funny probably because they were so silly. The programs like Columbo (still one of my favourites), I Spy, Man From Uncle, Perry Mason, Rescue 8, Cannonball, Sea Hunt, Flipper, Combat, Honey West and westerns such as Laredo, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Bonanza and Have Gun Will Travel were all very popular back in my hay day. Then we had variety shows like Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, Lawrence Welk and Carol Burnett. Now we are bombarded with reality TV episodes. We can't forget about the cartoons such as Dodo-The Kid From Outer Space, Heckle and Jeckle, Huckleberry Hound, Mighty Mouse, Mr. Magoo, my favourite Popeye and Quick Draw McGraw.

However, there was one TV show that premiered on Jan 12/71 that certainly opened up viewers' eyes and had us thinking. It covered just about everything in the political forum: abortion, homosexuality, liberals and conservatives, racism, religion, Viet Nam War and women's liberation. I believe it paved the way for a brand new Hollywood avenue...the program I'm talking about is "All In The Family".

I've noticed movies are far more authentic and life-like than they were back in the forties, fifties and sixty's. I'm not talking about the advancements that have improved the quality of motion pictures i.e. cinematography, special effects and sound of film editing but the acting and scripts. I have observed a big difference in war movies over the years. The old John Wayne flicks seem to wave the flag and almost glorify war but movies like 'Platoon' 1986, Born on the Fourth of July' 1989 and 'Saving Private Ryan' 1998 show the gruesomeness, shocking and terrifying human cost of bloodshed...the grim and evil destruction of war. Hollywood has taught and educated us that war is horrifying and has devastating consequences for military personnel, civilians, and families.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if war was totally and completely eliminated, forever, that will probably never occur, remember what the experts said about World War One...the war to end all wars.

Technology is never ending and timeless...they sky is the limit. Did we ever visualize holding a small device in our hand that was a mini telephone, we thought the push-button telephone was a stroke of genius. What about the electric typewriter, a great idea. We never had a notion about another piece of electronic equipment that also has a keyboard but can perform diversified and numerous tasks and functions and even correct our spelling errors. Who would have guessed that a lot of gadgets Kirk and the boys used in the original Star Trek series would be utilized by us today. Then we can look at motor vehicles thinking an AM-FM stereo radio, power windows and cruise control were the greatest things since sliced bread. Now cars, trucks and SUV's have copious amounts of 'hi tech' options or 'toys'.

The British Invasion in the mid 1960's would change music forever. It really intrigues me that our kids know of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and American bands such as The Doors and The Beach Boys and listen to their tunes.

Fashion was definitely different four and five decades ago. I recall the high platform heels on shoes, woman's hot pants, penny loafers, men's multi-coloured beaded belts, Scholls  wooden exercise sandals for women, men's desert boots (a suede ankle boot), London Fog windbreakers, bell bottoms and coloured paisley pattern shirts and tops. We can't forget about the hair styles especially for the guys, crew and brush cuts and later boys had longer hair than some girls. They say trends return...time will tell.

We have observed some major medical breakthroughs in the last fifty plus years, such as the birth control pill 1960, heart transplant 1967, medical scanners 1972, test tube babies 1978 and the human immunodeficiency virus (H.I.V.) identified in 1983. Many vaccines were invented: measles 1964, mumps 1967, rubella 1970, chicken pox 1974, pneumonia 1977, small pox 1980, Hepatitis B 1981 and Hepatitis A 1992.

Did we ever imagine women would become firefighters, tradespeople, forepersons, the Prime Minister of Canada, United Kingdom, Chancellor of Germany and possibly the President of the United States.
Did we ever imagine smoking would be banned almost everywhere.
Did we ever imagine new types of music would be in particular, smooth jazz.
Did we ever imagine we would be allowed to gamble legally...all of a sudden gambling is OK because the government says it's OK.
Did we ever imagine a lot of products we would buy have less quality and quantity but at a higher price.
Did we ever imagine when someone phoned us their name and phone number would be displayed.
Did we ever imagine we would get married and over 50% of all marriages would end up in divorce.
Did we ever imagine some people would have half of their bodies covered in tattoos.
Did we ever imagine we would be retired.
Did we ever imagine the majority of items we purchase are manufactured in China or other foreign countries.
Did we ever imagine that disease and hunger would never change in Africa and other third world countries.
Did we ever imagine that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N.A.S.A.) would develop a rocket called The Shuttle.
Did we ever imagine a metal roof (guaranteed for life) would replace a shingle roof.
Did we ever imagine we would be wearing glasses to read.
Did we ever imagine that portions of the world would be in complete chaos...violent conflicts, economic blight, terrorism, poverty.
Did we ever imagine Chinese food would never change.
Did we ever imagine a lot of big industries and manufacturing companies would become bankrupt.
Did we ever imagine a pack of cigarettes would cost $11 and we would pay $35 for a case of 24 beer.
Did we ever imagine the Rolling Stones would still perform live concerts.
Did we ever imagine that parts of the Middle East would become a threatening volatile area.
Did we ever imagine a theatre movie could gross over one billion dollars.
Did we ever imagine country music would make a comeback and listened to by millions of fans.
Did we ever imagine we would pay as much as $1.40 a litre ($6.30 a gallon) for gasoline.
Did we ever imagine that a device measuring only 4 inches by one and three quarters inches could store thousands of songs.
Did we ever imagine the two highest grossing films were written and directed by the same individual, James Cameron.
Did we ever imagine our vinyl albums and forty fives would be replaced by small discs.
Did we ever imagine we would be buying motor vehicles engineered by the Japanese and Koreans.
Did we ever imagine the province of Ontario's debt would be higher than California arrears.
Did we ever imagine a certain group of Muslims would be sadistic terrorists.
Did we ever imagine decades later we would look back at our high school years and say there were a lot of good times.
Did we ever imagine good paying full time jobs would be few and far between especially for our youngsters.
Did we ever imagine 'a couple of guys' named Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would change the world with their technology.


I ponder the changes our children will see when they reach their "Golden Years". I'm not talking about medical, technology or Hollywood movies but violence in the world and financial survival. Our governments (federal and provincial) are in astronomic debt and operating excessive deficits but still spend money like it flourishes off trees and the forests are the size of Canada and Russia combined. We all know the tax payers are the folks who pay for the regimes feeble and bungling attempt to manage our country and province. Five will get you ten our children are going to be in for an extremely rough and uncomfortable ride of their lives. Then I watch the wee little ones on my street playing with their toys and having loads of fun and think what kind of turbulent journey will they experience. They are in a state of turmoil and it's going to get worse...welcome to doom and gloom.

The End
The Harvenut Puritan Project 

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