Thursday, August 15, 2019

Saira Rao - Race Entrepreneur

They call Trump a racist.

Well, let's see.

I just came upon some Tweets by another US Democrat named Saira Rao. Here are some of them,

"Whiteness is killing us."

"Whiteness -- ALL WHITENESS -- is killing us."

"Make a banner about Ending Whiteness. March Against Whiteness. Rally Against Whiteness. Raise your megaphone Against Whiteness. Take to the streets Against Whiteness."

"Until and unless we eradicate toxic whiteness, the violence will never stop."

From a bio about her,

"Saira Rao is an Indian American Democrat who is a former Democratic candidate for Colorado’s 1st Congressional District. She is also a former television news producer and Journalist who worked in a different station."

Yep. News producer. Journalist. Democratic candidate. It looks like she also wanted to become a lawyer but flunked out and opted for a profession as a race-entrepreneur.

The article also quotes her as saying,

“I’m certainly not going to stop talking about race and white supremacy and oppression. I want white people to listen to what we’re saying, and not be fragile, and not take it personally, and not get defensive. Change happens when you listen,” Rao said.

Right. She's not going to stop talking about race. Wonderful. Just what we need right now.

"Make a banner about Ending Whiteness. March Against Whiteness. Rally Against Whiteness. Raise your megaphone Against Whiteness. Take to the streets Against Whiteness," she demands.

"Change happens when you listen," she says.

Are white people listening to her? What kind of "change" is she promoting? Harmony and reconciliation? Or total surrender?

I predict that so long as people like Saira Rao spew their hatred of white people far and wide that, contrary to "not get[ing] defensive," white folks are likely to do just the opposite.

Is this woman serious? Dishonest? Or just plain stupid?

Is this woman a peace-maker? Or the worst type of racist demagogue?

One of her Twitter respondents says, "this is hate speech. Lock it down." That would be a huge mistake. The vast majority of people of all racial backgrounds want nothing more than to live in peace and get on with life. Rather than "lock[ing] down" her vicious demagoguery, it must be exposed to the light of day so that those who wish to live in peace and harmony know EXACTLY what the leftists of all varieties are truly up to.

Is racism a problem in Western society? Yes. Absolutely. But it's not being promoted by a bunch of unidentified "white supremacists."

That much should be obvious to anyone who is sober.

Now, if you have read this far, go back over Ms. Rao's deeply insightful declarations and replace the word "whiteness" with, take your pick - blackness, Islam, Judaism, etc. Then ask yourself, "who are the real racists?"

Update - August 16, 2019

Taking a different path it is interesting that PCR is pointing to the same trends as I have been seeing for some time now.

Is White Genocide in Our Future?

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Been There. Done That.

One of the few benefits of getting older is that you have a longer perspective on things. My old man used to lecture me with the same argument as he tried to instill upon me the value of experience.

It was pure chance that I happened to pick up Ayn Rand's "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal" back in 1974. It was chock full of ideas that I had never been exposed to before that time. And that got me started on a path that would probably have been very different from the one I took.

Then a year or two later I heard about the Libertarian Party on a talk show. A friend who had also read Rand called me up, all excited, and told me to turn on CHML. He told me the guests were talking about the same stuff as we were.

From there I ended up joining the party and going to a few meetings. No more than four or five people usually showed up. At one of those meetings a guy gave me a pamphlet for FEE (Foundation for Economic Education) and I mailed in the attached card for a free monthly digest.

Right off the bat it was clear that the information and perspectives contained in the FEE digest were COMPLETELY different than anything I had learned in school or that was available in mainstream media, or even in the public library. And forget about the McMaster University bookstore - it was almost wall to wall Marxism or its derivatives.

I read it for years until the price went from $0 to $50 US for a subscription. By then I had discovered other sources of information and ideas of interest to libertarians including Reason Magazine, Liberty, and a few others.

I had to *actively work* to obtain the kinds of ideas and information that were relevant to me.


Of all of my friends and acquaintances over that time, I was the only one who was *actively working* on this alternative viewpoint.

The difference between what I was learning and what was being spewed forth from the established media was stark. For twenty-five or so years I had to put up with the following conversation,

Them: "What are your politics?"

Me: "I'm a libertarian."


1 - "Liber what?"


2 - with a big smile, "Oh, a liberal!"

I knew they were not to blame. How could they know?

I was almost offended.

Then the internet showed up and all of that changed very quickly.

Until now.

In his report, James Corbett says, "my children are going to grow up in a world where they are going to have to *actively work* to get this information."

I know EXACTLY what that means,


Been there. Done that.



Friday, July 12, 2019

Is Internet Censorship Really about Ideology? Or just money?

I think Styx may be right. This may be more about the money than it is about political opinion.

Going by my own experience, I remember how liberating it was when I first connected to the web and specifically, the realization that the print and broadcast media could no longer control the flow of information.

Within weeks of first accessing the web using my 2400 baud modem and the Lynx browser, I started learning HTML and writing my (formerly) letters to the editor directly to the web. My Hamilton-Wentworth Freenet account, as I remember it, came with about 1 Mb of web storage space. I no longer had to pray that some "editor," I.E. corporate censor, would condescend to allow my humble freedom of speech to be actualized by (actually) being published.

And millions of other people had the same idea. A new age of info-freedom was born. What a great ride it has been for a quarter of a century. Freedom!

But as with all good things, it was not to last.

The legacy media began to suffer. They were going the way of the buggy whip. I imagine that for the next twenty-five years legacy media executives were frantically scratching their heads wondering how the hell they were going to put this genie back in the bottle and retain their former privileges as the gatekeepers to the flow of information and opinion. And thus, the flow of the dollars. Or maybe not.

Enter Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and others whose stunning success created exactly the information chokepoint corporate media could exploit to re-establish its dominance. Whether this was a brilliant pre-planned Pied Piper strategy from the start is something I don't know, but once these entities were firmly entrenched the path forward for media cartels became stunningly clear. For them, it was a wish come true.

These last couple of years have not been happy ones for those of us in the laissez-faire capitalism camp. It starts to look like the Marxists were right all along. The problem, as they like to drone on and on about capitalism, is that it always tends toward monopoly and it certainly looks like this is what has happened in the info-market.

But let's not rush to judgment. Until these concentrated media powers succeed in capturing sleazy politicians, like the Trudeau Liberals, (notice I refrained from the use of expletives here) to employ government power to prohibit and otherwise squeeze out competitors, this story isn't quite over yet. There are still other platforms available, like BitChute and Gab for us info-refugees to emigrate to and establish new settlements.

And when they get conquered and taken over by the capitalist media imperialists, we shall have to colonize some other area of cyberspace. And, unlike landmass, cyberspace is virtually infinite.

It won't be easy but I, for one, have no intention of withdrawing from this fight.


Update: July 15, 2019

Matt Drudge's 'Future' Is Now Realized, And That Has Legacy Media Enraged.



Even the leftt are feeling it.



Saturday, July 6, 2019

Paper Drink Box Water Bottle Sort of Things

This man is a pathological liar. Notice how he doesn't skip a beat when lying about what HE does to cut down on plastics. The truth is, he has personally done nothing.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Google Conspiracy - "A Single Point of Truth"


"There is a war on for your mind." -- Alex Jones

About twenty-five or so years ago I was engaged in some quite intense debates on the Hamilton Spectator's bulletin board. At first, it was called "Compuspec." Then it was renamed "SpecLink." Shortly thereafter I learned about the internet and got myself connected as fast as I could.

My first browsing experience was via the Hamilton-Wentworth Freenet, a free dial-in internet service. I was using the Samsung XT compatible PC I bought in 1988 with 640 K of Ram, a 30 Mb Seagate hard drive, and a 2400 baud modem.

Soon after I got on I caught a glimpse of the HTML code behind one of the docs I was viewing. I thought, "That doesn't look too difficult. I can probably learn it myself."

Up until then, I used to write letters to the editors of various Ontario newspapers. Few ever saw the light of day. It was frustrating.

But this new internet thing was very exciting. It immediately occurred to me that I could post my letters on the internet without having them filtered by biased editorial staff at the newspapers. I could literally self-publish and I have been doing so ever since.

What I didn't realize at the time, but has become all too clear since then was that this new information technology was the hole in the dike for the corporate media.

They could no longer control the narrative!

I was there for the birth of alternative media.

It was truly liberating.

The rest is history.

What we are seeing today, in living color, is a desperate attempt by corporate interests to regain control of the narrative. For the first twenty or so years, I naively believed that the genie was finally out of the bottle and along with the, then seemingly rock-solid right to freedom of speech, never to be forced back in.

But I was obviously wrong about that. And I now realize that the devotion to freedom of speech in the West was pure fiction. It was a fiction that would be tolerated only so long as "the people" remained effectively voiceless.

Of course, the more I learn about history, the more I realize that the Infowar has been going on forever and what we are now witnessing is just the latest iteration in that process.

As we can see from James O'Keefe's report, the Infowar is now more intense and dirtier than ever.

James O'Keefe published the following invitation on Twitter.

I accepted his invitation and uploaded his report to my own YouTube channel.

In the event that is has been 1984'd you can also view it on BitChute.

Note: I followed along with the Google whistleblower and entered the same keywords into their search engine. I took screenshots and saved them to my hard drive.

Here are the results:

Men can

Women can

Hillary Clinton's emails are

Donald Trump's emails are

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Handyman's Tale

I have decided to write a script for a television series. The series is loosely based on the 1985 novel, "The Handmaid's Tale," by Margaret Atwood

Here is a broad outline of the story.


In the near future, fertility rates collapse as a result of the increasing feminization of men and the battle against climate change. With this chaos, the totalitarian, matriarchal government of Ovaria establishes rule in the post-nation of Canada, in the aftermath of widespread censorship on social media, huge subsidies to corporate media, and the subsequent re-election of Liberal governments.

Society is organized by power-hungry feminist leaders along with a new, military wing dominated by trans male athletes, pink-haired feminists with nose rings, and Antifa members. The regime establishes newly-created social classes, in which white men with inferior anogenital measurements are shamed into selfless servility, and by law are not allowed to do any kind of work outside of toilet cleaning, lawn mowing, and garbage disposal. Their earnings are taxed at 100% minus a small social credit allowance which allows them to procure soy products, lipstick, and sanitary napkins. For their education, they are only allowed to watch the CBC kids channel and, for instruction in science, Al Gore's movies.

The worldwide collapse in male sperm counts has resulted in the conscription of the few remaining fertile men in Ovaria for the continued production of human offspring. They are called Handymen. They are assigned to the homes of the ruling elite, where they must act as sperm donors for their female masters in order to impregnate them so they can bear children for themselves and their wives.

At first, there are huge line-ups of potential donors at all of the government sperm-testing centers until the law prohibiting heterosexual intercourse comes into effect. Once it is revealed to them that, contrary to their initial expectations, they would be hooked up to modified cow milking machines the line-ups dwindle to zero. The government solves this problem by enacting conscription.

Alongside the Handymen, much of society is now grouped into classes that dictate their freedoms and duties. Men are divided into a small range of social categories, each one signified by a plain dress in a specific color: Handymen wear red skirts with white aprons, Subanogens (who are grass cutters, garbage removers, and toilet cleaners, and are named after the distance between the anus and the genitals) wear pink, and Husbands (who are expected to manage the mundane affairs of their households) must walk around in mini-skirts.

Econohusbands, the lower-class men who still have minimal agency, are a sort of mixture of all these categories, and they wear black burqas. Male prisoners are called Unwomen and are worked to death digging holes and filling them back in again to create jobs and control the Earth's climate.

Another class of men, Uncles (who train and oversee the Handymen), wear brown SturmAbteilung uniforms. Additionally, the Eyes are social media platforms, cellphone service providers and credit card companies watching over the general populace for signs of incorrect thoughts, Hunters track down people attempting to engage in cash money transactions, and Jizballs are sex workers who copulate with sheep and chickens to entertain the ruling elites.

Justin Osborne, renamed Yackov, is the Handyman assigned to the home of the Ovarian Commander Freda Trudeau and her wife Serena Joy. Yackov is subject to strict rules and constant scrutiny; an improper word or deed on his part can lead to de-platforming.

Yackov, who is named after his social function, ("to Yack Ov"), like all Handymen, was married and had a daughter, a job, a bank account, and his own name and identity in the "time before he had to do the shopping with his co-handyman, Yerkov," but all he can safely do now is follow the rules of Ovaria in hopes that he can someday live free again and be reunited with his wife and daughter. The Trudeaus, key players in the rise of Ovaria, have their own conflicts with the realities of the society they have helped create. (!)


That's about all I have for now. I'm not sure of where to take it from here.

Maybe the characters get to the point where they start to think that the society they are living in is pretty fucked up and needs to consider going in a different direction.

But I am of the opinion that good fiction has to be at least somewhat believable.

How about this? There isn't a revolution. There is just a slow progression in the direction of the ideology which already got them to this point. And it doesn't intend to stop here.

And it takes another thousand years before sanity returns and things start to turn around again.

For the most part, that would be a long, drawn-out, and pretty boring story.

But at least it would be believable.


Saira Rao - Race Entrepreneur

They call Trump a racist. Well, let's see. I just came upon some Tweets by another US Democrat named Saira Rao. Here are some of t...